11 thoughts on “Biden Reads Netanyahu Riot Act: Demands Immediate Ceasefire – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Thank you Richard 🥲 can’t get any worse … has all been so predictable for years … living in a whole abstract world of inhumanity … suffering is intense … stop the war … security comes with peace ☮️

  2. Thanks for this report. It’s better news. So much cannot be undone. I’m still angry at Biden. He’s been hurting the entire situation by his reticence and fears… even stubborn blindness about how ineffective his words have been to the public about urging Netanyahu to cut it out. This is a strong threat, an ultimatum ;it sounds like it. Netanyahu will take him to the brink and may actually cut it out or not. The damage is done. Leadership is avoiding this disaster sooner.

  3. fGrom the NYT today : Mr. Netanyahu did not immediately release a description of his call with Mr. Biden, but in other comments on Thursday he appeared unbowed. In a meeting in Jerusalem with visiting Republican lawmakers organized by the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, known as AIPAC, the prime minister pushed back strongly against Mr. Biden’s longstanding insistence on a two-state solution to the Palestinian conflict.
    “There is a contrary move, an attempt to force, ram down our throats a Palestinian state, which will be another terror haven, another launching ground for an attempt, as was the Hamas state in Gaza,” Mr. Netanyahu said. “That is opposed by Israelis, overwhelmingly.”

    AIPAC/Republicans are working against Biden on separate tracks it seems, bolstering Netanyahu/opposition. Netanyahu can say he will do this or that, but we need to see action, some shots aimed at his feet so he dances.
    I gotta say that this fear of a Palestinian state rests NOT on the fact that they would have something to LIVE for but the existential (selfish) fears of Israelis ( absurd at this point) and specifically Netanyahu’s personal mindset and situation. The thousands of deaths and even world opinion matter not.
    I am so disappointed (disgusted) with Biden’s S-L-O-W fearful stubborn ineffective way of supposedly dealing with this situation that it’s hard not to feel that he is complicit and taking us ever closer to a disaster Trump electoral victory, and a bringing us to a real rebellion internally in the process as well. The way this war has been “handled” has made a strong Biden win in 2024 less likely which is what is needed to put down Trump.
    A Greek tragedy is when one tries so hard to avoid tragedy, it happens, it is *brought about* in fact. This is Netanyahu for sure.. and Biden is making the same mistake but now trying to correct it because of counter threats and political calculations. So far the news is Biden is threatening more strongly. No action yet.
    All of that said. I am voting for Biden still..being forced b/c there is no other choice though I’m thankful for the “uncommitted” movement.
    Thank you

  4. Richard,
    What is this at the top of your Tikum Olam post? It says from Veterans For Peace UK. This post is absolutely not from Veterans For Peace UK so why is that title up there? Other than that, I agree with (most) of what you write. I will point out that Biden is a hypocrite and a long-time habitual, if not compulsive, liar. Yes, he makes threats to Netanyahu but at the same time sends more 2,000 lb. bombs and F-15 fighter jets to Israel and pushes a $14 billion aid package to Israel. His statement to Netanyahu, his partner in genocide, is nothing more than an attempt to hoodwink voters to think he is really getting tough and will actually stop supporting and enabling the genocide. This is nothing but dressed up bullshit. People and you should not be fooled by this! It is not a cause for hope or to let up our efforts. At the same time, the Biden admin and Israel are pushing for war with Iran, which could easily spiral into WWIII, which in turn could easily go nuclear. These are mentally twisted, unbalanced sociopaths with what Freud termed thanatos, a self-destructive drive for power and death. Not only will they bring the world to the brink of nuclear catastrophy and over that cliff, but will self-destruct in the process.

    1. Thank you Richard for this excellent report. Thank goodness that President Biden made this ultimatum to Israel’s Netanyahu. As I said, continuing this military aid to Israel and with this war dragging on into the Fall, is the only thing that can result in President Biden’s defeat and Trump getting in again. Besides what Trump would do if he gets in again, you can be sure that there will really be a ton of righteous anger at Israel for this from the majority of people that voted for Biden, as it will be because Trump again was able to win by winning the electoral and not the popular vote. Righteous anger that Israel led by Netanyahu would have been able to convince an American president to give him those arms that are killing tens of thousands of Palestinians. That anger at Israel would also be from yours truly being that as a human, an American and as a Jew I already loathe Israel for what that country is already doing with what would be the latest event on top of everything else. It’s not only about the election in the Fall, but it was the right thing for the president to do. I hope Biden sticks firmly to this.

  5. A former commander of NATO’s forces in Europe, Clark claims he met a senior military officer in Washington in November 2001 who told him the Bush administration was planning to attack Iraq first before taking action against Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Iran, Somalia and Sudan. [Al Jazeera – 22 Sept 2003]

    Joe Biden has always been at the forefront of the Neocon Dream … Iran above the horizon now. In 2012, President Barack Obama vetoed the attack on the Islamic Republic of Iran … a timely leak to the press … President Trump came close … Azerbaijan was readied. After 10/7 the opportunity was there … none of the generals in Israel, Pentagon or NATO allies made a secret of their intent. Russia and Iran are ONE. Axis of Evil … warmongers galore … miss Vicky Nuland already ☹
    The overtures toward Erdogan and Türkiye reached its heights with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, called the darling of Doha and the Muslim Brotherhood. The UAE, Saudis, Israel defeated the Democrats in 2016. Trump-Kushner profited from the mishap and sought the UAE-Saudis to unite in the Abraham Accords w/o the Palestinians. The torture and murder of Khashoggi corrupted that plan.

  6. Without an immediate decrease or cessation of US support to Israel, it’s hard to take a statement from Biden seriously.

  7. I found a quote of many years ago by Golda Meir, one of Israel’s early leaders, which might have been said yesterday.

    “We can forgive the Arabs for killing our children,” she said. “But we can never forgive them for forcing us to kill their children.”

    In a world gone mad, what is to be learned? Perhaps we should start by remembering what historian Will Durant once said:

    “Barbarism, like the jungle, does not die out, but only retreats behind the barriers that civilization has thrown up against it, and waits there always to reclaim that to which civilization has temporarily laid claim.”

    Face the Nation Transcripts July 27, 2014:
    Netanyahu, Mashaal, Klimkin, Rogers, Albright | CBS News |

    The Year 2014 Was Evil Under Barack Obama …
    However 2024 was so much worse under Joe Biden … the insane reign again.

    1. You Are Sovereign … Fight Your Own Wars


      Golda Meir: “Be a man of courage, be responsible for your own state.” Excellent lesson for the Jewish State run by Bibi Netanyahu and the Ukraine run by Volodymyr Zelensky. What happened in 1967 … or in 2023?

      The UN Charter demands nations to live in peace ☮️ alongside one another. Unwilling to negotiate?

      WWII: Nuremberg trial prosecution based on “Charges of Crimes Against Peace.”

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