21 thoughts on “Israel Proposes Expulsion of Hundreds of Thousands of Gazans as ‘Humanitarian Initiative’ – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. About threatening the nuclear option… doesn’t this admit to having nukes, never mind the willingness to use them if these fanatics get into power? I understand this person was suspended. This worm will live. So when will we put our foot down with re Israel?
    Notice by the way how awful Netanyahu looks lately.

      1. @ Rex: Not sure what you mean? Doe Eliyahu have his finger on the button? No. Does he know Israel has nuclear weapons? Most definitely. But this is all but irrelevant. The most important point is that he is a minister. A leader of the country. Not a poor shnook sitting at a cafe sipping his Turkish coffee.

        1. Sure. He should have been fired, but Netanyahu is too weak (and delusional about his ability to remain in power). I’m just responding to Potter that I don’t think that this minister of a made up ministry has any access to Israel’s secrets such that him talking about using nuclear weapons could be seen as an Israeli admission to having those capabilities.

          1. Hi Rex… Israel has not formally admitted it has nuclear weapons. Ambiguity is the policy. But it has them, enough for this long entry in Wikipedia which everyone can read. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nuclear_weapons_and_Israel
            So we know. The world knows. We look the other way and allow this; part of the exceptionalism Israel enjoys. But those representing the government have never, to my knowledge, threatened to use them, let alone admit that they have them.
            In addition Iran knows. And this is a problem if we do not want Iran to have nuclear weapons.
            What this minister actually knows and what his power is is immaterial. He threatened that Israel should use (it’s) nukes… that’s enough. It can be taken as a oblique admission imo because he is a member of the government. He’s been suspended. For threatening to use them? For kinda admitting Israel has them? The suspension is theater?? to perversely SHOW (remind) Israel has them and can use them so other countries (Iran) should beware? And then to still be coy about it.
            What it shows too is that a right wing extremist hot headed government might more seriously threaten to use them.

  2. In Finnish main media there is nothing about, what minister Amichai Eliyahu said of using nuclear weapons in Gaza. Not even this open threat by an Israeli cabinet minister is a very big “thing” in surrounding countries. All those countries have publicly and vocally protested against what this Israeli idiot minister said. Still it is no “news” in the western countries. Imagine if some Iranian or Saudi minister woud have made same threat about Israel. It would be here in western countries the main news for weeks and all Jewish possible pressure groups would bring the subject up in all possible “possibilities” for years. The truth is that Israel has in hundreds of existing ready nukes and their delivery systems, Iran and Saudi Arabia have only hypotetical nukes.

    A new feature in reporting here about the events around Gaza, besides the most minimalized possible time in presenting them, is that when the amount of killed in Gaza by Gazans or reporters there is mentioned, they now in Finnish television say: we can not confirm the figures from neutral sources. With Israeli figures and often obviously unbelieveble claims such dissmissive “confirmation demands” are not presented. It is a bit extraordinary that Israel knows, that Hamas is using some ambulance, claiming that they do know who is in the car, but in Lebanon they do not know that in car Israelis bomb are a grandmother and her 3 grandchildren.

  3. Hey Steve, when push come to shove these meglomaniacs would easily start a nuclear war.
    The people of ‘the book’ they call themselves. The light upon the nations/ non-jews as that Sephardic Jew was singing.
    Utterly laughable.
    At the end of the day as a state/people they and their policies and practices are a stain on humanity.

  4. Temporary settlement on Egypt’s border, and only for the duration of the war.
    Sounds humanitarian to me.
    Obviously, this would help Israel militarily insofar as the temporary resettlement would allow Israel to concentrate on destroying Hamas without Gazan civilians getting in the way.

    And BTW, British and American interlocutors aren’t supporting Israel’s proposal because Egypt is dead set against it.

    1. @ Miroslav:

      Temporary settlement on Egypt’s border, and only for the duration of the war.
      Sounds humanitarian to me.

      You’re a credulous fool. Palestinians (and I) know far better what Israel has planned for them. “Humanitarian?” My ass.

      A warning to Israeli apologists here who peddle IDF propaganda: you just regurgitated a few key IDF talking points. This is not the place. The army has more than enough spokesliars. They won’t take up my online real estate here. If you do it again, you’ll be moderated.

      1. Thousands of Gazans are now taking advantage of a temporary humanitarian pause and fleeing south under the auspices of the IDF.


        Richard. You can liberally throw around the word, ‘ genocide’, but how about citing International law and Laws of Armed Conflict jurists that support your claim that Israel is committing genocide in Gaza.

        Just one cite, please.

        1. @ Yellow:
          As for using the Jerusalem Post as credible evidence for anything. Really…

          how about citing International law and Laws of Armed Conflict jurists that support your claim that Israel is committing genocide in Gaza.

          Sure. This is a small sample. There are literally dozens or more examples. But thsi will suffice for now.

          UN experts say ceasefire needed as Palestinians at ‘grave risk of genocide


          The UN also said that Israel may be committing the war crime of collective punishment through its siege of the Gaza territory. The International Committee of the Red Cross agreed.

          “The instructions issued by the Israeli authorities for the population of Gaza City to immediately leave their homes, coupled with the complete siege, explicitly denying them food, water and electricity are not compatible with international humanitarian law,” it said.

          Amnesty International said it has “documented unlawful Israeli attacks, including indiscriminate attacks, which caused mass civilian casualties and must be investigated as war crimes”.

          Human Rights Watch said that “multiple war crimes have been and continue to be committed in Israel and Palestine, with grave concerns that Israeli forces and Palestinian armed groups are carrying out unlawful indiscriminate attacks harming civilians”.

          Center for Constitutional Rights: Rights Lawyers Release Legal Analysis of U.S. Complicity in Israel’s Unfolding Genocide Against Palestinians in Gaza

          Gaza crisis: Hundreds of academics sign letter calling for Irish universities to suspend ties with Israeli institutions
          Academics write: ‘The scale and severity of Israel’s current war on the Gaza Strip has exceeded all previous levels of violence in the prolonged and brutal Israeli occupation of Palestine’

          We write as academics and scholars in or from Ireland. The scale and severity of Israel’s current war on the Gaza Strip has exceeded all previous levels of violence in the prolonged and brutal Israeli occupation of Palestine.

          It is a campaign of ethnic cleansing and, according to many experts, genocidal violence.


          1. [comment deleted: after breaking the one comment rule twice and being moderated, you’ve done it a third time. 3 times you’re out.]

    2. Some Gazans don’t want to go for fear that this would be a second Nabka. They don’t even want to leave northern Gaza, some cannot. Why should Egypt trust what will happen in Gaza will allow a return? A potential outcome would be a “festering wound” residing in Egypt. Why should Egypt help Israel get rid of it’s population of Palestinians, accepting the responsibility of hundreds of thousands of refugees for an unknown period of time. Some Gazans would stay, some would be angry, living in refugee camps again moved one notch over, wanting to go home.
      I.E. Why should Egypt take the pressure off of Israel, help Israel to get rid of Palestinians?

  5. The 10,000 number of dead, more than 4,000 children announced by the Gazan Health MInistry caused by Israeli indiscriminate and disproportionate retaliation for October 7th, is having it’s effect. The numbers matter and are reflected in judgements, emotions of the crowds regarding right and wrong and who are the victims. It’s plain to see. The history and context of this tragedy is now back. People wanted to talk about it on Oct 7th. That was hotly dismissed as sacrosanct, irrelevant, the crimes so shocking and horrendous it was pure evil, no further discussion. Now we are reading listening remembering and looking at the whole tragic story

  6. Amichai Eliyahu is the second Israeli minister to visit the UAE since the country’s current government was sworn in | JNS – 7 Sept 2023 |

    The minister, who is also a rabbi, was surprised by Emiratis’ genuine respect for Judaism, he said. “Ordinary diplomacy is based on building relationships based on common interests. Alongside this, there must be deep diplomacy based on identity and faith. The ancient Jewish heritage is received with great respect and goodwill.”

    It is fascinating to see how Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan, who began life in a simple tent with no running water, much less electricity, has managed to build a state that combines a vision, values, and practices that create prosperity and tranquility.”

    UAE condemns Israeli minister’s comments about dropping a nuclear bomb on Gaza Strip | The National News UAE |

    Saudi Arabia and Arab Parliament also criticise the remarks and hit out at international community’s ’shameful silence’

  7. Trump-Pompeo

    On 15 January 2021, days before the Biden inauguration, the Pentagon reported a change in the Unified Command Plan shifting Israel from U.S. European Command (EUCOM) to U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM). In announcing the new areas of responsibility, the Defense Department pointed to the recent Abraham Accords between Israel and various Arab states as “a strategic opportunity…to align key U.S. partners against shared threats in the Middle East.”

    Today with the atrocities in the Gaza war, interesting developments …

    Bilateral agreement or one-sided decision: Abraham Accords a false peace | Shanghai Gov – 11 Oct 2023 |

    EC President VDL …

    Gaza might become an international protectorate after the war, the EU has said, adding that neither Palestinian group [not “terror” group?] Hamas nor Israel should ever rule there again.

    IMO Joe Biden would like to task the Europeans for this conflict zone … Afghanistan … Iraq … Taiwan … although Israel-Lebanon-Syria falls under USCENTCOM and not USEUCOM.

    Who visited NATO HQ and Jens Stoltenberg …

    King tells NATO everyone is paying price for absence of political solution to Palestinian-Israeli conflict \ Jordan Times |

    His Majesty: Dealing with the day after the war must begin with addressing the root cause of the conflict, on the basis of the two-state solution

    Antony Blinken travels to the Middle East got a dose of reality, Biden’s proposals didn’t fly … Nakba 2.0 is DOA

    Israel will just demolish Gaza, but there will be no Nakba 2.0 pushing Palestinians into neighbouring states for a new refugee status in UNRWA camps. Unacceptable by the Arab States. Palestine needs to be established..

    Ceasefire now … get humanitarian aid in and water, food, fuel and medical supplies. Stop the immoral slaughter of civilians.

  8. I don’t know if you saw that there was an assassination attempt on Mahmoud Abbas today. It wasn’t successful, but it points to the fact that a lot of these leaders in the Middle East, not just Bibi, are very vulnerable to coups right now. It also kind of puts Israel’s, and by extension the US’, “post war” strategy into the spotlight. If their goal is to eliminate Hamas, but Fatah and the Palestinian Authority are also dismantled in the war, what then? There’s no “legitimate” Palestinian leadership to push either a “two state solution” or even a one state one. It just makes the goal of genocide that much more apparent, which will not end well for either the US or Israel on the world stage. We’ve already seen a few countries cut ties and several more recall their ambassadors to Israel as result of the genocide. The bleeding will get worse and will eventually extend to sanctions and divestment.

  9. How can we ask Russia for war reparations for Ukraine, but not ask Israel for reparations for Gaza? How is it that Israel can destroy so much, cause a refugee problem, and then expect others to pay for it? And we give the weapons for this!. This is what gives Israel impunity. It rides on a victimhood that should be past it’s sell by date. It rides on a cry of anti-semitism that it exacerbates. It rides on a need to fight the hate and anger coming at Israel that Israel helped to create. (I am not denying that there is a perennial visceral anti-Semitism that gets passed on and that some people hold.)
    Israel should conduct some major humanitarian relief in Gaza similar to what Israelis do in other parts of the world where there is disaster. They can do it. Maybe Israel should welcome innocent Palestinians to it’s hospitals, and social services. Children. Offer refuge to the old and sick, give emergency aid and services .. wild huh?

  10. Netanyahu rhetoric declares 10/7 a 12/7 moment of Pearl Harbor … he is wrong on all accounts … the act by Hamas reminds me of the attack on US Marines Barracks in South Lebanon.

    Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declined to accept real-time accountability for the intelligence and military failures leading up to the October 7 Hamas attack, incredulously comparing himself to American presidents during times of shocking mass-casualty events. [Haaretz]

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