7 thoughts on “A Murder in Tehran – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Interesting .. hopefully the US deescalates in the coming two months … for me there is too much traffic coming into Jerusalem: Elliott Abrams, Gen. Mark Milley and Mike Pompeo.

  2. This assassination was neither a political act, nor a counter terror operation. It was revenge for al Masri’s killing American servicemen and diplomats abroad.

    Whoever it was that killed al Masri, they rid the world of a rat.

    The release of this NYT report, while Trump is mulls over attacking Iran, is suspect.

    As for whether MEK or Mossad did the actual hit, perhaps Richard’s ‘source’ in the Israeli establishment, can inform us. This ‘source’ fingered Israel as being behind the Beirut port bombing.


    1. @ MA Wunsch: OK, so let’s follow your twisted logic: there are thousands of Israelis who have murdered Palestinians in cold blood. Let’s call them all ‘rats’ as you did and welcome their future elimination. If not, why not?

      You have been moderated. The comment rules do not permit anyone to praise the murder of anyone. This rule applies across the board, whether Jew or Muslim, Israeli or Palestinian.

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