7 thoughts on “Passover and Palestine: Our Joy Must Not Be Their Suffering – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. What about Jewish suffering?

    The Palestinians began this latest Temple Mount disturbance on Friday morning when agitators began pelting Jewish worshippers with rocks and chunks of wood, while the Jews prayed at the Kottel.


    See the video, where rock throwers are pelting Border Police assembled some distance from the mosque.

    1. @Mynah: I find it offensive to call Musim worshippers seeking to defend their holy site “agitators.” Don’t use such language again here. Palestinians are not agitators. They are worshippers. The Israeli police thugs, on the other hand are heavily armed, brutish thugs seeking a fight.

      The police provoked the violence. If they had not been there, there would have been none. As long as Jews desecrate the Haram al Sharif, whether settlers praying for its destruction or police defiling it, there will be resistance by Muslim worshippers. If they wanted to, the police and government know how to keep the peace. But they don’t want to. THey want to show who’s boss.

      If you invaded my synagogue and gassed me with tear gas & stun grenades I’d throw everything I had at you. You get what you deserve.

      Don’t use the Jerusalem Post as a source. I consider it garbage.

      Again, make sure you use a single IP address. I’m trying to figure out what a right-wing hasbarist is doing in Italy. Unless of course, you’re masking your location by using a proxy server.

  2. The two-state solution (i. e. the Jewish sovereign nation-state of Israel) and an independent, sivereign nation-state of Palestine composed of West Bank, Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem alongside Israel, and NOT in place of Israel, is the only safe, sane and sensible solution to the decades-old Israeli-Arab debacle.

    Israel must evacuate b both h troops and her rightwing Jewish settlers from West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem,, either dismantle the settlement buildings or hand them over to the Palestinians to do what they want with them, and to allow the Palestinians to create their own independent, sovereign nation-state alongside Israel! That’s the only safe, sensible and sane solution to the problem.

    That’s what a shared Jerusalem is about and should be.

    It’s not too late, and it can be and should be done, The International community, the USA, the UN and the UN Security Council should move in and enforce the two-state solution with Jerusalem as a shared Capitol between Israel and Palestine (i. e. jewish West Jerusalem the Capitol of Israel, and Arab East Jerusalem the Capitol of the new sovereign, independent nation-state of Palestine,)

    1. @ mplo: While I commend most of what you wrote, two-states is a ship that has sailed. It was useful in its day. Perhaps it could have worked had not Israel rejected it. But reality has moved on and one-state is the only option possible. Two states is a chimera and distraction which diverts the world’s attention from the only option today.

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