14 thoughts on “Happy Passover: Settlers, Immigrants, and the Perversion of Jewish Values – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. At least Ketzeleh is coherent in his racism (sounding very much like his counterparts on the European far right). The liberal “beautiful souls” he berates seem to have no problem with the oppression of Palestinian “strangers”, even as they volunteer to help the Sudanese refugees and click their tongues at the deportation of children of migrants who have grown up in Israel. The very fact that they view themselves as masters of their national home and the indigenous Palestinians as “strangers” makes them far more like Ketzeleh than they would care to admit.

  2. Curious that the migrants described here can, in fact, enter Israel (without being shot) and live there (and go to school there?) and (get jobs there?) BUT PALESTINIANS CAN NOT. Is this a skin-color thing?

  3. Could someone please define “Jewish values” for me? There are so many different Jews from so many different places with so many different cultures, I would sorely like to know just which values all these people have in common. Certainly, even the people commenting on this blog show such a diversity of opinion that, even though they identify themselves as Jewish, manifest different values one from the other. Anyhow, whatever is going on in Palestine today has nothing to do with religion, rather it is a fight over real estate (pace Amos Oz) and political power.

  4. ketzeleh is an insult to kitty-cats everywhere….. like most “orthodox” he probably shuns cats too….or worse….

    Unfortunately, he does sound a bit like our own tea-partiers, except for the part on the “work camp”. Even our most righteous rightest wingers have not discovered the gulag concept yet, though with time, who knows?

  5. Here’s more “anti-progress”:

    “So much for freedom of speech: Nakba Law passes first Knesset vote”


    Please especially, note the last two paragraphs: The one relating to Mr. Dershowitz and the following one regarding the ” Universal Declaration of Human Rights” booklet that was recalled by Israel’s Education Ministry, because of these two Articles which the Ministry deemed inappropriate:

    “Everyone has the right to seek and to enjoy in other countries asylum from persecution.” (Article 14)

    “Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; this right includes freedom to change his religion or belief, and freedom, either alone or in community with others and in public or private, to manifest his religion or belief in teaching, practice, worship and observance.” (Article 18)


  6. Theirs is not Judaism. It is a perversion of Judaism.

    My understanding is that, according to Judaism, for a non-Jew (ger toshav) to live in Israel, he/she must except the dominion of the Jewish people over the land of Israel (Noahide Laws). Otherwise, that person cannot dwell there. I am not sure that this is relevant in this particular case, but that is the general rule.

    1. I’m not enough of an expert in this matter to say w. any certainty whether this is the case. But I think it’s safe to say that we don’t have to be strict constructionists & replicate an ancient interpretation of halacha or Noahide laws. In fact, halacha is meant to be interpreted and changed to correspond to the interpretations of rabbinic authorities in every generation.

      1. I’d like to point out that (because you mentioned the issue of conversion) a gentile cannot convert to Judaism unless that person accepts the precepts of the Noahide Laws. That statute is for all-times.

  7. 1/ Er… the passengers of the St Louis weren’t economic migrants, and the Eritreans, etc won’t be murdered if they return

    (Also I don’t know why so few German Jews took up Rafael Trujillo’s offer to settle in the Dominican Republic in 1938, so I’m a bit less sympathetic as a result)

    2/ There’s a famine in Asia? Where?

    3/ Apparently there are a lot of Americans who are concerned about the influx of immigrants into the US, including, where was that again, Evanston, Scarsdale, Beverly Hills and Napa Valley. (Okay, maybe not Beverly Hills)

    Can you name me any developed country that isn’t concerned about the influx of poorer migrants into their country?

    1. the passengers of the St Louis weren’t economic migrants

      There are many types of immigrants & refugees. My pt. was that Jews have experienced all manners of such status fr. economic migrants in Moab & Egypt to persecuted minority in Europe. We have no excuse for the Ketzelehs in our midst.

      There’s a famine in Asia? Where?

      I’m rapidly losing patience w. you & yr wit or whatever you think it is is tiresome in the extreme. Have you ever been to Bengladesh? Phillipines? India? Thailand? These are all countries which attract immigrants to Israel. Does there have to be a famine there to attract the poorest of the poor to Israel? There is famine in Africa & Israel attracts these as well.

      there are a lot of Americans who are concerned about the influx of immigrants into the US

      Yeah, they’re called Republicans & they lost the last election if you’ll recall.

      Can you name me any developed country that isn’t concerned about the influx of poorer migrants into their country?

      That’s not the question. The question is why an Israeli right wing extremist thinks it’s appropriate to talk about dark skinned immigrants as if they’re vermin trying to topple the Israeli way of life & why he seeks to create a gulag to house these “infiltrators.”

  8. Israel seems to be approaching a tipping point between democracy/peace and fascism/war (see “Mideast Peace or Fascism?” – Online Journal, March 16). I am in the process of gathering evidence about which way this is headed. This post says something very serious in this regard.

  9. “The person who frames the story wins the debate.” Mike Evans, author, ”

    Here’s how the story is framed in pop culture and in Richard’s article:

    “This verse recalls the migration of Jacob’s sons to Egypt during an ancient Israelite famine.”

    Insert facts: The Israelites lived, prospered, and multiplied in Egypt for between 215 and 430 years. From chapters 36 to 47, the book of Genesis emphasizes the power that Joseph wielded in Egypt; how he used that power to make his father, Jacob, and his 11 brothers prosperous; how the dwelt on the finest land in Egypt, set apart from all other Egyptians; how after the death of Joseph and his brothers and their generation, their descendants in Egypt became so numerous and powerful that Egyptian rulers came to fear them.

    Richard elides these facts, moving directly from, “Jacob’s sons migrated to Egypt to escape famine,” to “the history of oppression and Jewish suffering:”

    “It invokes the history of oppression that Jews suffered there as economic migrants who ultimately escaped slavery at the hands of Pharaoh during the miraculous exodus orchestrated by Moses during the holiday we are about the celebrate, Passover.”

    Why is ‘This space intentionally left blank,’ why this forgotten quarter- to half-a-millenium of history of dwelling and prospering and multiplying in a foreign land?

    By any reckoning, the period of Egyptian oppression of Israelites in Egypt was relatively brief, and came about only AFTER the Israelites had grown so powerful that the native people grew fearful of their separate and exclusivist power.

    When the Israelites left Egypt, they left behind destruction and death from which their own land, and only the land of Goshen, was preserved, and they took with them treasure that they stole from the Egyptians.

    Zionism and hasbara are provoking the unintended consequence of a reexamination of the entirety of Jewish history, and a reframing of the narrative.

    If zionism is seen to be based on a distorted framed narrative, what else is similarly distorted?

    “Oh what a tangled web we weave,
    When first we practice to deceive.”

  10. “This verse recalls the migration of Jacob’s sons to Egypt during an ancient Israelite famine.”
    That didn’t work out so well for the Egyptians, did it? Locusts, slaying of the eldest child, etc??
    It didn’t work out for the Israelites to well either, did it? Slavery, wondering in the desert 40 years, having to reconquer the land of Israel.
    Have we really seen evidence of a devastating famine? When the Israelites came back to the land of Israel, it seems as though the Canaanites and Amelikes were doing ok.

    1. Not sure what your pt is: that people in desperate need shouldn’t be permitted to migrate during famine? If that’s remotely what you’re trying to say you do realize that contradicts the entire history of the human species, which has wandered fr. time immemorial looking for greener pastures. We are historically a nomadic species & will continue to be unless you can somehow create a situation in which every society is doing as well as every other in the world. Then, there won’t be any reason or need for migration. Good luck w. that.

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