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  1. In order for the Jews to memorize their past sufferings – whether real or mythical – the West Bank has been totally closed again, as at every Jewish holiday. No Palestinian will be allowed to travel except for medical reasons. If that isn’t a sign of pathological navel-gazing, I don’t know what it is.

    1. Can a Palestinian travel from Ramallah to other places within the PA authority ?
      You description isn’t accurate – to say the least
      Palestinians can’t travel into Israel during the holiday, They can travel anywhere they want within PA territory.

      1. If Haaretz can use the vocabulary ‘sealing off’ or the army spokesperson ‘closing down’ so can I. But you’re right: the Allenby Bridge has only been partially closed … but if you planned going to Jerusalem, it’s not really useful. But what the h… should Palestinians do in Jerusalem anyway, right.
        But you’re right, the Palestinians can travel freely WITHIN their cage…..

        1. The cage as you call it, is more or less the area allocated to the future Palestinian state.
          Would you feel more comfortable about things if it was between two states ?

          1. Why don’t you stay on topic ? Your comment has nothing to do with the fact that at every Jewish holiday the Palestinians from the West Bank are even more restricted in their travelling than normally, but you’re basically saying that in your plan for a future Palestinian state, the State of Israel should continue guarding the border to Jordan, deciding who can travel and who can’t via Jordan, reduce the opening hours at Allenby whenever there’s a Jewish holiday, keep Jerusalem, and prevent the Palestinians from having their own international airport.
            Yeah, I know what idea most Israelis have of a Palestinian state….

          2. This is not my plan for the future of the Palestinian state, this is what the parties agreed upon in Oslo and that’s approximately what will form on the ground.

          3. Oh, could you please indicate where in the Oslo Accords the above restrictions are mentionned, particluarly the increasing restrictions during Jewish holidays. I’ve totally missed that part. And funny, I thought the Oslo Accord provided the Palestinians the right to built two airports. I got that wrong, you’re saying ? And you’re saying Jerusalem should stay Israeli according to the Oslo Accord too.
            I don’t know what you’re smoking, but don’t think I’m a fool. I’m not going to waste any more time with you.

          4. @Elad R

            Put a face on the name? Such ignorant fools.
            A few years ago, I came under attack with the intention of character assassination. Just like the Mossad, no morals and no quality.

          5. @ Oui
            Great catch ! That’s our man 🙂
            At least he has some introspection: “Through working at the Hasbara community, I identified a need to perfect my hasbara skills…”
            Indeed, but as the saying goes “putting lipstick on a pig, it still…..”

          6. Well … it’s Passover so I’ll accept your word.
            Pls don’t behave like an hasbara agent, ok? 😉

            Btw, one can’t google and establish a coincidence as fact.

          7. Oui @ DS,
            1. Mr Silverstein has my full name, he can attest that it is not Rubin, It is Rubinstein – as they say in Thailand same same but different. Hope you were enjoying your little Sherlock Holmes adventure
            2. If you wish to discuss substance. Today at the Bakkot checkpoint (in the Jordan valley) a Palestinian was arrested with 4 improvised charges. The charges were detonated by a police explosive specialist.
            Until there is peace the closure and checkpoints are a necessary evil.

          8. “Through working at the Hasbara community I identified a need to perfect my Hasbara skills, public speaking and massage delivery.”
            But that is a great service! Can the massage be delivered at my home please? I’ve got really stiff shoulders…

  2. You hit the nail on the head. The contrast between the fabricated stories of “suffering” and the mistreatment of others based on this is at the core of these people and it is mind blowing. As if these Europeans had anything to do with ancient Hebrews.

  3. Thank you for this meditation during Passover …

    “Kindness to immigrants is not a uniquely Judeo-Christian value. The popular ideal of America as a “Land of Opportunity,” has long summoned Americans to welcome newcomers. Emma Lazarus’s immortal The New Colossus engraved at the base of the Statue of Liberty beckons:

    Give me your tired, your poor / Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free / The wretched refuse of your teeming shore / Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me / I lift my lamp beside the golden door!

    This principle has not always been embodied – one need think no further than the quotas on Jews in the American Immigration Act of 1924 and the subsequent turning away of MS St. Louis, an ocean liner packed in 1939 with 930 Jewish refugees trying to flee Nazi atrocities.”
    [Source: United Methodist Church – post by Tasi Perkins]

    Extrapolating the election losses in 2008 and 2012, the GOP seems to realize it needs to shed its racist wings. The minorities of African Americans, Latinos and Asia immigrants will soon have a majority voice in some states.

  4. What these Europeans occupiers don’t realize is that Moses looked more like a Sudani man than a tall and white Ashkenazi Jew. They “celebrate” Moses by denying rights to people who look more like Moses than they do.

    1. Samir- thats a rather racist reply dont you think?

      Painting Israelis as white Ashkenazis whearas the reality is 50% Sefardii North African jews who look more like their palestinian brethren than europeans is anti-hasbara at its extreme trying to make zionism a white vs black conflict

      1. Wonder why Eli Yishai, a Mizrahi of Tunisian origin, said about about the African refugees: “Most of them coming here are Muslims who think the country doesn’t belong to us, the white man”.

        1. Having achieved success and power, Jews in the West honestly think they are “white” regardless of the claims of “coloreds” to being Jewish. It is power that confers the coveted “whiteness” in its purity, even the purity of arms. “Whiteness” is probably at the heart of the Ashkenazi unconscious. Israel is then a Jewish Raj, a white man’s burden. But, if Jews are white as Yishai says, then how did they originate in the ME?

      2. all this talk about “racist” reply is so confusing to me – honest.
        Why can’t people say what is on their minds, if it doesn’t demonize a group. I don’t understand what you are saying, anyhow. That is what I was trying to say – it gets too removed from anything “racist”, I think.
        I did, recently, though, come across something I found very interesting on several youtube videos, claiming or stating – whichever – that the “real Jews” hail from Africa, many were taken as slaves, mostly from West Africa, by different “empires”, including Arabs and, of course, the Americas.
        Oh, what is this post supposed to be about? oh yes, Israeli Passover out of Africa.
        I would welcome feedback on this topic. I knew for awhile, that the human species originated in Africa, migrating East, etc., over millions of years.
        The videos, and historical information presented, was very fascinating, and started me wondering about a lot of things.

    2. In the youtu videos -” Israelites went West to Africa and Americas “- several Old Testament passages are quoted that describe certain Israleites as having “wooly” hair.

  5. Richard — the Nakba and the journey out of Egypt are not mirror images for the simple reason that in the latter case Jews are the fleeing people. Arguments by analogy fail because, given Jewish gravitas, there is no symmetry. When will you learn?

    1. Didnt Jews rob their foolish and trustworthy Egyptian neighbours by borrowing their gold and silver pots and cloths and then fleeing?

      1. What nonsense. You’re trying to dredge up anti-Semitism based on a Bible story? Further when the Egyptians enslaved the Jews for generations, you begrudge the theft of gold & silver? Or do you think the Jews should’ve requested compensation for their enslavement from Egypt & gone through official Egyptian channels?

    2. Did the Jews of Egypt “flee”??
      I always heard that they asked to go, repeatedly, and finally the Pharaoh let them leave.
      I , also, have always heard that Jews originally went to Egypt because the lands were fertile, and they faced lack of food and hardship.. I
      What I have heard, read, is that the Jews were not “enslaved” during 400 years, or under different Pharaohs, but were rather like “indentured (?) servants”… at least, for a time, similarly, to those that first arrived in the Carolinas a few hundred years ago.
      I know I have that word wrong – I will have to check
      Again, when things turned bad for the Israelites, with a leader to guide them, the Jews then left Egypt, to get away from the environmental disasters, and sickness – and their own conditions, to seek a better land.
      Like immigrants today, or Empires, in fact, looking for resources – the O.T. describes this, over and over….

    1. At first, the Arabs were quite supportive of the new immigrants. Much like the early Native Americans in relation to European settlers, they cooperated and worked together with them. But rather quickly, the natives suspected the newcomers motives were far more aggrandizing than at first glance.

    2. The book “The General’s son”, by Milo Peled, a peace activist, is a revealing historical account.
      He also did a presentation on the subject : ” An honest Israeli tells the truth about Israel” on video:

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