10 thoughts on “Ramadan and the Road to War…and Perdition – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. @Richard:
    For a change, דברים של טעם.
    If it were not for the threat of Boogie man Bibi, the thought of the likes of Bennett or Ayelet Shaked (the Fascist perfume model) in the government would have been nightmare.

  2. The facts are that Palestinians started this latest Temple Mount violence.

    Israeli authorities said that before the unrest broke out they had negotiated with Muslim leaders to try to ensure calm. But the police say Palestinians stockpiled rocks and other objects inside the compound and hurled stones at the Mughrabi Gate, which leads to the Western Wall — a major Jewish holy site — triggering the violence.

    And Palestinians themselves, are admitting that Palestinians started this flare up.

    “Palestinian witnesses, who spoke on condition of anonymity out of security concerns, said a small group of Palestinians threw rocks at police, who then entered the compound in force, setting off a wider conflagration. Palestinians view any large deployment of police at Al-Aqsa as a provocation.”


    Some are pointing the finger at Hamas as the instigators of this latest round of violence.

    1. @ Becky: This isn’t a negotiation. This isn’t “you Muslims will behave the way we say or we riot and trash your holy site.” No Jewish authority or police thugs have any right to govern what happens on Haram al Sharif, any more than the Waqf has any right to govern what happens at the Kotel. This is not Israeli and not under Israeli sovereignty. But yet, if you want to send the army in & take it over and eliminate any Muslim worshippers you dislike. Be my guest. But get ready for a holy war the likes of which you’ve never seen.

      Beware of any hasbarist who tells you “the facts are, or “some are saying.” These are meaningless phrases and should be treated as such. Propaganda is not fact.

    1. @ Mynah: It would take about 15 minutes for a nuclear weapon to destroy the world. 15 minutes of Ben Gvir did the trick on a smaller scale.

      I don’t know where 750 settlers came from, not from my source, Middle East Eye.

      ACTUALLY, your own source says the Waqf estimated 500 settlers invaded the Noble Sanctuary. Or did you miss that?

      The Islamic Waqf, a joint Jordanian-Palestinian trust that administrates the affairs of al-Aqsa, recorded more than 500 settlers who entered in this period. 

      And Ynet:

      “Hundreds of Jews at the Temple Mount.”

      I also see the Border Police as essentially settlers with guns. There were hundreds of those as well. So well over 1,000 Israeli goons, with and without uniforms.

      Ben Gvir is a thug, but let’s bear in mind that his visit to the Temple Mount came days after 11 Israelis were killed in three separate terror attacks.

      So after every Palestinian is murdered in cold blood by Israeli forces, then Palestinians have a right to take over the Kotel and pray there? Or they have a right to gather in Jerusalem’s largest synagogue and offer prayers for its destruction?

      I didn’t think so.

  3. The Palestinian’s armed struggle against Zionism, began as ‘religious’, and remains so today.

    “The national endeavour of the Arabs of Palestine was indeed a political struggle with political aims, but it was definitely religious in origin, its ultimate goal being the preservation of Islam’s holy places in Palestine and the demonstration of the faith’s superiority.”–ARAB REBELLION AND TERRORISM IN PALESTINE 1929–39: THE CASE OF SHEIKH Izz AL-DIN AL-QASSAM AND HIS MOVEMENT. Shai Lachman.


    1. @ Shelly: Utter horseshit. You quote a statement from an obscure Israeli “historian,” known for his anti-Palestinian historical perspective, about some Palestinian from nearly 100 years ago to prove that Palestine’s struggle is “religious?” Really? And who cares if it is? Zionism’s struggle is religious and has been for the past 55 years. Big deal.

      Have you ever heard of a national movement in the Middle East that doesn’t have a religious element? The key point is that Palestinian nationalism has never denied the Jewish element of Zionism (except if it was being exploited to deny Palestinian rights). Otherwise, Palestinians could care less about Judaism. With Israelis, especially those on the far right (who run the government), it is far different. They hate Islam. They hate Palestinian Muslims as much for their religion as for their being Palestinian (which explains the attacks on Haram al Sharf). Their goal, if possible would be to eliminate not just Palestinians, but Islam itself.

  4. “There will no longer be warnings or messages explaining editorial decisions. Comments may be deleted, moderated or banned based on my discretion and without explanation. ”

    Richard’s ‘iron fist’.


    1. @ Stoney: “Iron Fist” is if I come fully armed to your house, bust down your door, throw a few tear gas grenades and stun grenades in your kid’s bedroom, and throw you out of it.

      Leaving you butt-hurt you don’t get to spew hasbara here? Sorry, no comparison.

  5. The scariest thing is that “neither rabbinic figures nor Diaspora communal leaders have clearly articulated their opposition to such outrageous distortion of Jewish values.” That is, Jewish elite seem to favor destroying the Haram al Sharif that might lead to a holy war and returning Judaism to animal sacrifice apparently rejecting a thousand years of intellectual inquiry.

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