7 thoughts on “Passover: Holiday of Freedom and Suffering – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. “What happens when we become the taskmasters and are responsible for the suffering of another people?”

    The irreducible fact, is that it was the local Arabs who started the cycle of violence when they drew ‘first blood’, and began murdering innocent Jews in Jerusalem during the Nebi Musa pogrom.

    Today marks the 100 year anniversary of the Nebi Musa pogrom.


    1. @ Lemontree: Now Jewish Virtual Library has become a credible historical source for Jewish history? Since when? Written by a former Aipac staffer and funded by major Aipac donors. This is your historical source? Afraid not.

      As for the history of Jewish-Palestinian violence: you neglect the fact that thousands of Jews made aliyah from 1880 on and flooded into Palestine. Most of the newcomers knew nothing about the indigenous communities and treated them with indifference or outright disdain. Did you think there would be no tension between the communities?

  2. Richard.

    I know the early history of this conflict cold; who’s donkey strayed onto whose field, who swiped some grapes off of who’s wagon.

    You will lose the historical argument with me, because facts, Richard, are stubborn things.

    Don’t even bother.

    Have a good Pesach.

    1. @ Lemontree: Really? So I suppose you were there when the grapes were stolen and the donkey strayed? Either you are over a century old or you’re a fraud. Your ‘facts’ are bullshit. And don’t you dare try to go toe-to-toe with me on this subject or any other. I’ll wipe the floor with you. So many have come before you here with the same cocksure attitude and all have ended up in the dustheap. The fact that you’ve chosen Jewish Virtual Library as your source on this subject tells us all we need to know about your “knowledge” of the conflict.

      Facts are very stubborn things: like the fact that the massive presence of new Zionist colonists in Palestine starting in the 1880s led inevitably to the violence and conflict that followed. And the cluelessness of many, if not most of these colonists made this inevitable. That’s a fact. An inconvenient one for you, for sure.

      Don’t comment again in this thread.

  3. [comment deleted: I told you not to respond further in this thread. You defied me. You are now moderated. If you decide to continue posting, your comments will only be approved if they respect the comment rules. And the next comment that doesn’t will lead to banning.]

  4. You write so often about how great is Judaism and how it teaches love and tikun-olam.
    But I guess it isn’t the full picture as you explained in this post.

    So are these ‘Judeans’ who misrepresent Judaism or is it you who try to convert the religion into some present day progressive heaven when (in your eyes) it is truly backwashed, primitive culture based on hatred and violence.

    1. @ carmel yativ:

      You write so often about how great is Judaism

      Not much in this comment has anything to do with me though it claims to. First, I don’t write that often explicitly about Judaism, though much of what I write implicitly does deal with Judaism. I’m not sure I’ve ever said that Judaism was “great,” though I have expressed my appreciation for those things I admire about it (and my criticism of what I don’t). I don’t think I’ve ever said that it teaches “love.” Though I’ve certainly said it teaches justice and tolerance.

      I guess it isn’t the full picture as you explained in this post.

      If you read my post you’ll note that one of the powerful aspects of the Bible is that it doesn’t paint the forefathers and foremothers as saints. It paints them as human beings prone to courage and heroism; and prone to pettiness and even mass murder. This makes the book itself and tradition it represents even more real and human.

      So are these ‘Judeans’ who misrepresent Judaism

      Definitely yes.

      or is it you who try to convert the religion into some present day progressive heaven

      My Judaism is not a “conversion” of anything. It is true to the letter and spirit of the Bible and its traditions. My Judaism doesn’t proclaim itself as rooted in hatred and racism as yours does. It is not based on power or brutality as yours is.

      it is truly backwashed, primitive culture

      I never said or wrote that Judaism is “blackwashed” or “primitive.” You did. Judaism is a religion based on human beings as I’ve already written above. It is not a religion of perfection. That is what makes it great.

      Since you appear to believe your religion and forefathers were perfect, you might want to pay a bit of attention to stories like the rape of Dinah and the mass murder which followed; or the civil war and genocide against the Tribe of Benjamin; or the genocide by the Israelites against the Amalekites, Edomites, Jebusites, etc in their conquest of the Land of Israel; or the cruelty of Abraham expelling Hagar and her baby from his family into the desert wilderness; or the cruelty of Joseph’s brothers selling him into slavery.

      I am grateful to the authors of the Bible for presenting the history of my people, warts and all. It makes me much more able to embrace it since it is fair and transparent. It also gives me food for thought about the sins and imperfections of my religious tradition. Every believer should question their beliefs and their tradition. A critical believer is much more powerful than an uncritical one.

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