12 thoughts on “Breaking: Israeli Defense Ministry Claims It Notified US Before Banning Palestinian NGOs – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Thank you once again Richard, for your analysis, following the news and actual as always and for your independent thinking. You represent the best of the role educated intellectuals have to fulfill in our era. Waging an uphill battle for truth and insight.

  2. My guess would be that the PFLP had been shaking down these NGOs and that Israel caught wind, and is now exploiting the matter for her own political gain.

    1. @ Cillian: Your “guess” is worthless. I warn you again. Do not offer your opinion unless you have credible facts and sources to support them. There is absolutely no evidence whatsoever of any financial connection between the NGOs & PFLP. None. And an unsupported claim by NGO Monitor is as worthless as your guess. Until you have any, keep your biases to yourself.

      I on the other hand, have offered credible evidence that other nations and NGOs have fully Investigated similar Israeli claims and found them baseless.
      The next time you pull this, I will delete your comment.

      1. [comment deleted: I told you to present real credible evidence the NGOs were involved in terror attacks. And instead you make claims without offering a Shred of evidence to support them. As for the video: if you attend a Jewish Voice for Peace event, does that make you a member? And if it’s designated a terror group, are you a terrorist? You are done in this thread.]

        1. How, Khalida Jarrar at a PFLP event ! What a scoop ! It’s not that she’s been elected representing the PFLP, it’s not that she spent years in Israeli prison (she was just released a few weeks ago, but after the funeral of her beautiful 30-years old daughter Suha) for being a member of the PFLP.
          Fortunately we have the latest hasbara-bot to inform us …

          1. @ Deir Yassin: Not to mention that when she was elected to the Palestinian parliament on behalf of PFLP she no longer had any role with the Palestinian NGO. What Israel is trying to do is criminalizing being Palestinian.

  3. The guy on the photo is the lawyer Salah Hammouri, born in occupied East Jerusalem to a French mother and a Palestinian father, he was arrested some 15 years back and after a plea bargain condemmed to 7 years for “plotting to kill” Ovadia Yosef. Even the French minister of Foreign Affairs at the time stated that the case was empty.
    After his release, he studied law at Bir Zeit, the Israeli occupation forces continued to harass him, he spent another year in prison, they prevented his pregnant French wife from returning to Jerusalem, so his son would not be born there.
    They just revoked his Jerusalem residency a few days ago.

  4.  how long before the Israelis realize whatever political benefit
    must i remind you. at this stage israelis dont care , israel money power will paper over any and whatever mischievous deed is committed .
    it is obvious it will be retracted without pomp .
    the question to be asked is why and why now.
    what is gantz advantage is he seeking, this is personal

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