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  1. Ronen Shoval participated in The Cafe, a well-known debate program by Mehdi Hassan/al-Jazeera-English in Tel Aviv this summer. Six participants of whom one was a settler leader, another J-14 leader turned Labour-politician (she was slick…), Shlomo Sand and Haneen Zoabi. That woman has guts, Shoval and the other settler-thug were just disgusting. If’s she doesn’t like the state of affairs, she’s free to leave, one of them says. If those guys get into power, they’ll probably make her leave.
    A little bit superficial, but still: Sand and particularly Zoabi have very good points. I love when that ‘revolutionnary-turned-politician’ says that her grandparents didn’t come to Palestine to take anyone’s place (or something like that), and Zoabi cuts her off: ‘but they did !’

    1. “If those guys get into power, they’ll probably make her leave” – but those guys are already in power and do their best to make her and her people leave. For those guys, the fact that she and a handful of her people are still there is the result of negligence by the half-hearted, lefty perpetrators of the ’48 Nakba (and the fact that so many of her people are still in the occupied territories is the result of an inherent soft-hearted weakness of the ’67 lefties.)
      What those guys are waiting for is not getting into power as they’re deep in it. They are waiting for the right historical constellation to create a window-of-opportunity allowing them to rectify these soft-hearted omissions.

  2. “When questioned about his use of private detectives to break into Sfard’s office, Shoval was absolutely unapologetic”

    What! Where was Shoval’s attorney, who should have stopped his client from incriminating himself at the deposition.

    I mean, isn’t the right against self-incrimination enshrined in Common Law?

  3. RE: “Im Tirzu is poison and Israeli society has been infected with this poison by its far-right ultranationalist ideology. . . Im Tirzu is Israel’s future (if not its present). . . Imagine not Ronen Shoval, director of Im Tirzu, but Minister Shoval, who gets the opportunity to direct the activities of the Shin Bet and Israeli police. ~ R.S.

    PERHAPS THIS VIDEO WILL HELP EVERYONE IMAGINE: Mussolini in Color: The Blackshirts [VIDEO, 02:23] – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=97nSCWU_hXQ

  4. I don’t understand this. The guy is admitting that he hired PIs to obtain confidential documents, and there is strong circumstantial evidence that those PIs broke into Sfard’s office. Doesn’t that mean that at least the PIs could be suspected of committing a crime, and the prosecution should open an investigation? I’m not naive about the current state of affairs in Israel, but shouldn’t Sfard and others be calling for this?

    1. Sfard reported the break in to the police. But he now has to consider whether to file a criminal complaint. I don’t know what the considerations are–but presumably doing so might further compromise the privacy of those clients whose case files were stolen. Though I don’t know this for a fact.

    2. When Ronen Shoval admits to hiring private investigators,who may have committed felony crimes and who may be able to incriminate him,
      he knows that both he and the PI’ s are unlikely to be investigated and even less likely to be prosecuted……..Sad, but true.

      1. Private investigators burglarizing a prominent attorney’s office? That doesn’t sound like any private investigator I’ve ever met, and I’ve worked with quite a few in my legal practice. Something in this story doesn’t add up.

        1. Really? You don’t know PIs in Israel who are dirty? Then you must not practice criminal defense law. In fact, I was almost tempted to write about a PI named Weig who is precisely the sort who’d do this if paid enough.

      1. True, but the people you mentioned are in the fringe and this guy is poised – if elected – to be part of a major party within the ruling coalition. Mind you, so will the Feiglins…

  5. You didn’t seem to be bother by this law when Uri Blau used stolen documents.

    Aren’t you interested to know what the NGO clients are hiding?

    1. What a friggin’ hypocrite. I want Shoval’s PI to burgle YOUR lawyer’s office & tell us your dirty secrets. Then let’s see how you’ll squeal about such practices.

      Blau used documents that proved the IDF committed war crimes. He was a journalist & journalists do such things if the issue is important enough, as it was in this case.

      You make me sick.

  6. Anyone who read’s your post may get impression that Ronen Shoval himself stole documents from the office of M.Sfarad and others, or directed others to do so. The hiring of a private investigator is not against the law either in Israel or the US, if the said investigator brakes the law, it’s his/her responsibility and he will bare the consequences for the said violation. For someone who published stolen documents in the past (leaked to you by Shamai Laybovitch) to criticize Shoval for taking a similar path…a bit hypocritical.

    1. That’s cute & you must either be a good bud of Shoval’s or his PR flack. There’s nothing illegal about hiring a PI. But there is something illegal about hiring a PI who you tell, or who tells you he plans to engage in an illegal act in order to fulfill what you’ve commissioned him to do. In other words, Shoval either told the PI to burglarize the office or in so many words agreed with that strategy. Or perhaps Shoval had another party (a lawyer?) tell the PI his job? Whatever the case, Shoval is dirty and you’re dirty for defending him.

      Plus you’re remarkably unconvincing.

      Shamai Leibowitz didn’t burglarize a lawyer’s office. He worked for the federal government & took those documents because he believed Israel wanted a war with Iran. Events of 2010 proved him right. He’s a whistleblower. Are you claiming Shoval & his dirty dick (PI, that is in old fashioned colloquial English) were whistleblowers uncovering the treasonous activities of Sfard & Yesh Din? Because that would be a novel & interesting legal strategy. Preposterous, but interesting.

      1. 1. Where did i defend Shoval ? I simply stated the facts, nowhere did i state my own opinion on the matter.
        2. Where is your proof as to what happened between Shoval and the PI ?
        3. Anyone can claim that you directed Libeovitch into leaking those documents to you, hence stealing them from the government. Without any proof of the matter such a statement would be extremely unfair and unjust. This is what you are doing to Shoval.
        4. I shower daily – your remark deviates from your own comment rules.

        1. You’re clearly ignorant of my history with Shamai Leibowitz. I didn’t direct him to do anything. He approached me and asked me to collaborate with him regarding the documents. You can accept my word or not, I don’t care.

          As for defending Shoval, you didn’t have to–that was clear from the substance of your comment. And don’t be disingenuous. It’s clear where your politics and sympathies lie.

          It’s one thing to shower daily, but when you make others feel they have to shower after reading your drivel, that’s another thing entirely.

    1. Holy crap, you just broke two comment rules in one comment. Linking to piece of crap FrontpageMagazine AND Steven Lout. Good for you! That’s quite an achievement.

      And you think anyone who reads this blog would even click a link to crap like that? Why? Because we enjoy reading outright lies, fabrication & hallucinations posed as truth? Or just because we enjoy flagellation & mutilation of reality for the sake of ideological purity?

  7. Richard.

    I think Michael Sfard, Esq. is ethically bound to notify the Judge assigned to the case, that the plaintiff, Mr. Shoval, has admitted in his sworn testimony to having committed a felony.

    Like I said earlier, there something not right here. Something fishy.

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