7 thoughts on “Ateret Cohanim Yeshiva Students Sport Sweatshirts Calling for Destruction of Dome of Rock – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. How can an israeli buy property if no arab is willing to sell one?

    If the palestinians stop selling their property at any cost there will be no such fraudulent “buying”, right?

    1. You’re presuming the settlers buy the land from a legitimate Palestinian owner. As Therese says, most often they don’t. They forge deeds, they forge signatures, they forge identities. And they don’t even do it particularly carefully.

  2. Many of the sales are legally dubious – they involve exchanges with someone who claims to be the owner, but is not.

    In other cases, there is no purchase, but rather a ressurected claim that this property belonged to Jewish people in the past, and must now be restored to them. Again, these claims are very disputed, and the courts very biased. Also, there is the entire notion that Jewish property rights persist, from the 17th century until now, but Palestinian property rights are extinguished by prior to 1948.

    1. I”m sorry, your comments are also rather dubious. Please put some facts into your claims. Do you have an actual case to quote?

      I’m not saying your point may not be valid, but the claim you are making should be supported by facts.

  3. “there is the entire notion that Jewish property rights persist, from the 17th century until now, but Palestinian property rights are extinguished by prior to 1948” – Her you hit the nail on its head, for this is the crux of the Israeli Apartheid.

    The much touted Israeli Supreme Court has long upheld this concept of applying one legal standard to (Jewish) colonists and another to (native) Arabs.

  4. RE: “one of the hot fashion items this season in the far-right Israeli yeshiva culture is a sweatshirt sold by students at the Ateret Cohamin yeshiva which calls for the destruction of the Dome of the Rock.” ~ R.S.

    ALSO SEE: IDF rabbinate edits out Dome of the Rock from picture of Jerusalem’s Temple Mount, By Gili Cohen, Haaretz, 01/05/12

    (excerpt) Israel’s military rabbinate released an educational document ahead of the holiday of Hanukkah last month, featuring a photo of Jerusalem’s Temple Mount without the Dome of the Rock, Haaretz learned on Thursday.
    The photo was featured in a packet prepared by the Military Rabbinate issued to Israel Defense Forces bases ahead of Hanukkah, under the section titled “The Festival of Jewish Heroism,” which included an article and a quiz on the Jewish struggle against Hellenistic rule.
    One reserves officer talking with Haaretz said that when he “received the materials from the battalion rabbi something seemed strange about that picture.”
    “We get material from the rabbinate every week and it’s mostly positive things,” the IDF officer said, adding that the edited picture was part of an “official release, which is why it’s problematic the army is distributing it.” …

    SOURCE – http://www.haaretz.com/news/national/idf-rabbinate-edits-out-dome-of-the-rock-from-picture-of-jerusalem-s-temple-mount-1.405602

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