11 thoughts on “Israel’s Final Solution to the ‘Palestine Problem’ – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. He is talking of expulsion, not extermination.

    That aside – strictly speaking he is not a Kahanist I believe. The current Kahana branch is for example: Ben-Gvir, Lahava, Otzma Yehudit, Michael Ben-Ari, etc. I believe from a strictly taxonomical point of view that he’s a “Hardal” advocating a hard-line stance – which I suppose you could contrast with Kahana, but that he isn’t a “direct offspring” of the Kahana movement – but rather an off-shoot of “Ihud Haleumi” (which rose from Moledat (initially led by secular Zeevi – but always with a Hardal wingman – but post Zeevi the secular wing there disappeared).

    I’m not saying your comparison is wrong – just that this is a “different tree” growing next to Kahana, and not a branch off of the Kahana tree.

    1. @ lepxii:

      He is talking of expulsion, not extermination.

      Not really. When he says “the IDF will know what to do with them,” that’s extermination. Unless he’s arguing the IDF will put them in trucks and send them to Saudi Arabia. But if so, why do you need the IDF to do that? Nor do I believe Smotrich’s use of Hebrew terms that can be construed as “final solution” or “final defeat” of the Palestinians are meant as anything other than allusions to genocide. You may argue that they’re whispers rather than shouts, but they nevertheless echo those noxious Nazi terms.

      Thanks for laying out the Jewish nationalist-supremacist taxonomy. I don’t claim to be an expert on the finer points of the subject. But clearly there is a great deal of overlap theologically & ideologically between Kahanists and Hardal/Moledet.

  2. Smotritz replied to Friedman with a post on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Bezazelsmotrich/posts/809725429181836

    Basically he says – don’t put words in my mouth. Indeed, he doesn’t say anything about murdering of women and children but about winning this war for the prosperity of the region.
    This is only fair as you Richard probably don’t like it either.

    At the end, Smotritz challenges her to come up with an actual plan, not just criticizing other ppl plans. One state solution? that is just a title! how will it actually work? Or will it work?

    1. @ Jim: What Smotrich says he said is irrelevant unless he can produce a tape or transcript of his remarks. I far more trust Friedman’s version than his. If she says he confirmed he was willing to kill children and women I believe her. To say that Smotrich wants to win the war against Arabs for the sake of prosperity is ridiculous. He’s a Haredi settler fer chrissakes! Not an economist or even a CEO.

      Finally, I need you as a megaphone for Betzalel Smotrich like I need a hole in the head.

        1. @ Jimbo: You’re confused. YOu say he says “exactly the same things” in the Knesset video. But then you say he doesn’t say exactly the same things (at least as far as Friedman records). You can’t have it both ways. Just because he said one thing before the Knesset is not proof he wouldn’t say something far more homicidal in a private closed meeting. In fact, it makes perfect sense he would speak in a totally unburdened fashion.

          So if you want to defend Smotrich or minimize the damage, I’m afraid you’ll have to look elsewhere to do that.

          Friedman didn’t put words in his mouth. She, who has no axe to grind, recorded what he said. He, who definitely does have an ax to grind & an ass to protect claims otherwise. Who ya gonna believe? A nice Orthodox Jewish mother who’s probably never told a lie in her life; or a disgusting settler pol who’s spouted hate for yrs, if not decades? Gee, hard choice.

          You are done in this thread.

      1. Who is this Friedman? A week ago no one even heard of her, all of the sudden she is the highest authority?
        Is that a joke?

        1. @ Ariel Shalom: Uh, she was at the speech, she clearly recorded notes of it. No one else did. She recounted her notes clearly in her FB account.

          Were you there? Did you publish your notes of the speech? Can you get the tape of it? If so, send them & I’ll publish them. If not, shut the f(&K up!!

  3. I was in Palestine last year, part of a Christian Peacemakers Team (you don’t have to be Christian! who knew?), and a woman who is part of ICAHD – Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions – told us that she doesn’t use the word “genocide” for what is happening now. She is waiting until it actually starts.
    If you don’t think this man is talking about killing, you are fooling yourself.

    PS On my website, along with photos of pottery, there’s an account of my trip.

  4. it is irrelevant whether or not he said the words, we do not need to choose who to believe, what we can say is that those are terrible words and should be condemned by every right thinking member of society.

    That does not equate to the fact that such views are held by all Israelis or even most Israelis. They are not a majority view and as I said should be condemned outright.

    I say this as a Zionist and supporter of Israel.

  5. Accept inferior status, leave or die certainly seems to fit with the practice of the Israeli state. The recent killing of more than a hundred Palestinians and the wounding of thousand more by Israeli snipers for merely protesting, which has been justified by Israel as “self defence” clearly shows how entrenched this view is within the Israeli state.

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