11 thoughts on “US State Department Criticizes Israel for Designating Palestinian NGOs as Terror Groups – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. My only comment is that those whom the gods seek to destroy they first drive mad. That the Israeli Labour Party and Meretz can stay in this coalition underscores that they don’t have a principle between them

  2. [comment deleted: you’re peddling the same bullshit NGO Monitor peddles. Offering no evidence to support your claims. Comment rules demand evidence to support claims. Quoting a spammy pro-Israel source is not evidence.]

    1. Did you even read the article ? NGO-Bullshit that you link to is mentioned, it’s one of the hasbara groups that nobody with a sane mind would even begin to read ! And Gerald Steinberg is clearly a complete nutcase.
      PS. Is that pen name supposed to be Irish ?

        1. Yes, probably from the embrassy staff. Didn’t they send chosen hasbaristas there as Ireland is generally very pro-Palestinian.

  3. Hanna Beit Halachmi link above (which leads to Facebook) has a poor English translation but never the less her main point comes through. It was what I was going to say: the term “terrorist” has been so abused. It’s a dog that hunts because just the accusation gins up fear about their terrorists (never ours). The terrorist label pasted on an entity allows for a lot to go on repressing legitimate resistance or even unproven accusations of such.The NGO groups exist to repair to help mitigate, to quiet, the situation, the ongoing half century plus of occupation.They actually help Israel maintain this repression in so doing. No?

  4. Apparently, trumping up specious reasons for imprisoning victims and for repressing human rights is rapidly becoming the go-to tool of ever-increasing fascist, totalitarian, etc. governments and their media lackeys. Witness also the crap going on in the US with Black targets or the crap in India right now with arresting youth for drug dealing or “having connections” to drug kingpins and denying the youth bail…for nothing but spurious excuses.

    I hope I live to see the day that Nutenyahoo, Gantz, and all their henchmen are charged, prosecuted, and convicted by the ICC Cornyn crimes against humanity.

  5. NGO Monitor … Wechsler Family Foundation! Staff and boards of NGO Monitor, Gerald Steinberg and Dov Yarden …. ’nuff said.
    by the way US State based on an oligarchic plutocracy gov with zero credibility, zero accountability. Sheldon Wolin called the US an Inverse Totalitarian State way back in 2008!

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