12 thoughts on “Oopsie, NGO Monitor Hauled Into Court, Apologizes for Smearing Palestinian NGO – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Anyone who doesn’t know what NGO Monitor does should visit their website and become enlightened. this tidy little organization is like a bulldog chasing after what it thinks are anti-Israel actions, policies and public statements of NGO’s operating in Palestine. It’s another manifestation of Israeli paranoia and an effort to counter what it thinks are unfair reports by NGO’s on Israel’s rather abysmal human rights record. It also whitewashes and covers up misdeeds committed by the IDF, such as the Jenin massacre, which it calls a “myth.”

    Its advisory board includes such notorious figures as Elie Wiesel and Alan Dershowitz, which alone ought to give any thinking person an idea of just what kind of organization it is.

  2. Now if only NGO Monitor would apologize for smearing Kairos and UNWRA, and pressuring the Canadian Conservative government to defund the former to the tune of $7 million and the latter to the tune of $15 million.

    NGO Monitor is doing lots of damage. I believe this whole strategy to get NGOs defunded and deny them permits to work in the territories has a lot to do with Martin Kramer’s “solution” for Palestinian population growth.

    Israel intends to deprive Palestinian refugees, not only in those in Gaza, of humanitarian aid and services by demonizing and crippling NGOs. You see the experiment against Gaza seems to be working in reducing the birthrate, so now it’s being extended to include Palestinian refugees in the Territories and other parts as well.

  3. There is more happening: primarily because of NGO-Monitor’s lobbying, the Knesset recently passed the first preliminary hearing for a bill called ‘Bill for the Duty of Disclosure for Someone Supported by a Foreign Political Entity’ which would effectively curb freedom of association in Israel.

    See the Association for Civil Rights Israel’s website for more detail:


  4. I also suspect that the Goldstone Report has a lot to do with the recent uptick in Israel’s actions against NGO’s. The government has blamed the NGO’s for the results of the Goldstone Report and is punishing them for their cooperation with Goldstone’s investigation. Suddenly, after so many years, Israel is concerned about who funds NGO’s, claiming that governments who support them are furthering some kind of political agenda in Israel. Ironically, Israel sees nothing wrong with throwing money at US politicians to further Israeli interests here.

    The defunding of NGO’s is politically motivated more than anything else. It’s also a campaign to silence some of the strongest voices telling the truth of what is happening in Palestine, and it goes hand in hand with the efforts to curb journalistic freedom.

    As I said, Dersh is the backbone of this organization. It’s laughable that anyone, anywhere, would call him a liberal.

  5. “Ironically, Israel sees nothing wrong with throwing money at US politicians to further Israeli interests here.”

    Is that right? Wouldn’t it be illegal for a foreign government to contribute to US politicians?

      1. They were created by the Zionists to attack NGO’s. They are the same ilk who lurk around websites such as “jihadwatch”, right wing lunatics who see enemies around every corner.

        1. So, Marry, what you are saying is Israel has no enemies? There are no terrorists trying to kill Israeli civilians? Iran is not seeking a nuclear weapon all the while holding Holocaust-denial conferences? There are no anti-Zionist NGOs seeking to undermine Israel’s legitimacy as a Jewish state? Is it all really Jewish, er, Israeli paranoia? Please set me straight so I can sleep better at night in my house just 15 miles from Hezbollah.

          1. So Yitzhak, what you’re saying is that Israel has never earned the enemies it has by stealing their land & killing their children in cold blood. That there are no IDF soldiers who’ve killed Palestinian civilians. That Israel doesn’t have 400 nuclear weapons which in the past it has made clear to warring Arab states that it would use if it felt it needed to.

            As for anti-ZIonist NGOs, which ones might those be? NGO Monitor? I consider it anti Israel because it betrays Israel’s true interests. Is that who you’re talking about? Or Im Tirzu, whose policies will lead to the destruction of Israeli democracy? Also, anti-Israel.

            Is it all really Arab paranoia. Pls. set me straight so I can sleep better in my house just a few minutes from someone who accused me of calling Israel a Nazi war machine.

            Yitz, you wouldn’t by any chance be a settler now would ya?

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