10 thoughts on “IDF Major Exchanged Sex for Work Permits, Raped Palestinian Women – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Was the Major a Jewish Israeli or a Muslim or what?

    Some time ago there was a report of rape and it turned out the perpetrators were Israeli but not Jewish Israeli.

    It helps to make the distinction because Jewish Israelis invariably get the blame for any crime reported to be an ‘Israeli’ one.

    1. @ VarmWoice: There have been so many stories about IDF soldiers & officers raping their female subordinates, Palestinian women, even murdering them. Alas, all Jewish officers.

      But your attempt to distinguish between Jewish & non-Jewish officers is macabre and racist. You’re making a distinction w/o a difference. Not to mention attempting to redeem Jewish officers at the expense of Israeli Palestinians.

      Finally, there are almost no non-Jewish IDF officers the rank of Major or above.

      1. You don’t have to be a Palestinian to be a Muslim in Israel, which is why I said Jewish and Muslim rather than Palestinian or Israeli. So the distinction was religious not racial. The second largest religious majority is Muslim and I can tell you some stories through people I know but they are not relevent here.

        Khaled Abu Toameh doesn’t call himself a Palestinian.

        I forget the name of that Israeli Druze (Muslim) whose son is a major or some high level officer.

        I still think the IDF (accepting your criticisms as true and valid) are a moral army compared to any other, especially in the region.

        Of course, any major who bribes or rapes should be disciplined. That is more likely to happen in Israel than in any other country. You yourself prove that by criticising the lack of action. Expectations from the IDF are high.

        1. @ Varm: Again, it’s a distinction without a difference. Whether Muslim or Christian or whatever, you were trying to distinguish between Israeli Jews and non-Jews in order to blame the latter and protect the former. A fail.

          The IDF is an immoral army. A terror force. Compared to any other army in the region it is more ruthless, brutal and lethal. Not to mention engaged in war crimes.

          Israel is far less likely than western armies to discipline those officers who commit war crimes or engage in other serious non-combat crimes of violence including rape. Expectation of the IDF are non-existent. It has carte Blanche to do whatever the hell it pleases to whoever it pleases

          You are done in this thread.

      2. “..there are almost no non-Jewish IDF officers the rank of Major or above..”
        Actually there are; a load of them. Bedouin, Druze – even holding senior positions.
        However as stupid as the original question has been, there was no need for such a long Megillah as an answer; a simple “I don’t know” would have sufficed.
        And what about naming that rouge officer? Seems like age is taking its toll on you too… 

        1. @ Eli Gal: I don’t believe this is true. Nor do I know what “a load” means. I strongly doubt there are many more than a few handfuls, if that. The main point to keep in mind is that Palestinians generally refuse to serve in the IDF, and that even if they did, the IDF would not advance them except in certain limited niches in which Israeli Palestinian soldiers specialize.

          As for naming the rogue officer, it’s not for lack of trying.

  2. Richard said:

    “..this is precisely the way the Shabak deals with Palestinians seeking work or medical permits. In return for the permits it recruits them to spy on their families or communities.”

    Despite having fought with Hamas this past May, Israel seeks to improve the living conditions in Gaza by granting Gazans 3,000 work permits that allow them to enter Israel to earn a wage.



    1. @ Cillian: Do your homework, hasbaroid. Read Haaretz’s main headlines. Had you done so, you’d have read this: Israel’s Permits for Gaza Workers: More About Security Than Benevolence https://www.haaretz.com/israel-news/.premium.HIGHLIGHT-new-gaza-work-permits-intended-to-postpone-next-clash-1.10312832
      Israel Rule 1: Israel never does anything regarding Palestinians, Arabs or the world for ethical or altruistic reasons. Never. Nor did it do so in this case.

      You are done in this thread.

  3. The only difference is that the IDF officer did it for his own sexual pleasure, while Shabak did it in order to spy on Palestinians. The latter is no less destructive to the bonds of Palestinian family life and community than the former.”

    Are you serious?! Have you lost all touch with reality and morality? Threatening to withhold permits to collect intel is not at all comparable to raping women (or men for that matter) and to even insinuate such is reprehensible. It also shows to what degree you don’t know or understand Palestinian society. The repercussions for a rape victim and their family is the worst possible scenario.

    1. @ Nicole: Lord, spare us from those who “know” Palestinians, their culture, and society.

      So let’s put your narrow, misleading focus in perspective. Of course sexual issues are sensitive subjects in Palestinian families. They’re sensitive subjects in many families, even non-Palestinian ones. Of course, a woman who has been raped (whether Palestinian or not) will feel shame and fear rejection by her loved ones.

      But if what you claim were true, none of these women would have come forward. They all would have internalized their shame and kept it entirely to themselves. But they didn’t. They did just the opposite of what you claimed they would. They broke the taboo. They went to the authorities and complained. They testified against him. These are huge milestones for these women.

      Now, as for your denying the destructive impact of Israel’s extortion, blackmail and intrusive surveillacne of Palestinian society: what do you think is the impact on a Palestinian with a terminal disease who is desperate for a medical entry permit to get treatment in Israel, when in return for the permit he’s told he must rat out his brother, father, sister, mother, uncle, best friend to an Israeli agent. What does that do to the social fabric of families and communities? Is it any less degrading does it wrench the social fabric any less than a rape? I guess we could argue about this. BUt it would be pointless because both are deeply damaging. Your denial of this shows you don’t understand Palestinian society.

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