5 thoughts on “Shin Bet Arrests Spanish Humanitarian Aid Worker on Terror Charges – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. [comment deleted: read my comment rules carefully. YOu may not offer claims that are not supported by proof, facts or credible sources. When a person’s life and liberty is under threat, I do not permit readers to spin unsupported theories justifying such a threat. You have been warned. Follow the comment rules or face the consequences.]

  2. [comment deleted: you have been warned about anti-Semitic tropes. You are now moderated. Only comments respecting the rules will be published.]

    1. Mr Sandstone how could Israel to be integrated to EU with its apartheid laws and practices granting members of one religion superior rights? If it could or would, millions of Europeans would begin to demand equal practices and laws against their minorities and religious groups. What could Israel’s order supporting Jews in Europe (or even in USA) say when local people would demand, that local Jews should/must be treated in same ways like Palestinians in Israel? What is right in Israel must be right elsewhere – or not?

      Eurasia is changing fast. The “Atlantic policies” are pushing China, Russia, Iran, Pakistan and now also increasingly Turkey to form a trade, financial and more or less tight military union against USA and its shrinking amount of “loyal” vasals. It will be not like in the Cold War when USA had the production and technology superiority. Now China has enormous technological and production capacity, Russia and Iran have the raw materials etc. More and more of trade is now transported by rail in Eurasia even sea transport is still the most important. China is not producing cheap toys and simple products as many westerns like to claim, it already is on many sectors of technology the leader. In the trade of advanced technology products between USA and China, China exported to USA in 2020 those products worth of 133 billion USD and imported them from USA worth of 31 billion. In 2019 Chinese residents made 1.2 million patent applications, US residents 285 thousand, Japanese 245 thousand and Germans 73,448.

      USA and its patron Israel are significant major players only so long US dollars role as the reserve currency lasts. And without that “link” (USA and Dollar) Israel drops to what it in reality is. A small insignificant country which had nukes. The Eurasian powers including EU need stability and peace in Middle East and they do not tolerate a wild unpredictable Israel.

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