11 thoughts on “Israeli Gag Order Prohibits Coverage of Shin Bet Arrest of World Vision Gaza Manager – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. I’ll buy you a hat to eat once the evidence is revealed.

    If it will be not convincing, send it back and I’ll eat it.

    These charges, with such high profile suspect would be foolish if there aren’t any indisputable evidence so all the nagging is a bit too early.

    1. @Danny: How inxredibly naive. There isn’t any evidence and whatever small amount there may be will never see the light of day. Neither the prisoner, his lawyer or the public will ever see any evidence. Sometimes even the judge doesn’t see it. That’s the way the system works.

      You’ll hear sound bytes, leaks by the Shin Bet. which are dutifully regurgitated by the press. These are bubbeh meises.

  2. It is being reported on Australian ABC today that the funding came (at least in part) from Australia – the Australian Government has suspended funding to World Vision until this is cleared up. The Director of World Vision in Australia – Tim Costello – went on radio to question the validity of the Shin Bet claims. He pointed to projects that he had personally seen in Gaza – strawberry farms, etc, – that had been funded by WV. Costello said that the government was right to suspend payments until the situation is clearer but expressed some incredulity about the accusations. Tim Costello (brother of former Treasurer Peter Costello in the Howard Government) is a Minister in the Baptist Church and highly respected in Australia.

  3. The British newspaper The Daily Telegraph says today:

    Around £60,000 given to World Vision by British donors was used to fund a Hamas military base code-named “Palestine”, the Shin Bet said.

    “$80,000 received from the United Kingdom went to construction costs of the base, paid in cash, while salaries were paid to terrorists who worked in the construction of the base.”

  4. Thank you for the careful analysis showing how implausible SB’s charges are. But you seem to imply that Christian Zionists support World Vision projects in Gaza. Maybe in the rest of the world, but I wouldn’t think in Gaza.

  5. “Israel is treading on very dangerous ground in arresting a World Vision manager. It is one of the most popular and pervasive humanitarian NGOs in the world…. To directly assault a group that is so highly valued among American evangelicals is a highly risky venture.”
    It will be very interesting to see how this all plays out. In the short-term it’s probably going to get a lot harder (maybe even impossible) for private aid groups to continue assisting innocent Gazans. Perhaps such groups need to be just as diligent about protecting their organizations from Israeli government manipulation, as they need to be about keeping terrorists out of their employ?
    I’m not a World Vision donor, nor am I supportive of most Evangelical Christian aid groups or missions, but based on what little I know this is a very highly regarded and responsibly run charitable organization — so this news story really popped on my radar.
    As an American, and a practicing Christian (within a progressive, non-Evangelical denomination), and as someone who recently visited Israel and Palestine for the first time this summer, and witnessed the tension of people forced to live under a very restrictive occupation, I am so deeply troubled by Israel’s increasing aggression towards Palestinians, and troubled by the financial support our government provides to enable their policies to continue unchecked.

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