16 thoughts on “IDF Lies About Espionage Charges Against Tomer Eiges, Cyber-intelligence Officer Who Died in Military Prison – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. I am guessing that there may be a political component in this story.Let’s say that a politically tainted directive found its way into the army and one idealistic officer decided to either expose it or somehow block it.The political source would then instruct the army to get rid, of the “traitor.”

    1. Tubiansky, who was executed in 1948 on false charges before the verdict was even written was also clearly idealistic.If only the political stables in Israel could be cleansed periodically by the army:)
      Corruption engenders rottenness which leads to incurable weakness.Very late in Israel’s existence was a need felt for a word in Hebrew that would be the equivalent of integrity.Yoshra came into being. A rather parveh word, seldom used and only a shadow of the word in English which implies honesty,wholeness and structural strength

      1. When dealing with those classified as enemies, you do not always “fight fair.”And the army has devised many sickening ways to keep the Palestinians, who are not the major threat to Israel’s continued existence from achieving their aspirations of self determination.It is my guess though, that the catalyst for Tomer Eiges’ actions, whatever they were,emanated from political motives that somehow attached themselves to a directive or plan foisted on the military.Probably beyond my imagination.One day we will know more.If 10 officers showed up at the family’s house, someone thought that there was a big risk to something.

        1. New information released yesterday points at motives of a personal nature: The lawyer representing the family who also represented Tomer Eiges and met with him many times talks about a complex situation in which Tomer’s motives were to improve the system and apparently something backfired, not an intentional sabotage.The army is now saying that motives were personal, not financial,ideological or spy related.This is really baffling! How did he die and why?

  2. If this so called “young man” was indeed an “Edward Snowden” then his arrest and death leave me with no sympathy for him. Painting the leftist/social media as some kind of noble defender of Democracy is comical.

    1. He is not around to benefit from your sympathy or the lack thereof.But if the military for whatever reason dispatched him to a better world what you refer to as “Democracy” may be a figment of your imagination. No democracy is perfect no freedom is utter and complete, but given the choice, most of us would rather live in some kind of democracy even if flawed.Is a democracy still a democracy when peoples’ lives are snuffed out in a military prison holding civilians?No one as of this moment has even said that Tomer Eiges was a leftist. He was a recipient of many prizes given for strengthening State security, did you ever get such a prize? Comic unrelief is what I felt when I read your diatribe. And I have no problem to differ with Richard when called for…

  3. The way that this was handled is DISGRACED.
    You don’t hold a person in prison for months and then you have nothing to say when he dies in your custody.
    Something is very rotten here.
    shame, shame, shame.

  4. Indifferent contrary, people that don’t care.
    If this was done to a Jew in another country, they wouldn’t stop talking about it.

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