14 thoughts on “IDF Unit 8200 Officers Refuse to Fight Palestinians – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. This is very good news indeed. Unit 8200 ought to know. Unfortunately in the present political and cultural climate, I doubt that this will have much impact. But its significant because it demonstrates that individuals in the armed forces have enough information at their disposal to make informed ethical choices. This could contribute to the growing amount of evidence needed to bring charges of war crimes against Israel.

  2. The action taken by these officers really moves me. It is so good to see that there will always be a number of brave people, willing to stick their neck out for what is right, even at a high cost to themselves.

  3. Gee RS, now you won’t be able to decry the horrors of 8200 anymore! I hope you’re not too sad. I’m sure your “highly placed source” will soon give you a different set of four digits to bang upon.

    1. @ Gee: Unfortunately, my comment rules don’t prohibit stupidity, so I’ve had to publish this bit of redolent snark.

      When 1,000 Unit 8200 officers including a few on active duty sign, then I’ll consider going easier.

      1. [comment deleted: there’s a problem with trying to outsnark the owner of a blog. I’ve got my finger on the button that controls whether you publish comments here. And you don’t.]

  4. It’s called ‘separating the chaff from the wheat’. We do hope that they are chastised like Vanunu and as they were employed for security reasons they shall be held under the scrutiny of the various security institutions and have all rights revoked e.g. traveling outside of Israel, internet etc. Traitors can be trusted by no one.

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