6 thoughts on “IDF Gaza Trickery Fails – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Not everyone joins in your freudenschade.

    If Hamas terrorists didn’t all fall into the trap, it’s safe to bet that some did.

    Though it is hard for reporters like you to verify some details of the hidden, underground systems. many tunnels would have been damaged from the air assault and their contents destroyed.

    1. Doubtless tunnels, probably a lot of them, have been damaged and destroyed. I wouldn’t expect Hamas to willingly admit to losing a large number of fighters if it had happened. But it is very suggestive that the IDF hasn’t done a press conference bragging about its great success. Now of all times, as the civilian body count gets ever higher and the IDF is just openly demolishing civilian infrastructure, they could us the PR boost of unambiguously having taken out a bunch of Hamas fighters. Yet no such media event has happened.

      I’m really surprised by how the Israeli air force can’t seem to put a dent in the rocket attacks. Surely every square inch of Gaza is under 24/7 surveillance by this point. Yet even with complete control of the skies the barrages continue.

    2. @ Mighty: Safe to bet that some Hamas fighters fell into the trap? Pardon me, but I like the Missouri state motto: Show me. Until you do, the claim is bullshit.

      Of course the tunnels were destroyed. But likely no one was in them. So the ruse failed as has this whole wretched exercise in war crimes.

  2. How many hours did it take them to come up with the story that a collapsing tunnel levelled the housing? The fiction department would be overpaid with a penny for its thoughts.

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