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  1. [comment deleted: read the comment rules before commenting. This is not a hasbara website. If that’s your purpose you’ve come to the wrong place.]

  2. thank you for posting this information and keeping us sane. those who fear the light of day are hiding the worst things. RIP.

  3. The story has broken in Israel (channel 12).
    The claim is that there was an indictment but no trial yet.
    Suicide was hinted but not stated specifically.
    Absolute denial of treason or espionage but not allowed to say what he was accused of.
    Investigation in progress as to how he was found dead in his cell.
    His parents re involved to clear his name

    1. @ Mighty Whitey: How did you wrongly conclude that the Jerusalem Post is a credible news source? And how did you wrongly conclude that my source was wrong?

      I’m moderating you because your attitude is just too fucking annoying. Keep trying to needle me and you’ll be banned.

      1. [comment deleted: you are now banned. NO One accuses me of blood libel against Israel. NO ONE!]

  4. I posted the following comment on Haaretz’s story about this. To other correspondents I would ask, if Tomer Eiges was not charged with espionage why the secrecy? What have they got to hide? Instead of nitpicking Shai and Mighty Aphrodite might like to address themselves to the real problem which is Israel’s pervasive censorship – hardly the stuff of a democracy is it?

    Haaretz Comment
    What kind of democracy is it that imposes sweeping gag orders on the publication of information about the original indictment and now the death of this Intelligence Officer?

    His name is Tomer Eiges, 25. Why doesn’t Haaretz for once actually stand up to this sweeping censorship and challenge it instead of going along with it meekly. Censorship and democracy, except in war time are incompatible.

    Israel is not at war although it would like people to think so. 

    The whole story can be found at Richard Silverstein’s blog


    The way you get rid of censorship in Israel, not just censorship of news but censorship of Israel’s history is by defying it not going along with it. 

    By complying with these gag orders you are going along with it. Shame on you. Papers like the Rand Daily Mail in South Africa had more courage.

    It is clear and obvious

    1. Tony, You may wish to look up in a dictionary the meaning of nitpicking.

      I reported what was said on channel 12 without any expressed opinion or criticism.

  5. So a soldier in an army you normally consider and compare to the Nazis duddenly becomes as saint because he is faulted by the system?
    All of a sudden poetry about grieving Jewish Israeli mothers.. This mother’s pain is greater only because you got a chance to slander the IDF?

    1. @ Dan G: I told you to read the comment rules. You apparently didn’t. A cardinal rule is if you disagree with me, do not attempt to characterize my views. You will invariably either lie or just plain get it wrong.

      I dare you to find anywhere I’ve said that I “normally consider and compare” the IDF to the Nazis. And if you don’t come up with any examples, you will apologize for your lies. And if you don’t come up with examples and don’t apologize this will be the last comment you publish here.

      I do not permit anyone to mischaracterrize my views. Least of all someone like you.

      I didn’t say Tomer Eiges was a Saint. But my point was to say he was not a criminal. I refuse to permit the national security state to grind up its youth and spit them out on the altar of perpetual war.

      You will also apologize for the false claim I have slandered the IDF. I have not. I have criticized the censorship of the state and the tragedy of such a cult of secrecy used to grind up victims like Zygier, Klingberg, Eiges and others I have profiled here.

      Your next comment rule violation will bring moderation.

  6. not sure what’s so important to publish his name.

    and i think one should be very naive by thinking that this was a suicide rather than a murder.

    1. @ Ilan: The family disagrees with you as they made clear by thanking me for giving him a name and a face. See my 2nd post in which I quote a close relatives statement. If your child died in a military prison, would you want him or her to remain nameless & faceless? Especially if you loved them and believed them to be good human beings worthy of memorializing??

  7. There is a Mossad agent in the Israeli Judicial System,who has been trying to fight for his rights for serving Mossad and Shin Bet,but the Israeli Courts persecute him,since they are blinded to help the Israeli Ministry of Defence,
    since the judges are afraid fir their own career!!!!

    He us such a gentleman,and it us a shame!!!

    1. Why not share the name instead of hiding in secrecy? Light is the best disinfectant and his best chances for justice.

  8. No country in the world except Israel ? Really? its not like US has dozens of black sites . What a hypocrite

  9. Just a thought – poison in prison. Perhaps he was used by the Russian Mafia and not Russian Intel…

  10. The Israeli system does not puts enough emphasize psychology. When giving young geeks such secrets and high clearance- need to make sure the young person has the maturity and responsibility needed, regardless of his talent. Yes, pity on the young man…

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