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  1. So after all your posts who accused the state it is now apparent that Ben Z. committed suicide for personal reasons that have nothing to do with the state.
    You should exercise a bit more caution in your coverage and assertions.

    1. A prisoner commits suicide in State custody and you have the chutzpah to claim the State had nothing to do with it? Of course they did. Who put him there? Who helped destroy his marriage by putting him in prison for a year without trial? Who put him in solitary confinement so he’d have no contact with other prisoners, thus exacerbating his depression? Who made all these idiotic decisions? Your Mossad & Shabak, that’s who.

      Besides this fact, the Prison Authority’s dereliction to duty allowed Zygier to kill himself. No, I’m afraid the State’s guilty is all over this one.

      1. We must never forget that at the end of the day all we have is israeli security word that the prisoner “killed himself”. How that occurred we’ll never know but there’s every reason to suspect the accounts provided by a state (and it’s cowed judiciary) on just about every detail. It would have been easy enough to, for example, “spike” his meds; or food. in such a way as to increase his anxiety and distress to the point they become intolerable. Then kindly, look away from the video monitor, for as long as necessary. Neither autopsy “results”, nor prison officials testimony, nor Judiocial whitewash, or newspaper accounts inside israel, or anything else that comes from the state apparatus can be believed. I am not sure I even believe this account of his wife’s visit. Everything always seems to be so conveniently contrived.

        BTW, one good reason Ben would be depressed is that the wife, maya, finally confessed the baby is not his (and how could it be if he was arrested in February and the baby born in December?). Zygier probably suspected as much, but up until the time it was born would have not known for sure. Could be an unusually long gestation or whatever, right? when one is in prison, all one has are speculations and wish making. But perhaps in this last visit – no doubt arranged by authorities shortly after Feldman’s visit, she let the beans out – perhaps with the encouragement of the authorities. SI would actually assume that anything maya did was with the approval and/or goading of the state security officials (the israeli Stasi – their Shin bet, Mossad, whatever).

        Interestingly, blogger Yehuda Bello insists on “knowing” for a fact (Israelis always know things “for a fact”, whenever they claim to “know” something) that Zygier was under house arrest till march 10 – miraculously just about exactly 9 months before the date of birth. That he bases on official court document that he, of all people, had access to, which so recorded. Now why would anyone believe a “court remand document’ mysteriously made available at just the right time to a blogger, is beyond me. And why would the Australian intelligence continue to insist otherwise is just another one of the enduring mysteries in this case.

        So most likely, Maya confessed to the true parentage of the new baby and perhaps asked to be released from the marriage, so she could get on with her life. That would be depressing indeed to anyone. Enough to cause suicide though? not so likely. The more likely response would be agitation and anger. Followed by even more interest on Zygier’s part to clear his name.

        Face it, Israel could never allow Ben to run around free at any time in the future. All for reasons they know very well, and some of us surmise (hint: it ain’t just some spies caught in Lebanon).The rest was just a question of how to get from point A to point B without the whole thing blowing up in their face. That israel did what it decided – and felt it had – to do (and I say israel, not just Mossad) was one of the things that probably pissed off the Australian agencies, on top of other reasons they had to be irate. Who, BTW are still pissed, even if their wings are, for the moment, smoewhat clipped by the politics and influencial jewish groups in Australia. But they are waiting no doubt for the next opportunity to embarass israel. mark my words, that’s what will happen – I just don’t know when and exactly from which corner.

        1. Based on your last paragraph It’s Meir Dagan who’s the father of the child.
          With respect to the rest of your nonsense and unfounded accusations:
          The state of Israel could have interrogated Ben Z before he was put in Jail and the kill him with a bullet to his head and ditch him in let’s say Italy and give him a star on the Intelligence memorial wall and be done with the episode, why would the state of Israel like to risk so much put him in Jail and do all that later ? You my dear, r make no sense what so ever.

          1. Elad R, I hate to dignify you with a response, but, oh well, no human deserves to be totally ignored, not even an apologist for criminal activities and a mafi/stasia spokesman.

            You seem not to know how an intelligence service operates – not just Mossad, but any. Like any good secretive group, there is a code of honor as well as utility. First they don’t kill their own, willy-nilly. If they started doing that, based on mere suspicion, no one would join, since by definition, the job involves delicate operations sometimes, with very thin lines of ambiguous morality. Second, the most important rul for a spy group where suspicion arose that information was betrayed is to assess the damage, how far it went, who exactly was compromised, etc so that actions can be taken to plug the hole. Third, Zygier was not a nobody – he was member to a jewish establishment scions in Australia with huge influence over that country’s foreign policy. He is not a Palestinian that can be just “disappeared” altogether without worrying about the consequences. He had lots of friends in Israel, he served in the IDF and had army “buddies”. And he was – originally at least – an idealist who came to the state as a fervent zionist (something akin to the “religious fervor” which was cited – originally – Tamerlan’s motive for bombing. Fervor is a big thing, you know).

            so Zygier was accorded the respect due to a possibly lapsed spy, and never treated as an actual “traitor”. The secrecy was necessary due to his occupation and the many contacts he made – israel could not let out the fact that he was detained for fear of ‘scaring off’ other potential involved parties, and/or frighten would-be field operators. But as the year of detention was coming to a close, they figured they got all they could out of him and the dangers of him ever being released were greater than any potential repercussions from his demise. Once that conclusion was reached, it was only a question of execution and plausible deniability to keep any political damage to a minimum.

            As for the child, you need to look at the timing. If ben was arrested somewhere between late januart and mid-february as ASIO maintains – and was so notified by israeli contacts – and the new baby was born around December 10, what you have is either (i) an unusually long gestation more common to elephants than humans), or (ii) a conception well after Zygier was in prison and forbidden from contact. I do maintain that the bello claim of house arrest first, is a smoke screen, as is the remand document that mysteriously materialized. bello is honest in believing it to be true because the alternative is hard for him to contemplate and he comes from a Mossad-admiring, very zionist/tribal kind of place.

            Anyways, I answered you fairly – in the face of your poorly expressed ad-hominems. If you don’t care to engage in a serious discussion, let this be my final response to you on this matter.

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