4 thoughts on “Traitor Trump Pardons Israeli Spy Who ‘Ran’ Pollard – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. “That being true, it should be clear to all American Jews that we owe no allegiance or loyalty to a country which would betray us in this way. Our only allegiance must be to justice, and an Israel that renounces such behavior by becoming a democracy, rather than a Judeo-supermacist state.”

    As Samuel Johnson put it “”Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel.”

    But then ‘Israel’ as a state was seen by most Jews, when promoted in the 19th century (it had slumbered in millenninarian Reformation Protestantism promoted by ‘visionary’ literalist bible-thumpers before Suez and oil provided it’s opportunity) as a blasphemous affront to their dispersed humanity, and as the petty national tribal project of a perverted ambition to mimic the pseudoscientific nationalisms flourishing under a racialised genetic rationalisation of toxic supremacist ideologies inherent in western imperialisms for centuries. Primitive misreadings of genetics fed this heirarchic ignorance as another useful tool for those at the apex (ape-x?) of their delusional pyramid of power.

    There are, of course, healthy national resistances to external domination, but such was not the vision of the leadership of zionism for the most part, and wherever they arose they were, and are, eliminated by the mobsters running the scam in the name of a usurped Judaism justified by the criminality of anti-Semites since at least early Roman imperial encounters; and boosted by the brutality, aided and abetted by Anglo-French and US energy monopolists, and clinched with the seal of the Nazi gangsters.

    Witness Pompeo’s sealing the Trump oiligarchy deals in the name of Abraham as they petulantly sulk out the door.
    Nationalisms are solidified, beyond any healthy leaven in imperial totalitarianisms, into apartheid corrals to channel and hypnotise humanity under ye olde ‘divide et impera’ for the labour market of transnational corporate capital and it’s parasitic plutocratic €£ite$. No border exists for their deified Invi$ib£€ Hand of Moo£ah A£mighty.
    Further proof resides in the anti-Semitic white supremacist useful idiots mobilised by Trump, the best friend Zionism was ever gifted by the inherent logic of mobster capitalism.
    It is time to arrest the crucifixion of Palestinians and recover our inclusive humanity on a dying planet carved up by these Mars-worshiping barbarians.


  2. Rafai Eitan took full responsibility for recuiting and operating Pollard. “None of those above me, not the prime minister or the defense minister, knew about Pollard’s operation,” testified Eitan.

    When asked if there were any more people, beyond those called to give testimony, who were involved, Eitan simply said “There was one more Israeli.” American investigators didn’t ask who he was referring to.

    Afterwards, when Pollard began to sing to his American interrogators, Pollard identified Sela as his chief handler. The Americans, who were pissed off at Israel for renaging on their promise of full disclosure and cooperation, than indicted Sela, as retribution.

    Lets just say, that this wasn’t Israel or America’s finest hour.


    1. @ Sepp: Eitan passed the stolen documents to the PM and IDF command staff. They all had access to it. Of course, Eitan didn’t tell them who stole the documents. He was protecting them. It was only after Pollard was caught and the US raised holy hell that the military and political class realized that they’d let Eitan loose like a bull in a china shop and that he single handedly almost destroyed the US-Israel relationship.

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