11 thoughts on “Palestinian Wins Settlement from Cyber-Security Firm for “Terrorist” Listing – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. He is a lovely man and has been involved with sending flotillas to Gaza since our second successful voyage. It’s probably one of the reasons he was on Israel’s shit list. I’m happy to see he won the case.

  2. The events last week in Washington D.C., not to mention Central Europe’s lurch toward autocracy, proves that being a ‘true democracy’ doesn’t guarantee anything.

    Keep in mind that Israel is located in the heart of the Middle East, that ‘crossroads of bad ideas’, and that global warming and growing inequality will make the Middle East even ‘hotter’ in the years to come and also that Jerusalem is the most fought over city in history,

    In order to survive the 21th Century, Israel must make peace with her neighbors, give the Palestinians a State, and most importantly, stay strong and Jewish.

    Eternal vigilance is the price of Liberty.–Thomas Jefferson

    1. @ Forrest:

      Israel is located in the heart of the Middle East, that ‘crossroads of bad ideas’

      That’s a nifty bit of racist quackery, there. The Middle East is the cradle of civilization. IT is the birthplace of great philosophers, kings, generals, poets, etc.

      Not to mention your comment sounds like warmed over Ehud Barak: “Israel is the villa in the jungle.”

      Israel must make peace with her neighbors, give the Palestinians a State, and most importantly, stay strong and Jewish.

      Israel will never “give the Palestinians a state.” Nor is the state Israel’s to give. You’re delusional if you believe any Israeli leader will ever accept a Palestinian state. Especially if it “stays strong and Jewish.” “Jewishness” as portrayed by Israel is toxic. I maintain it isn’t even Jewishness. It’s a pagan idolatrous religion of power, hate, and vengeance.

      1. [comment deleted: read the comment rules carefully. Racism and Islamophobia is not permitted. I warned you concerned your last comment and you repeated the same racist nonsense again. Also, you clearly know nothing about Arab civilization. I suggest you learn something before you spout more nonsense on the subject.]

        1. [comment deleted: I am the arbiter of the content of the comment thread. Not you. And I don’t engage in discussions of my decisions. I would suggest if you don’t know why your comment was racist perhaps you don’t belong here. Your Arabophobia is not welcome here, just as anti Semites are not welcome. Keep it in check or you will not comment further here.]

      2. Give them a state? they (Palestinans) say “from the river to the sera” do you know what it means?? idiot

        1. @Jimmy: the obsession with this phrase is a manufactured controversy. Before 10/7 no one carped about it or falsified its meaning. All of a sudden, when Israel is engaged in genocide, Israel’s apologists decide they’ve found something they can twist & distort into an “anti-Semitic” controversy.

          I’ve got news for you: Palestinians are not the only ones demanding a state from the river to the sea. Millsions of others who demand an end to genocide and a just solution to the I-P conflict demand it as well.

          The phrase indicates a demand for a democratic state for all its citizens. There is nothing “anti-Semitic” in that concept.

          I’m afraid the only “idiot” here is you.

  3. @Forrest

    A writer, not a policy maker …

    Robert Kaplan participated in a secret meeting convened by the then Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul D. Wolfowitz, at which he helped draft an internal government document advocating the invasie of Iraq.

    Didn’t pan out well … biased and superficial … well traveled … lots of journals.

  4. Glad to see Birawi vindicated, although it falls short of complete rehabilitation of his name by Refinitiv. Proof that the quasi-schizophrenic double-talk, double-standard of Israeli watchtowers is alive an well.

    Richard, I am interested in something you mentioned and thought I’d ask you. And it concerns the History of the Arab civilization. Are there resources you would recommend (documentaries if possible as I don’t read much books anymore)?

    I watched The Crusades Through Arab Eyes on Al Jazeera a while back, but it skips to the Crusades. I’m trying to fill the gap of 10,000 years (Jericho being dated 12,000BC).

    You can edit my post if you want or remove it if it is against the rules or irrelevant in this context.

    Many thanks!



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