8 thoughts on “Will Biden Face Down Netanyahu or Let Him Dominate Iran Nuclear Talks? – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Couldn’t agree more, with diagnosis as well as with therapy. But how good&undeterred a doctor will Biden&Blinken be?

  2. “My advice is to expect the first, but plan for the second in case Netanyahu in crazy enough to do it.”

    Not just Bibi is crazy enough once he paints himself into that corner.
    No shortage of LeMays straining at the leash in Washington and the Pentagon.
    For them it will be like Hiroshima in ’45: a signal to Moscow and Bejing that they are ‘locked and loaded’.
    ‘Don’t tread on me’, ‘You can take my gun when you prise it from my cold dead fingers’ is the high noon machismo mindset.
    Crazy is their norm, through to the marrow. Better dead than red, death or glory…we all know their hymnsheet, from muscular KKKristianity to compa$$ionate conservative. Hannah Arendt nailed its vacuity with her depiction of the thoughtless, literally, functionary ‘just obeying orders’ in his chain-of-command fa£$€ security of a herd career. Lateral vision to what the other guy thinks is the collective focus, engrained since infancy.
    The whole Pompeo born-again Armageddon brigade are intoxicated with their death-wish Rapture fantasy. Jim Jones on nuclear steroids. And they ain’t far away, like rats in general.
    Sorry, folks, my optimism is exhausted by observation.
    Hope I’m wrong.

  3. JCPOA Talks

    Netanyahu rides an election struggle at home … it’s comforting Cohen can come on a courtesy call … once again more settlements are being build … Netanyahu shamed both Obama and VP Biden … not in a position for demands, US State will see it as a wish list … Israel and Abraham partners are not on the JCPOA negotiating table … Biden has no time to lose as the Democrats have a minimal 18 months period to get deal reinstated. Exciting to watch, no BIG election posters with US President this time around … doesn’t sit well with voters … hopefully Biden will make his policy clear forthright.

    A metro station and Golan Heights settlement named after an American traitor … not very wise.

  4. [comment deleted: comments must be on topic and relate directly to the post. A portion of your comment was off-topic]

  5. This is a test about whether we will be doing what is actually in our interest or what is supposedly in Israel’s interest (but not). Include going all the way in this game of chicken; including agreeing to a UN Resolution (for whatever that means anymore).Warn that we will not get involved in a war if Israel wants to start one. Cut the weapons sales and aid.This is about influence of Israel here and the misconception both of what is good for Israel (and the Middle East) that is also good for us. Trump worked that for himself even more than our previous executives, fearing to go against Israel. It has to change.
    extra: Israel gets to the top of the graphs for vaccinating it’s population for Covid without including the Palestinians as part of it’s population arguing not Israel’s responsiblitiy.(Human Rights Watch on WPRI) Shameful. This is connected to Netanyahu turning attention to Iran.

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