9 thoughts on “Trump Casts First U.S. Veto in UN–and He’s Not Even President! – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. @Richard

    “Trump naturally wanted to help. Keep in mind, he recently conducted secret talks with Israel’s Mossad chief, Yossi Cohen in New York. If one could be a fly on the wall, one could imagine the Israeli offered Trump evidence…”

    Not to put too fine a point on it, Yossi Cohen didn’t talk with Trump. Cohen did meet with Trump staffers, and discussed, inter alia, “…a proposed regional conference to jump start the Israeli-Palestinian peace process to be held in Egypt… “.

    Peace talks!
    ‘The horror…the horror’.

  2. It seems the Security Council resolution is back on track for today Friday after a 24-hours delay, New Zealand, Malaysia, Senegal and a fourth country that I’ve forgotten which were all behind the draft with Egypt apparently put some pressure on the Egyptians.

  3. Last night, I watched the (alleged) child rapist Alan Dershowitz on CNN calling Obama every name in the book, and poor Peter Beinart having to sit next to that (alleged) pederast and attempt to defend Obama. There was another greasy Jew by the name of Dennis Prager in the studio who was basically helping Dersh to bad-mouth Obama. I could feel my blood boiling at watching these grotesque Jews doing Netanyahu’s dirty work on CNN, and I shouted at the T.V. a couple of times (good thing my wife wasn’t in the room).

    Richard – I implore you to do a Roseanne-like expose about Dershowitz. This slimy specimen needs to be outed – child-rape allegations and all!! He will probably threaten to sue you, but from following you for the last couple of years I know you are not easily intimidated. If anything, it will be a huge feather in your cap.

  4. The Security Council resolution on the Israeli settlements has just been adopted, 14 yes, and 1 abstension …. the US. Hasbara is going to skip shabbath, and Christian Zionists Christmas, lot of work to do explaining us that this was antisemitc …

  5. Well, who woulda’ thunk it?

    Netanyahu goes to Obama and demands that the US agree to veto it. No such promise from Obama.
    Netanyahu then talks to al-Sisi and gets him to pull the draft Resolution.


    New Zealand, Malaysia, Senegal, Venezuela step forward and tell al-Sisi that if he isn’t going to put that draft to a vote then they will.


    It must be obvious that Obama was insisting that this thing be brought to a vote, and when Egypt started getting cold-feet he got a few other proxies to step forward and keep it alive.

    How on Earth is Netanyahu going to spin this as anything other than an Almighty Kick In The Balls?

  6. Obama’s hypocrisy is monumental. He has spent eight years kowtowing to the Israeli’s and in his last days in office has suddenly gotten brave in order to burnish his reputation. This guy just gave Israel a ten year guarantee of something like three billio dollars a year an amount that no other administration has even considered thus losing all leverage over their military aggrandizement.

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