15 thoughts on “Trump Wanted to Attack Iran, They Talked Him Out of It…for Now – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. This along with all of the other chaos that Trump is making like not cooperating with President-Elect Biden on the transition, the pandemic, etc., is why I wish that General Mark Milley and the Joint Chiefs don’t have the military enter the White House, remove Trump from office and arrest him. There’s plenty to arrest him for and to put him in prison. Biden can then be properly given the customary briefings that a president-elect gets and then sworn into office earlier. Most of the military people don’t like Trump anyway. This action can be justified as Trump is a danger to our national security, and he shouldn’t be there until January 20th.

    1. @ Wunsch: First, this is not a “second plot to bomb Jewish targets in Argentina.” This is an anonymous tip offered to an embassy in a foreign country that someone may be making a bomb whose target would be Jewish in Argentina. That’s an incredibly vague claim. We don’t know who made the claim, if they have bona fides, or what their motive was in conveying the “tip.”

      Second, I’ll get concerned about this once you express any concern at all for the victims of scores, if not hundreds of Israeli terror attacks against Palestinian, Syrian, Lebanese and Iranian victims. Till then, you know what you can do….

      I detest your gotcha approach. This isn’t a soccer game you win by scoring points. By now, you should know that nothing you say in this vein has any staying power. And I am growing ever more tired of it.

      Your flight is approaching Ben Gurion. Prepare for landing.

  2. not gonna happen. trump may have kicked the ball rolling to see how far he could go.
    bibi aint gonna touch that one with a ten foot pole. he’s sunk in polls like a lead sink,
    any attack on iran will only bring a counter worth thousands of rockets on the homeland
    who’s gonna eat the blame for the billions in destructions and thousands of deaths.
    not the ayatolla, if indeed israel drops the first one. bibi’s head will be on a spike forever.
    and second he cant givethe order if gantz is the defense minister in any case gantz would have
    to give the finalok to get the planes flying, i think

  3. dear mr walter
    no reason to get hyper on don’s silly remarks
    further you are shaking a hornets nest, dont you know that had israel been a part ofthe u.s.
    during the last election don would have won. there isnt a jew in israel who doesnt light a candle
    every nite to protect the trump
    this country is more republican than the republican country
    please stay safe by not publicizing such comments you’re liable to get the whole hasbara mishpochah to wake up and reach for your jugular
    i read a headline y’day that a study has found that all 3 monotheistic religions are more racist
    than the actual racist people without a religion.

  4. nessim dayan, I don’t know where you’re writing from, but most Jews in the US like I believe around 78% of them, did not vote for Trump. They don’t vote Republican. Most Jews here don’t vote based upon Israel. They are concerned about important issues in our country, like a lot of other people.

  5. nessim dayan

    i once read a few years ago about an Indian[east] discussing the 3 monotheistic religions. he said he could not understand the them because everybody in his city in India has their own god/statue and nobody fights.

  6. Dear Richard .. I’m shocked you posted a photo of these three thugs on your front page. The Iranians are people too, most likely the main stream are intelligent, well educated and put in a box by wars of attrition and inhumane sanctions for far too long. Started with poisonous gassing used by ally Saddam Hussein. There is hope after January 20th … the 79 million Blue Americans have spoken.

  7. Netanyahu has no authority to order such a strike on his own; he is not the “commander-in-chief.” And it’s doubtful that he would have enough support for this action.

  8. MR walter 78% is the number of israeli jews would have voted for trump. sad to say but that is 100% true. the dutch got manhattan for baubles so has trump brainwashed israelis with empty 7 days vacations in gilded dubai and secret ugly software. the empty word peace with sudan of all places was good enough to toss 6000 black refugees out of racist israel.

  9. I suppose every US president has asked at some stage his “experts” (military etc) what will the scenarios be if we attack some country (Iran, Iraq, Syria, Cuba, North Korea, Russia, China, Grenada, Panama etc). So have done Obama, Bush I and Bush II, Clinton, Cater etc. What is different with the present leader of the free world, Trump, is that his question is at once leaked to the media and transformed to “Trump was attacking Iran”. Considering, that there are numerous very influential groups and individuals demanding Trump to order the attack against Iran, Trump (or any other president) would be crazy if he would not ask about what would be the real price of such a large military attack. With such knowledge of the “real price” Trump can answer Netanyahu and the crown princes that US is not going to attack and can explain the “boys” why not.

    It makes little military sense that Trump has ordered US troops in Iraq and Afghanistan to be minimised and on the same time anonymous sources say that he is planing “attacking” Iran. Even Trump knows that attacking Iran will have really bad consequences to USA and the whole world. Iran after this long economical war (sanctions) would certainly after such an attack by USA and Israel use all assets it has.

    1. @SimoHurtta:

      It makes little military sense that Trump has ordered US troops in Iraq and Afghanistan to be minimised and on the same time anonymous sources say that he is planing “attacking” Iran. Even Trump knows that attacking Iran will have really bad consequences to USA and the whole world.

      With all due respect, I don’t think you understand just how nuts the guy is. He doesn’t care about consequences. He doesn’t care about what comes after he leaves office. War with Iran? Attacks against U.S. targets by Iran? Who cares? He’ll be long gone. The only thing that matters is gratifying his needs in the moment. If he’s pissed that Iran is making him look bad by having 12 times the enriched uranium as it had under Obama, then by God he’s gonna give Iran a whipping (if he can). He is vain, impetuous, impulsive and megalomaniacal. He will do anything he wants when he wants as long as it satisifes some internal need or interest.

  10. Even Trump knows that attacking Iran will have really bad consequences to USA and the whole world.

    That’s not within his range if intelligence. Troop withdrawal goes against advice of his military staff and NATO leadership and partners. National security is mot an issue, only perceived campaign promises. “Where is the Wall Mexico paid for?”

    The strike on Iran is another fib of his imagination … the strike on Baghdad to assassinate Soleimani was equally stupid. He was in a competition with Obama … utterly criminal.

    Trump defends ‘war crime’ threat to target cultural sites in Iran

  11. How the IRGC recently destabilized the hot Nagoro Karabhak region.

     “Most of the trucks sent to Armenia and the occupied Karabakh territory belong to the Nasr Novin Mishu Company, located in Sufian and Tabriz, Iran’s northwestern cities. The Nasr Novin Mishu Company is one of the subsidiaries of Nasr Company, a company operating under the auspices of IRGC in the northwestern part of Iran.”


    1. @ Wunsch: Oh please, Israel provided $5-billion in arms sales to Azerbaijan, all of it used to kill Armenians and civilians in Nagorno Karabakh. THe IRG sent TRUCKS to NK? Really? Stop peddling BS. It stinks.

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