8 thoughts on “Kamala Harris’ Dismal Take on Israel-Palestine – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. As Joe Biden famously quipped, back in 2008, “It’s like cleaning the Augean stables, man”
    But the Herculean task he and Obama faced in 2008-2009, is dwarfed in comparison with what Biden and V.P. Harris have to do, i.e., defeat Covid 19, restore integrity to government, get the economy back on track, heal a horribly divided America, restore our standing with the international community, etc.

    Biden and Harris will have to do all this while also dealing with a rabid Republican wing egged on by a wounded President Trump, who, BTW, isn’t going ‘quietly into the night’.

    Things will be getting a lot worse for America, before Biden can decisively begin steering the ship of State.

    Regardless of who the future Secretary of State is (Rice?), the Israelis and the Palestinians are going to both have to take a ticket and patiently wait for their turn.

    1. @ Wunsch: Actually not. The 2008 Great Recession was the greatest economic crisis to strike America since the Great Depression. It took enormous effort and legislative cooperation to end it.

      So the crises Biden faces are akin to that, though he does face more crises in total than Obama did in 2008.

      Israelis and Palestinians won’t even get a ticket. They’re out in the cold. Biden will make a motion and appear as if he’s engaged in the issue. But he won’t be.

      The Palestinians of course would love to see movement. But the Israelis want nothing at all to happen. And Biden doesn’t have the moxie to oppose Israeli intransigence.

  2. how do you expect any nation to be able negotiate with the US? We have shown the world that our agreements and treaties are worthless when the administration changes. Eight years the the longest possible guarantee of American commitment. Now, all Trump’s treaties and agreements (for whatever they are worth) will be nullified by Biden. After Trump nullified all of his predecessors’ executive actions.

  3. I agree with your surmise on Harris with her dismal outdated views as many other Vice-Presidents, including Joe, have completely disregarded Israel’s apartheid and the imprisonment walling with extreme oppression of all non-Zionist Jewish Israelis. ” When will we ever learn? ” ” Wake the flock up! ” As the Divided States of America’s governments of the duopoly over these few decades have done with Palestine is throw it a bone with a few pennies on the dollar while giving the terrorist Zionist Israeli regimes with its militarism plenty of free American billions of dollars. No change have I seen in my lifetime nor do I expect it to change.

  4. “Wunsch: Actually not. The 2008 Great Recession was the greatest economic crisis to strike America since the Great Depression. It took enormous effort and legislative cooperation to end it.”

    It does not seem to me that the printing of ‘fiat money’ was of any great effort. Forming a ‘cabal[a word I personally despise’] was about all they had to do in conjunction with deciding who will take the fall.
    After all money today is only paper which holds
    up because people believe in it.

  5. I would not expect Harris to have said anything controversial prior to assuming power. I think we do not know what she would do or how she would try to push Biden who has his own views and has probably heard Sanders views on the I-P situation as well. Their plate if full without this and there is a collective exhaustion about trying to solve it, leaving the trajectory to complete itself towards one state with half the people living there not citizens, either with no rights under military rule or with unequal rights. This is not sustainable. We should of course react a lot more equitably than we have in the past, moving away from unconditional support of Israel. Good luck with that. We should though affirm the international law that Trump defied. We should also move the US embassy operations back to Tel Aviv.
    Elections have consequences. Already it’s clear to the parties and the international community that the US, like any other country, cannot be counted upon any more than any other country with elections, to hold onto all agreements, policies, deals made by the executive branch alone or even for that matter government branches in power that can pass laws.

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