18 thoughts on “BREAKING: Mossad Bombmaker Who Killed Imad Mugniyeh Identified – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Druze don’t consider themselves Muslim btw, nor do most of them identify with Palestinian Nationalism. But other than that, great reporting!

    1. @ pea: The Druze religion is an offshoot of Ismailia Shiite Islam. Though it has developed and syncretized a number of other major religions. Though you are right that Druze are not adherents of Islam in the current iteration of their religious beliefs.

      As for their relation to Palestinian nationalism; I, in fact, said the opposite of what you claim I said. I said that the Druze had the closest relations with Israeli Zionism. I never said they were adherents of Palestinian nationalism. That being said, Israel’s constant insults to the Druze are driving the younger generation farther from the beliefs of the older generation. They are much closer to the Palestinians and coming ever closer with every Israeli Jewish act of betrayal of their interests.

    2. Interesting, I’d always considered Druze to be essentially mercenaries along the lines of Kataeb phalange and Falasha

      1. @ Steve Brown: I think that’s an overhasty judgment. First, they were faced with a hard choice in ’48: show loyalty to the Jews and remain in their homeland; or rebel and face expulsion as other Palestinians did. They chose loyalty and remaining. That’ s also why they tended to enlist in the army and serve, while most Palestinians didn’t.

        With younger Druze that is changing. They are far more influenced by prevailing Palestinian attitudes than some of their elders.

  2. [comment deleted: the comment rules, which you clearly have not read, prohibit personal invective directed against me. If you decide to comment again here, follow the rules or risk moderation.]

  3. [comment deleted: you clearly have not reviewed the comment rules. Do so. Don’t violate them. Advocating or justifying murder is not permitted here. If you violate the rules again you may be subject to moderation]

    1. @MA WUnsch: You clearly have no idea how the ICC works. The likely reason it closed the Mavi Marmara case is that there is an even “richer” set of war crimes it is now investigating in the period from 2014 to the present including violations of international law regarding Occupation, mass murder during the March of Return, and the bloodbath of Operation Protective Edge. These crimes involve far more death and far more varied violations of international law than Mavi Marmara.

      There is no reason to have 2 separate investigations of the same country for similar actions.

      Relying on Jerusalem Post as a source and accurate reflection of reality or anything else is a typical hasbara blunder.

  4. @ Pea
    Don’t you dare to speak for the Druze and generalize about them. Many Druze Indeed self-identify as Muslims, others don’t.
    Concerning Druze and Palestinian nationalism, maybe you should familiarize yourself with the topic instead of projecting. Yeah, I know, Israelis always came across some very pro-Zionist Druze in the army….The great Palestinian poet Samih al-Qasim was Druze from the Galilea, so are the young musician Omar Saad and his brothers who refused to serve in the Israeli army. And what about the singer Maher Halabi (singing an Iraqi classic in the film Ajami) …
    +972 mag published a serie of 4 short videos some years ago, very instructive for people who really want to know about the diversity in the Druze community. Not to speak about the Druze from the Israeli-occupied Syian Golan ….

  5. Deir Yassin
    Everybody knows there is enmity between the Druze and the Muslims. In short the Druze are mercenaries and go where it is good for them.

  6. Deir Yassin: Don’t I dare? Or what? Besides. when did I ever say I speak for the Druze? I’m just relating back some of what I’ve been told. As to the substance of your post, you’re painting a very one sided picture of a pretty complex and nuanced issue. Everything you say is true but you also ignore a history of oppression and animosity between the Druze and Muslims. It’s not all bad of course but it’s also not all peaches and cream. IMHO.

    1. @ pea: Please don’t “relate back what you’ve been told.” That’s little better than hearsay since we don’t know what you’ve been told and by whom. If you research your claims and really know what you’re talking about based on credible sources that’s one thing. But you’ve offered nothing to support that.

  7. @ Pea
    Being an Israeli Jew, and a convinced Zionist, you have no credibility speaking about what the Druze feel and do not feel.
    The discussion has been here before, and there are always Israelis who claim to know what the Druze feel … see the documentaries I mentionned.
    Some years back I wanted to know what Druze feel themselves and found a discussion group in Arabic where Druze and non-Druze from all over Bilad ash-Shâm discussed religion, most Druze in fact claimed to be Muslims, whereas most non-Druze seemed astonished to read that. One said that they pronounced the shahada during funeral which is sufficient to be a Muslim.
    And on a sidenote: al-Azhar consider Druze as Muslims so what you “have been told” ….

    @ Avram Stern
    You and your ilk are not “everybody”…:

  8. What I have been told by Druze.And it’s not black and white like I said. Some Muslims consider the Druze Muslims, while others consider them apostates. The quest for knowledge is exacerbated by the fact that only 25% of Druze are initiates and they are prohibited from discussing the religion with non-initiates.

    1. @ pea: You’ve moved worlds away from your original claim that Druze were not Muslim at all, which you used to disparage what I wrote in my post. Next time, you might want to start out a little less definitively and with a bit more nuance before attacking me.

  9. @ Pea
    In your first comment you wrote “Druze don’t consider themselves Muslims” and now you claim that “some Muslims consider the Druzr Muslims while others consider them apostates”.
    You have to decide whether you speak about how Druze self-identify or about how others view them. We all know that Druze are secretive about their religion that’s why it’s even more hilarious that so many Israeli Jews claim to ‘know’ how the Druze feel. Apart from the fact that Druze in the State of Israel are only a minority of Druze in the Middle East.

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