13 thoughts on “Why Did Mossad Execute Mohammed al-Zoari? – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. One point you don’t mention is that the security minister resigned 5 hours after the killing. It is quiet very fast before the government can come to some conclusion to what really happened. So it is clear that this is a cover up for a police “blunder”. This guy was known not to be liked by the authorities. But they don’t want a remake of the Tunisian “arab spring”. So what better that to say it was foreign intervention. It is why you will not see any webcam of the scene. I am not a fan of Israel action when it contradict the law. But in this case as you pointed out there was no real interest to spend millions (as mossad operation cost) for this guy.

  2. Why couldn’t they have just killed him with a little drone? A drone strike would be so much simpler than setting up false, Viennese film production companies, and hiring Hungarian and Tunisian ‘cut outs’ to rent cell phones and cars, etc.

    And the poetic justice to use a drone.

  3. “In that case, a former militant who’d last engaged in an act of terror…”

    The act of terror that you chose not to mention involved three young Arabs setting on an innocent yeshiva student named Eliyahu Amedi, and stabbing him to death in the street.

    1. @ Neil: I wrote an article which is linked in the post in which I covered the terror attack in excruciating detail. Before commenting here read EVERY link in EVERY post you intend to comment on. DOn’t waste our time with stupidity, which will only show how poorly prepared you are to comment intelligently.

  4. Richard, please be careful! Who will write up and post this kind of article after the Mossad gets to you???

  5. I don’t read Hebrew so I don’t know what’s written in the Ynet article but that “Hungarian” woman is a Tunisian woman living in Austria according to Tunisian media, she was arrested and explained how she was recruited by a Hungarian company, there was another person involved in the ‘fake’ documentary who left the country with the excuse of some urgent meeting in Budapest.
    I’ve seen no mention of a member of the Jewish community in Tunisia arrested in the Tunisian media, but there’re many articles on the Israeli journalist from Channel 10, Vardi, who entered the country on a German passpost claiming to be a writer. People are very upset about an Israeli journalist showing the bullets on the wall of the Zouari-house, and by the fact that he apparently showed up at the house just after the funeral (in the images we can see him changing micro whenever he’s speaking to a Tunisian, that is without the logo in Hebrew).
    Whoever killed Zouari, the chutzpah of the Israeli journalist is going to be very damaging for the thousands of Israeli Jews (and maybe French Jews too) of Tunisian origin who come to Tunisia every year on pilgrimage to Djerba.
    The Tunisia of today is no longer the Tunisia of Ben Ali, where people could enter Tunisia on an Israeli passport (last year Israelis were refused entry to Tunis on a around-the-Mediterranean cruise and had to stay on the boat while everyone else visited Tunis).

  6. “there’s been no claim that Hamas has such weaponry or is capable of using it in an operational way” – you try to explain the assassination (if it is indeed an assassination) as an act of punishment and then say it does not make any sense when in fact, if anything, it is an act of prevention.

    It makes little sense to kill a terrorist after the damage is done, either by hurting innocent people or creating blue prints for aerial or underwater drones. After the attack is over, it is the court duty to decide on the punishment. But when the damage is about to happen and there is danger in the future, an assassination may be a moral course of action. Just like Obama authorized the killing of Bin Laden who still possessed a treat to many people around the globe.

    1. @ Akiva: The murder hasn’t prevented anything. Since neither you nor I have any knowledge or even evidence that he did anything that endangered Israel.

      But when the damage is about to happen

      What damage?

      an assassination may be a moral course of action

      Ah yes, murder as a moral act. I have a rule in this blog: no one justifies murder, ever. If you do this again here you will not publish further. Read the comment rules.

      Just like Obama authorized the killing of Bin Laden who still possessed a treat to many people around the globe.

      MOre lies: Obama justified the MURDER, the ASSASSINATION of Bin Laden, not his ‘killing,’ as you wrote. And Bin Laden was no threat to anyone except perhaps his gardener. Are you ignorant or just another wasted hasbaranik sent here to dissemble?? Don’t answer that: we already know the answer.

      1. Here is a video of the underwater drones http://www.ynet.co.il/articles/0,7340,L-4898338,00.html
        So we know he was engineering a weapon against Israel. Should we wait until we have 1st casualty in order to strike? That is more of a Christian thing.

        I didn’t understand your last paragraph “Obama justified the MURDER, the ASSASSINATION of Bin Laden, not his killing” – would you mind explaining it?

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