6 thoughts on “Who Killed My Uvda TV Segment and Why? – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Richard, please tell us Readers why you killed your own story on the mother of Michael Ron David Kadar, the fictional 19-year old who was “convicted” of making threat calls for bitcoins. We, like you, believe that good government requires truth-telling. Are we now to think that inconvenient truth is an exception? For the full truthful story, see the two articles at Franklin Stahl Unz archive.

  2. Richard, they know you want to be on Uvda, they hate you, so they wasted your time with a interview they were never going to air. It’s a bully society, so why not bully another truth-teller like they did with Noam Chomsky (denied him entry a few years ago and he hasn’t tried again, as far as I know). They don’t want to see reality because they live in a Hebrew-dubbed “G.I. Joe” cartoon.

  3. You are nowhere near the list of publish-enemy. Definitely not #1.

    Yes, you found an annoying hobby of publishing everything you can put your hand on, including cases when you intrude on the privacy of individuals and you stir hatred with the language you choose to use but 99.99% of Israelis do not know your name or who you are. This is true with all your effort to push your brand.

    My guess is, you went over board with your “progressive-Zionist” agenda to the point where they felt it was unairable. They probably hoped for something very different as Dayan’s time is as valuable as your yours.

    I would have been very interested in watching this.

    1. @ Dani: Before I moderate you for being an asshole (I know it’s not a real comment rule violation, but being directly insulting to me and peddling bullshit is), I’m going to burn your ass with all the stupidity in your comment.

      You clearly are using an IP proxy which displays different IP addresses for each comment you post. I view anyone using such proxies to be attempting to obscure themselves, which makes them suspect in their intent. Do not use such proxies here.

      First, you have no idea whether I’m Public Enemy #1 or 1-million. You’re talking out of your ass, unfortunately, a habit with so many Israelis (though blessedly not all).

      an annoying hobby of publishing everything you can put your hand on

      I’m delighted that you find my work ‘annoying.’ It means I’m doing exactly what I should be doing. And what I do is not a “hobby.” It is a vocation. Something I’ve dedicated my life to. You, on the other hand, are merely an annoying asshole. Nor do I publish ‘everything I can get my hands on.’ In fact, hundreds of Israelis over the years have brought stories to me they wanted told, but I can’t publish everything and have to do a lot of due diligence before a story rises to the level of being publishable. So I publish a fraction of what is offered to me. Further, I could not do what I do without the hundreds of Israelis who’ve brought these stories to me over the years. If I was a nonentity to Israelis that would never happen.

      If I am so unknown and disrespected why has every major Israeli daily done a profile of me and my work over the years (except, notably, Haaretz)? That list includes Israel Hayom and Makor Rishon, btw). One paper even paid a reporter to fly from Israel to my home and interview me for such a profile.

      cases when you intrude on the privacy of individuals

      I’m delighted to “intrude on the privacy of rapists, thieves, corrupt politicians, and war criminals. Again, exactly what I should be doing. The fact that you defend these criminals shows that either you have a criminal mentality or you reject western democracy and free press (or both).

      stir hatred with the language you choose

      Yes, and the war criminals I expose who murder Palestinians, Iranians, Syrians, Lebanese, etc. with impunity don’t stir hatred? I’m just the messenger buddy. If you don’t like what I do then change Israel into a democratic country with the rule of law for all citizens. Then I’ll have nothing to report, which would be fine with me.

      99.99% of Israelis do not know your name

      Another idiotic claim: nearly 50% of my readers are based in Israel and keep in mind that my site is largely English language, and so isn’t read by Israelis who do not know English (admittedly many Israelis do). SimilarWeb (an Israeli company btw) ranks my site 5,800 out of all Israeli websites. Israel’s most respected intelligence reporter told me directly that the Israeli intelligence apparatus reads my site regularly.

      So perhaps you want to amend your inane claims? Or not.

      My guess is,

      I don’t give a shit about your “guess.” Save it to peddle for some credulous fool to believe.

  4. Mr Silverstein, you don’t know how wrong you are about Ilana Dayan, her program is usually full of mistakes and inaccurate information, her staf do not make a good investigation job about her subjects, and may I say that expecting any Israeli program to air such an interview with you is a bit naive. You more than anyone else know how paranoid this country is about hiding it’s own crimes and messups.

    1. @ Jacob: Admittedly, I do not watch Uvda regularly. But I have watched a number of shows and featured them here. The ones I did watch, while I did quibble with Dayan’s adulatory approach to Mossad and Shin Bet chiefs, I do believe she puts questions to them and elicits statements from them which are damaging and enlightening. So I credit her for that, despite any weaknesses or deficiencies there may be otherwise.

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