17 thoughts on “Daniel Pipes Posts Anti-Palestinian Genocidal Billboard Ads in Downtown Tel Aviv – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Your translation of the Ad is wrong:
    You should translate if to “Defeated” and not Humiliated.
    You are trying to take it to a wrong place, and yes, enemies should be defeated first,
    What’s wrong with that ?

    1. @Ilan: look at the ad again. Are they merely defeated or humiliated in defeat? There are many types of defeat. There is only one type of abject humiliation in defeat. That’s clearly what Pipes has in mind.

      There are many things wrong with abasing the Palestinian People just as there would be if the shoe were on the other foot and it was Israel that was abased. That you believe in abject humiliation of your enemy shows why you are a stone-cold killer and despicable.

    welcome to the new and improved 21st century Rhodesia and South Africa with the support of banana dictators from Trump to Cambodia.
    .oh and let’s not forget ye olde chip on the shoulder, ‘THE WORLD IS AGAINST POOR SMALL US’ yeah rite.
    1984 was nothing but a sample of today;s reality

  3. Ilan is right and you can all vote him down. It wouldn’t make you right.
    Whoever translate that as “utterly humiliated” doesn’t know Hebrew.

    1. @ Dani: I already warned you: piling on is not a proper comment. If you have something someone else hasn’t said, say it. If not, don’t.

      I translated the context of the entire ad both words and image. Don’t like it, tough shit.

  4. That poster is distasteful but “Humiliation” is in the eyes of the beholder, and certainly not “genocidal”
    Was the USSR defeat in Afghanistan, or the US in Vietnam, humiliation?
    The 6 day war in 67 was certainly humiliating for the Arab countries but most definitely not genocidal.

    I would say that the Palestinians, like many honor based cultures, would consider military defeat or any surrender humiliation by definition.

    1. @ DrS: Daniel Pipes is a genocidaire. He supports genocide. He supports eliminating the Palestinian people. So don’t talk to me about gradations of defeat or humiliation. It’s all nonsense. Oh and btw, there were Germans who denied that the Nazis engaged in genocide. There are Americans who deny that the fate of Native Americans was genocide. There are Rwandans who probably deny that genocide happened there. You are a genocide denier. Mazel tov, be proud.

      As for the US and Soviet defeats, let me know when you can find a billboard in Afghanistan or Vietnam which featured Richard Nixon or Leonid Breshnev on their knees, blindfolded, waving a white flag and begging for mercy. If you weren’t such a hypocrite you’d know that Pipes is not talking about a defeat with honor, but a defeat with abject humiliation and genocide.

      I would say that the Palestinians, like many honor based cultures

      I really don’t care what you would say. Don’t talk about shit you know nothing about. You know nothing about Palestinian culture and you don’t get to mouth off about “honor-based cultures.” It just shows how goddamn racist you are. That’s now 2 strikes. Your next means you’re gone.

      Don’t post in this thread again.

  5. Genocidal

    MEF leader Greg Norman is architect behind “Israel Victory Project.”

    Same combi supported Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, founder of neo-Nazi English Defence League, with funds for legal defense and to get a US visa on invite by Conservative Opportunity Society alongside extremist right-wing David Horowitz Freedom Center.

    ME Forum Greg Norman: EDL ’Tommy Robinson’ US visit to raise a million bucks

    Dutch Islamophobe Geert Wilders and his political party of a single member couldn’t exist without funds from above mentioned US sponsors.

  6. It would be interesting to read the comments of people like DrS and Ilan when Arabs and Iranians would create giant murals where hundreds of panicked Israeli Jewish women with babies on their backs swim in the direction of open sea (=“west”) and armed Palestinians stand laughing on the shore. And in the shady corner of that mural the “Crown Prince” is filling on the beach Netanyahu junior’s case with diamonds. The antisemitism and holocaust screaming would happen instantly and they would forget their own comments of need of defeating the “enemies”, “no genocide” and “no humiliation”.

    How many hundreds of thousands of dead Israelis think would be in the ruins behind the surrendering “enemy bosses” in this Tel Aviv “ad”? Israelis seem not to understand that it always “works” in both directions. After creating an ad like this in Tel Aviv they have lost their right to complain about equal propaganda made by the other side. Seems that tasteless Israeli propaganda is in their mind “free speech” and tasteless propaganda by the opposite side is racism, antisemitism etc.

    The real tragedy is that the Tel Aviv ad is a rather certain picture of future and so is inevitable this imaginary counter mural in a more distant future.

  7. [comment deleted: If you don’t like my translations then go somewhere you agree with them. No one forced you here. Comment again in this thread and you will be moderated]

  8. [comment deleted: piling on by agreeing with another commenter without addding anything of substance that is new or original is a comment rule violation. Your next will lead to your banning as you’re already moderated.]

  9. Elisabeth :
    whining is wrong, whining is only verbal, whereas reality it is more BULLYING both physical AND verbal.
    remember jewish culture gave us NSO and Rafael as world leaders, rather than foment/ferment agriculture, water creation and sun panels usage, jewish current culture tends towards aggressiveness.
    just for laffs. solar panels were initiated here, sun drenched million square miles of desert capable of sustaining acres upon acres of electricity producing sun panels, YET BULLYING gets us to rely on imported coal and expensive and non renewable methane. bullying who you ask, well us the poor jewish consumer who foots the bill of overpaid union members.
    no not whining at all

  10. Long before this fiasco I was calling him Daniel “Crack” Pipes, because he seemed to be on something. Turns out he was high on a form of crypto-Nazism, the Ultraright-Zionist variant. I’m sure “Oom Paul” Kruger would be pleased to find out that Afrikaner-dom could be replicated even in a state calling itself Jewish and built around surviving Nazism. ….Every time you think you have hit the bottom, you find a trap door to an even worse realm below….

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