32 thoughts on “Israeli Military Censor Personally Threatens Me, Israeli Settler Arrested Under Gag Order – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Fascist apartheid Israel already assassinates people in other countries who it doesn’t like, and the international community turns a blind eye. Perhaps fascist apartheid Israel will now start assassinating international journalists who criticize fascist apartheid Israel. Obviously, it’s fascist apartheid Israel’s only way of defending itself against the ugly truth of its barbarism, racism, and crimes against humanity.

  2. How different the treatment of dissatisfied IDF soldiers! Some do not want to serve in OPTs at all and are jailed. Some (as shandorfi) are happy to serve in OPTs but not to act agaisnt israeli settlers, and they are handled with kid gloves (not pig-skin or rhinoceros-skin gloves as might be more appropriate).

    RS: Wishing you well. The long criminal arm of Israel (sometimes aka “The Zionist Entity”) has acted against Jews before. As Einstein and others wrote in 1948 to the New York Times:

    During the last years of sporadic anti-British violence, the IZL and Stern groups inaugurated a reign of terror in the Palestine Jewish community. Teachers were beaten up for speaking against them, adults were shot for not letting their children join them. By gangster methods, beatings, window-smashing, and wide-spread robberies, the terrorists intimidated the population and exacted a heavy tribute.

  3. RS: Please ask your programmer (or blogging service) to make LINKs (labeled URLs) show up in a easily-visible color (or BOLD or italics or distinguishing font. It is true that the links change color when one “hovers” over them, but they are indistinguishable (at least to my elderly eyes) until the color changes, and no-one would (IMO) have a clue where a link is from any visual cue.

  4. Two serving soldiers (one an officer) from the heradi nahal were also arrested this week – at their base.

    Regarding the “nigger” remark – Kushi (כושי) doesn’t have the same connotation as nigger, and is a much older name – dating back to biblical Hebrew (Kush – was probably present day Sudan).
    In any event – it is definitely NOT slang – it is actually very proper Hebrew to use Kushi (כושי). The negative connotation to the Hebrew Kushi cam from translating Nigger (which was used extremely pejoratively in American English) to Hebrew – the negative modern connotation came by translation – even though many different terms were translated to Kushi (just about any term relating to a black-skinned person was translated to Kushi up until 50 some years ago).

    1. Yeah, and ‘nigger’ is very old too, as it goes back to Latin ‘niger’ (shining black), as opposed to ‘ater’ (dull black). So obviously there is no problem at all in using the word ‘nigger’. Anything else you want to add?

      1. It’s not the same.

        Kushi didn’t have a pejorative usage in Hebrew. We didn’t have black-skinned slaves. Moses’s wife Zipora in the bible is described as Kushit.

        In Lea Goldberg’s דירה להשכיר (Apartment for rent) – an anti-racist children book – one of the tenants (the cat) is described as a Kushit…. Potential renters come and each finds an issue with one of tenants – a -white pig- (who is illustrated like a 50’s American with a cigar) rejects living with the Kushit cat – because she’s Kushit – and is rejected by all the other tenants. (the book ends with the pigeon renting the apartment – because she likes the tenants in the building).

        Just about any reference to black-skinned people (or animals!) was translated to Kushi. so –
        African-American => Kushi
        Negro => Kushi
        Black => Kushi
        and also Nigger => Kushi

        Kushi wasn’t used locally, in Hebrew, as a pejorative term – it gained a loose association with Nigger by translation from English – really association by translation.

        And it is definitely not slang – it is a very old (biblical – so at least 2500 years) Hebrew word.

        1. @ lepxii: Please stop giving Hebrew lessons. You are so wrong & out of date.

          Kushi is never used to replace the world “Black.” The word “Shachor” is always used in such a context and has no pejorative connotation, just as “Black” doesn’t in English. Kushi is also never an equivalent for African-American. Never.

          Hebrew Wikipedia has an entire section on Kushi as a racist term. Go read it if you can: https://he.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/%D7%9B%D7%95%D7%A9%D7%99#.22.D7.9B.D7.95.D7.A9.D7.99.22_.D7.9B.D7.9B.D7.99.D7.A0.D7.95.D7.99_.D7.92.D7.96.D7.A2.D7.A0.D7.99

          Virtually every word you write above is trash.

          BTW, Leah GOldberg died 20 years ago and the poem you refer to may’ve been written 50 years ago (is that the last time you had contact with the language–because it seems so?). Language isn’t static. As I said, some Hebrew speakers who are aged may’ve used a term 50 years ago that was completely acceptable socially, but which isn’t now. Also, Leah Goldberg had virtually no contact or association with anyone Black in the Israel of her day.

          You’re done in this thread. Move on.

        2. How interesting. Over here cats are also often called “Blackie”. People not so much though. You are grasping at straws.

    2. @ lepxii: That is false. Of course the word kushi is an old Biblical name. But that doesn’t mean the word today retains the same meaning as it did long ago. Today, the word is the Hebrew equivalent of the “N” word. Nor is it “proper” to use the term today. The only Israelis who use the term are the ones so old that they first learned and used it decades ago when it was not considered as pejorative as it is now.

      I communicate regularly with Israelis and read tens of thousands of Hebrew language articles each year and have never seen the word used once, unless it was meant pejoratively by the Hebrew speaker. You are woefully uninformed.

  5. Actually “כושית” was the name of a wife that Moses took and is interpreted as ‘ beauty, comeliness etc’

    1. Yup, and ‘yid’ goes back to ‘Yehuda’, son of Jacob, and ‘hymie’ goes back to ‘hyman’ (‘life’) so no problem with using those words for Jews either, right?

      Words change in meaning and connotation over time. Get it?

      1. Obviously there was a philological side to the comments above. No one is interested in using the ‘n’ word.
        But according to your thought “Words change in meaning and connotation over time. Get it?” it seems that this applies today to the anti-semite/Zionist/Israeli synonyms.

      2. .i.e.”Yup, and ‘yid’ goes back to ‘Yehuda’, son of Jacob, and ‘hymie’ goes back to ‘hyman’ (‘life’) so no problem with using those words for Jews either, right?”
        I don’t understand your point in as much as the examples above are not in the pejorative and Jews use them between themselves.
        Also ‘hymie’ goes back to ‘hyman’ (‘life’). Hyman is not life but ‘chaiim’ is life. If someone does use the word ‘hyman’ it seems to be some kind of error or just a nickname with no negative implications.

        1. @ iliya: OF COURSE those words used to connote Jews are pejorative. Jesse Jackson was caught using “Hymietown” and it derailed his entire presidential campaign. What world are you living in? No Jew I’ve ever known has used the word “hymie” to describe a Jew. Jews use terms like “yid” or “kike” in precisely the same way Black people use the “N” word. It is not meant in a nice way, trust me.

          You are, as usual, wrong about the origin of the name “Hyman.” It does indeed originate in the Hebrew word for life, chaim. If you want to comment here, check out your claims before you make them. It’s boring and a waste of my time to have to prove when you’re wrong as you are here.

        2. They are in the pejorative, and that is exactly why they can only be used by Jews between themselves. This mechanism is so well known that it surprises me I have to point this out to you. ‘Nigger’ for instance, is sometimes used by American blacks between themselves, but it is not OK for you to use it, I assure you. And it is not OK for everyone to use ‘yid’ and ‘hymie’ either. Please quit pretending.

    2. @ iliya: “Interpreted” perhaps 2,000 years ago. But no longer. The meanings of words from the Bible change drastically over time.

      Nor are you even correct. Kush, was a place. It may be that women from Kush were considered beautiful or comely. But it does not mean what you claim, unless perhaps the word comes from whatever language was spoken in Kush. That I do not know.

          1. Yes it is childish because RS is always right! Did you ever read his essay on himself circa 2003 where he states he was abused{not sexually}. It reveals a lot about him being a self-hating anti-semitic Jew!

          2. Congratulations on sinking even deeper. Good bye, iliya! I don’t think we ill hear of you again.

  6. RS….blessings for your steadfastness in covering/reporting this essential information…now if there was just a way to ensure that Americans would READ …not just activists.!

  7. I wonder what that censor was thinking of when she indulged in this threat? Did she have some Mafia style assault in mind or does she really think that Israel has jurisdiction over foreign bloggers, so that there would be a basis for prosecution if you were ever so incautious to travel to Israel (don’t). As a by-product of the Eichmann-trial Israel apparently also referred to a concept of jurisdiction applicable to acts on foreign soil that are deemed detrimental to the state’s interest:

    “As a supplemental form of jurisdiction, a further argument is made on the basis of protective jurisdiction. Protective jurisdiction is a principle that, “…provides that states may exercise jurisdiction over aliens who have committed an act abroad which is deemed prejudicial to the security of the particular state concerned.” “ (Wikipedia).

    It must be pretty galling for official bullies of this type that even within the very “den of the lion” a link can be provided to your blog:

    “Graffitis started showing up around Tel Aviv reading ‘Google Anat Kamm,” which at the time led web surfers to a U.S.-based blog by Richard Silverstein, who was openly publishing details about the affair.”


    1. It seems that if the censor wants to stop the so-called leaks she would have to cut them of at the Israel root source. Or maybe they really don’t want to cut out certain things. We will never know.

  8. Ben Avraham’s reported comment really is stupid and inappropriate. Israel cannot control foreign press, period.

    If she wants to go after somebody, let her go after the Israeli officials or reporters, who are under Israeli jurisdiction, who are leaking you details that are under gag order.

    But I would ask @Jester, if he has the same angry indignation regarding freedom of press in the face of bullying, regarding violent reactions among some elements in the Arab and Muslim world, when their religious or national figures are depicted in cartoons in Denmark or France? Or is he among those that demand that the western press show “sensitivity” and censor itself?

      1. My apologies, I intended it to be a comment for the post, I erroneously clicked reply in the wrong place. My intention was to not let @Jester’s comment, (isn’t he off topic??) go unanswered.

  9. Richard, I think you could do some good for the cause by reporting the threat against you to your Congressperson. A threat by a foreign government official against a U.S. citizen residing at home is serious. At the very least, reporting it and demanding that your rep take some action would spread the word.

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