5 thoughts on “Prisoner X2: Mossad Agent Spying for Iran Arrested, Tried, Convicted and Imprisoned in Secret – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. ” We also know that א.א. was sentenced (again, in secret) to 14 years in prison”.

    If Prisoner X and Prisoner X2 bargained their reduced sentence with promises of silence, than why do you feel obligated to interfere with their agreements with the government?

    Me. I’d respect the parties agreement and butt out.

    1. @ Mitchell: Gee, Mitch, thanks for the sage advice. I always value your wisdom. And follow it. It never fails me.

      Ben Zygier had no special knowledge the Mossad was afraid of him exposing. He was a grunt, a desk jockey & failed agent. He faced 20 yrs in prison and his wife deserted him. The Mossad had him in a vise by the nuts, so to speak. He wasn’t getting any deal.

      As for secrecy, you may not have read the memo, but this blog exists to break the secrets of the national security state, not to preserve them.

  2. Funny to contemplate the USA “giving up” J. Pollard, maybe a much more injurious spy to the USA than these fellows were to Israel. Israel is certainly cruel to those who spy against it but cry great crocodile tears for those who spy for them (and get caught).

    1. @pabelmont

      Uhh… the USA is not “giving up” Jonathan Pollard.
      He served his full 30 year sentence, which ends this November.

  3. Of course always sad to read all of this highly tendentional and often untrue portrayal of Israel – seemingly full of hate and the intent to harm a democratic state (in the middle of its struggle for survival against an ocean of most brutal and inhumane enemies), but at least have the honor to correct such outrageously false claims as:

    “Cohen got the job. Not surprisingly, Cohen’s prosecution of Jewish settler terror has been lackluster at best. That may be just the way Sara prefers it.”

    …,if at the same time you report how unprecedented today’s Shabak under Yoram Cohen drastically acts against Jewish extremism.
    Tells the whole story of your page…

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