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  1. Global Targeting in Saudi Arabia – Iran religious conflict:

    Some push-back by the Danes.

    Three Iranian-Arab separatists have been under arrest in Denmark for the Ahvaz terror attack of 2018 in Iran. The prosecutor have added alleged espionage from 2012 -2018 for Saudi intelligence. Both in Denmark and in The Netherlands, the Saudi ambassador has been summoned to receive a diplomatic dressing down.

    The Dutch had taken in hiding a long sought terrorist accused of the deadliest bombing in Tehran of 1981 killing top leaders and Ayatollah Behesti. Iran located the terrorist in Amsterdam after 35 years and liquidated him. A price was put on his head and a Moroccan mob under leadership of Ridouan Taghi took the contract. Taghi had been hiding in Dubai where he recently was arrested and extradited. The Dutch prosecution made serious work to find Taghi and his associates only after a lawyer Derk Wiersum was targeted and liquidated by the mob.

  2. I question whether NSO software is “targeting Americans generally, and federal employees, specifically”.

    NSO claims of it’s Pegasus software, that “…the product is specifically designed to not operate in the U.S.”

    Citizen Lab makes the broad assertion, that cross-border targeting with Pegasus is “relatively common.”
    but Citizen Lab hasn’t directly said that NSO software has been used to target Americans.

    “We have identified several possible Pegasus customers not linked to the United States, but with infections in U.S. IP space,” Citizen Lab reports. “While some of these infections may reflect usage of out-of-country VPN or satellite Internet service by targets, it is possible that several countries may be actively violating United States law by penetrating devices located within the U.S.”

    1. @ Lemontree: We have a choice to believe you and NSO or the FBI, Citizens Lab, and Sen. Ron Wyden. Gee, that’s not a hard choice to make.

      As for targeting “Americans,” clearly the Saudis using Pegasus did target Ben Hubbard. So that argument goes out the window.

      Also, the claim that Pegasus is designed not to operate in the U.S. is beyond ridiculous. First, I think you or whoever you quoted meant to say it’s not designed to work on U.S. telephone numbers. That is the excuse they used claiming they couldn’t have hacked Jeff Bezos. But either explanation is completely ridiculous. And even NSO designs Pegasus not to work in the U.S. or on U.S. phone numbers, I’ll bet there are many ways it could be modified by an NSO client to circumvent any such limitation. And I’ll bet NSO would be more than happy to look the other way if MBS and his crony-thugs did so.

      Not only that, but Pegasus or other NSO tools were used to hack Whatsapp, an American company. And further, there may be Americans working for NSO who are offering it the means to penetrate the security of U. S. communications companies like Whatsapp. Sounds like a perfect storm of attack on U. S. Citizens and companies. And that’s why NSO is in deep shit and likely embroiled in federal criminal probes and lawsuits for years to come.

    1. @ Lemontree: Didn’t you bother to read my post before writing your comment? If not, read the entire post before commenting and save me having to repeat the obvious. First, your article is nearly 2 yrs old.
      A lot has changed in that time. Second, the Saudis used Pegasus to hack Abdulaziz. The latter was one of Khashoggi’s closest confidantes. Why would they use Pegasus to hack one of them and an entirely different product to hack the other? Doesn’t make sense.

      Not to mention that the Saudi intelligence also used Pegasus to hack other Saudi dissidents. Whatever business MBS is doing with Hacking Team, Citizen Lab has never mentioned it in connection with any of the forensic examinations it’s done for Saudi hacking victims. It’s only discovered Pegasus, and multiple times.

      Isn’t it curious that Ignatius’ column doesn’t mention Pegasus or NSO Group at all, when MBS signed a $55-million contract with the Israelis? Why might that be?

      You apologists for Israeli cyber-thugs do have to step up your game!

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