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  1. Richard says: “To this day, the majority of Palestinians would accept a two-state deal if one were put on the table. ”

    I’m not so sure of that, Richard.

    Not according to the latest polling of Palestinians:

    42% support the two-state solution but 61% view it as unfeasible due to Israeli settlement expansion
    To end the occupation, 47% view armed struggle as the most effective means, but 26% select negotiations and 20% select non-violent resistance
    Support for the concept of the two-state solution stands at 42% and opposition at 55%. No description or details were provided for the concept. Three months ago, support for the concept stood at 42%. 38% of the public believe that a majority of the Palestinians supports this solution and 54% believe that the majority opposes it. A majority of 61% believes that the two-state solution is no longer practical or feasible due to the expansion of Israeli settlements while 35% believe that the solution remains practical. Moreover, 75% believe that the chances for the creation of a Palestinian state alongside the state of Israel in the next five years are slim or nonexistence while 24% believe the chances to be medium or high.


    1. @ Lemontree: Thanks for that. I was basing my statement on past polls and hadn’t realized that of course, as Israeli extremism and intransigence increases, so would Palestinian resistance to it and support for 2 states would fall as well. Even still, considering the level of Israeli rejectionism, it’s amazing that the level of support for 2 states is as high as it is among Palestinians.

  2. Here is another opportunity for peace that Israel missed and unfortunately Barack Obama and Secretary of State Kerry missed this too when Kerry spoke with Palestinian President Abbas in 2014. “The Palestinian president told hundreds of young Israeli activists on Sunday that he does not want to “drown” Israel with Palestinian refugees, in his most conciliatory comments to date on one of the thorniest issues in Mideast peace talks. The statements by President Mahmoud Abbas suggested new flexibility on the “right of return,” the demand by hundreds of thousands of Palestinians displaced in the war surrounding Israel’s creation in 1948, and their descendants, to return to lost properties in the Jewish state.” Palestinian President Abbas accepted every proposal offered by Kerry including having a NATO force in the West Bank. Netanyahu rejected all of this. All Obama and Kerry did was to wring their hands, because they didn’t want to take on AIPAC. There is an old article or 2 that I cannot find now, However here is a link. https://www.nytimes.com/2014/02/03/world/middleeast/palestinian-leader-seeks-nato-force-in-future-state.html?_r=0

  3. ● A Rose for Hillary: Speech at AJC Annual Dinner
    ● Clinton Undermines Obama ME Peace Effort (Nov 5, 2009)

    Obama ME Policy: New Setback Losing Abbas

    Great teamwork in the Obama administration, first you have President Obama demanding a complete settlement freeze from Israelis. In view of failure you have Secretary of State Clinton visit Jerusalem to praise great strides forward by Netanyahu in completing WB building program. You condemn PM Abbas for expecting a settlement freeze on disputed territory before negotiations are to start. Next you have her demand further concessions from Palestinian leadership and Arab states. Finally she changes itinerary to visit Cairo and Mubarak to complete the US mystification in starting any fruitful negotiations between parties. No wonder many more nations are getting fed up with US “diplomacy”.

    … to a win-win situation for Mahmoud Abbas in May 2010.

  4. Article by Richard in Nov. 2009 …

    Settlements: The ‘Pause’ That Doesn’t Refresh

    At one time, I really believed the Obama administration could advance the peace process. But not with delusional statements like this from Madame Secretary:

    Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said the pause in construction “helps move forward” the peace process.

    What in the world is she thinking or smoking? What peace process? And “forward?” Try backward. Try nothing. It does nothing. It fools no one. It’s a fig leaf that allows the U.S. and Israel to say they’ve achieved something when they’ve achieved nothing. In fact, it may be said that in raising expectations and disappointing so many, it’s actually set the alleged peace process backward. Certainly not forward.

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