12 thoughts on “BREAKING: IDF Plans Gaza Invasion in May, Military Censor Squelches Report – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Richard.
    These ‘alleged’ attacks by Hamas NEVER make sense. They invite the ‘law of tenfold return’ by the IDF and strengthen world support for Israel against Palestine. Now the timing of this particular ‘alleged’ attack by Hamas so close to an Israeli election seems very suspicious, yet nowhere in the media is there ANY suggestion of the possibility of a false flag by the Israelis. What are the chances in your honest opinion?

    1. @ economasterful: I’m guessing that the missile was fired by Islamic Jihad, which isn’t under control of Hamas. IJ seems to wish to complicate matters and show its steadfastness compared to its rivals. SO it engages in these sorts of provocations. False flag? Not a chance.

    1. @ Baird: I don’t think Hamas has been accidentally doing anything. Either Islamic Jihad fired the missile; or Hamas is frustrated by Israeli intransigence and is signalling it’s willing to escalate matters because of dire hunger and economic conditions in Gaza.

      As for the “status quo,” no Gazan will accept the status quo because it involves penury, starvation, and imprisonment. So if Israel wants the status quo, it will not succeed. Gaza is a powder keg which could blow up at any minute.

  2. I see the trolls are coming hard today. Richard must have struck a cord with Baird and economasterful.

  3. economasterful – what is it exactly that you are suggesting? A rocket never hit that house but Mossad planted a bomb there? Or maybe even better, it is all staged, just like the moon walk?
    There is nothing ‘alleged’ about a house destroyed by a rocket.

  4. [Comment deleted: Off topic. Whether and who IJ’s patron may or may not be has no relevance to this post. I am so bored and tired by your hasbara. I won’t publish comments or claims others have published here before. You rehash the same old hasbara ‘arguments,’ if you could call them that. Try something new for a change.]

  5. @Yoni. Clearly you don’t know what a false flag is.
    Yes, the house was destroyed (just like the WTC) but WHO really initiated the attack?
    Cui Bono?

  6. Maybe someone can explain then, how ‘they’ are able even to get missiles into the extremely well securitised Gaza concentration camp with Israel at the forefront of security and surveillance technology. I am sorry but to me it simply still does not make sense.

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