9 thoughts on “Saudi Arabia and Israel: Looming Threat of Regional War – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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    1. ‘But Nasrallah and Iran had no qualms about murdering Hariri’s father, the ex President of Lebanon.

      link to nytimes.com ‘

      You claim ‘Nasrallah and Iran’ did it — and then cite a New York Times article as your source. I’ll point out the identity of the author of the piece. ‘Ronen Bergman is a senior political and military analyst for the Israeli newspaper Yediot Aharonot’

      You don’t see anything wrong with that?

      Sure –‘Nasrallah and Iran’ could have done it. I’m not a believer in the perfect moral purity of Hezbollah. Israel could also have done it — all there are are cell phone records. Records can be fabricated.

      The UN tribunal hasn’t convicted anyone. It certainly can’t be stated as a proven fact that ‘Nasrallah and Iran did it.’ Maybe they did. That an Israeli says so doesn’t do much to convince me. Even Ronen Bergman’s professed sorrow for the patsy set up as the bomber doesn’t sway me.

      1. @ Ronen Bergman: I know Bergman & his work. If you know anything about me, you know I’m extremely critical of much of what passes for Israeli journalism. Bergman is one of the few whose work I trust & value. Sometimes he does get it wrong. So do I. But he’s right most of the time.

        Argonauts made another error above. I don’t know that Iran had anything to do with the assassination, nor does Argonauts. If he’d mentioned “Syria,” that might be closer to the truth.

        1. Richard said: ” I don’t know that Iran had anything to do with the assassination,”

          The chief suspect in the Hariri assassination is Badreddine, a lifelong Hezbollah terrorist, and brother in law of Mughniyeh.

          Badreddine was targeted for assassination in an Israeli drones strike on a group of seven men in Syria, killing an Iranian general and six Hezbollah members.

          The chief suspect in the Hariri assassination once found sanctuary in the Iranian Embassy in Kuwait, and he nearly died alongside an Iranian general in Syria. Coincidence?

          Well, now you do know that Iran, and it’s Hezbollah proxy, ordered Badreddine to plan the assassination of Hariri Sr.

          1. @Zionaut: I know nothing of the sort. What I do know is that you’re a true blue hasb-eliever.

            Nor do I know that anything you claim is any more than yr own fevered Zio-magination since you don’t, as my comment rules specify, offer any credible source for any of yr claims.

            As for being with an Iranian General, that means that Iran ordered the assassination? Does that mean if I ever met a mafioso that I killed JFK?

          2. @Richard

            And Iran ordered Badreddine’s murder as well.

            “The report said Hassan Nasrallah was put under pressure to remove Badreddine by Maj Gen Qasem Soleimani, head of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards’ elite overseas operations arm and a key adviser to the Syrian military. ”

            P_ R_O_X_Y_!!



          3. @ Zionauts: You’re totally confused now. First, you claimed Iran killed Hariri. Now you’ve abandoned that line of argument & you’re claiming they killed someone else who I never even mentioned. Methinks you’re slightly obsessed by our Shiite friends. Got Iran on the brain?

            As for proxies, we have many tales to tell about the nice cozy relationship between Israel and the U.S. in which each does lots of nasty dirty-work for the other including murders. Ah but those are murders you approve of so they’re cool. It’s only murders that you think make Iran look bad that really bug you.

            Hypocrite. You are done in this thread.

    2. @ Argonauts: First, I have no knowledge Iran was involved in the assassination. It’s very possible Syria & Assad were. But Iran is a new claim for me.

      As for Hezbollah assassinating Hariri: that was 12 years ago. In the history of the Middle East, that length of time is a historical eon in terms of changes that can happen. Not to mention there are many assassins and victims who later reconcile, at least politically. This is not unique to Lebanese politics. So your comment or claim or whatever it was is beside the point…again.

  1. ‘…It will make Sabra and Shatilla, in which Christian Phalange fighters brutally murdered thousands of Palestinian (Sunni) refugees, look almost like a (bloody) picnic…’

    It’s a red herring; but saying the Phalange carried our Sabra and Chantila is like claiming Trawniki men committed the Holocaust.

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