11 thoughts on “BREAKING: IDF Discovers New Gaza Tunnel – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. It’s spookily quiet – where are all the hasbarists?

    I hope Hamas flooded Israel with guys pretending to be homeless car window washers in a long term plan of driving the Israeli middle class insane. With any luck the Israeli government will just dig a long tunnel to Russia, march the most of the Israeli population there and just say “Well, it was either this, or everybody with money slowly escaping to Canada and California.” Of course, the ultra-Orthodox will be left behind.

    1. @ Strelnikov: I’ve never understood why the Haredim and settlers don’t claim Mt. Sinai as God-given territory since it was where the divine revelation happened. At any rate, maybe the Haredim can migrate to live in and around Mt. Sinai and transform the Sinai from a desert and make the flowers bloom! Uh-oh, I just confused halutzim with Haredim. So maybe the Haredim can just study Torah and turn the Santa Katerina monastery into a yeshiva?!

        1. “Making the desert bloom is a lot of hard work, cuts into Torah reading. ”
          They could always hire Arabs.
          But to be serious as far as I know Mt.Sinai was never a pilgrimage site for Jews but the historical site of the revelation of the Torah.
          There is on R. Moshe Narboni who wrote a commentary on the Guide for the Perplexed who seems to claim either he was there or witnessed stones from the base of the mountain and if you split them in two or more there always appeared an image of a burning bush but I would not take it so seriously.

      1. Shouldn’t there be a word for Haredim hate like there is for Muslims? Haredimopobia?
        I see very little difference. It is hatred for a minority group the hater doesn’t know well.

        1. @ Eli: Haredim are not a religion. The are a sect within a religion. Nor am I ignorant of, or afraid of Haredim. I oppose them and what they stand for when it strays outside the confines of their spiritual practices and beliefs, which it very often does.

          I would have no problem if they wanted to create their own colony on another planet or find a barren piece of tundra that no one else claims & establish their own country there. But absent that, I’m opposed to their politics and their monopolistic approach to imposing themselves & their own values on non-Haredim.

          1. “I would have no problem if they wanted to create their own colony on another planet”
            – we really don’t want to go back to the days when these sentences were said about Jews. & many islamophobs would probably say the same about Muslims.

            It’s time for reality check Richard!

          2. @ Eli: As long as Haredim, being a small minority within the Jewish community, Israel & the world in general, seek to impose their intolerant, backwards views on non-Haredim they will meet implacable resistance from me & most other Jews. And if you use those hoary old tropes about this being anti-Semitic I’ll ban your ass faster than you can spit. It has nothing to do with anti-Semitism & everything to do with their violent, intolerant attitudes. If they don’t want to participate in a modern secular society then they should go somewhere where they can live in a society of their own choosing. But that’s not Israel, the U.S. or anywhere else like it. And if you think the problem is only in Israel then read about the total mess Haredim have made of local politics in southern NY state (Kiryas Joel, etc.). THis is a mess entirely of their own making. Don’t blame me in any way shape or form for their lunacy. They brought all this on themselves.

          3. You know how many sub groups are within Haredi society? What you do is generalizing bc of small group over the whole society.

            In addition, when France disallow hijab wearing, liberals screen to the sky and so about more issues. Why in Judaism fundamentalism justifies hate while in Islam it is a holy right of minotities. I’ll take it back!!

            You will write about Saudi fundamentalism but for the most part protect Iranian fundamentalism. Obviously there are differences but not so much to bash one yet adopt the other.

          4. @ Eli: So you’re saying that Haredim who assault IDF soldiers in uniform in broad daylight; or who spit on women in Beit Shemesh; or dress like Jewish Taliban; or attempt to humiliate a female IDF soldier on a public street–that these are all minor sub-groups among Haredim. And that the vast majority of Haredim are tolerant, accepting, quiet, shy retiring folk who want nothing more than to fit into majority Israeli secular society. That they have no political pretensions. That they don’t ask anything of or from the secular state. They want nothing more than to fit in to overall Israeli society. Really…

            Wearing a hijab is not “fundamentalism.” Any more than wearing a kippah denotes Jewish fundamentalism. It’s what someone believes and how they act that matters. Not what garments they wear. So if you want to ban the hijab, agree to ban the kippah then you won’t be a friggin’ hypocrite. Till then you are.

            I don’t write about Saudi fundamentalism. You must have me confused with someone else. Nor do I support Iranian fundamentalism. I never have. Suggesting that the world live in peace with Iran is not protecting fundamentalism. If you think there are no differences between Shia & Sunni Islam you are a greater fool than even I thought possible.

            As much satisfaction as it would give me to continue this conversation ad nauseam, I’m afraid we’ll have to call an end to our little idyll. Don’t comment further in this thread.

          5. [Comment deleted: a directive not to publish another comment in a thread is just that, a directive, not a suggestion or request. If you ignore it again you will not get a 2nd chance.]

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