5 thoughts on “Black Cube Hired Israeli Actress to Find Dirt on Weinstein Accusers – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. “..first revealed that Weinstein had hired Black Cube,”

    No Richard. *sigh*

    Weinstein didn’t hire Black Cube. Weinstein’s personal lawyer, David Boies, “personally signed the contract with Black Cube”. If Ronan Farrow thought this was important enough to mention, so should you.

    1. @Argonauts: actually if you’d read Farrow as well as you should have, you’d know that Boies said he regretted the hiring of Black Cube, not because of their disgusting tactics, but because his law firm didn’t do the actual hiring. In other words, Weinstein directed him to prepare & sign the contract w Black Cube. It was Weinstein who called the firm, as Barak makes clear, & Weinstein who told Boies to hire them.

    1. Shame on her ! I guess Sacha is the young girl who became Stella. Coming from such a background and then serving in the Israeli army …. How the h*** a Muslim from Bosnia could participate in doing to others what has been done to her own family is beyond my comprehension I’m talking about her army service and not being a whore for Black Cube). Is the Zionist brainwashing in Israel that powerful ? And her mother, Sara – who was an adult while leaving Sarajevo – did her conversion to Judaism make her adopt all the Israeli propaganda bullshit or maybe she’s not too proud of her daughter …..
      Another example of what living in a madhouse can do to people.

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