7 thoughts on “Israel Funds Syrian Rebel Weapons Purchases – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. ” It undoubtedly has an affiliation with a larger Islamist group like Al Nusra or Al Qaeda, but I haven’t been able to determine that yet. ”

    You will undoubtedly fail.
    The Fursan al-Joulan, or Knights of the Golan are Druzim, whose sole motivation is to protect their mountain villages.


    1. @ Ilene: That would be false. The Druze lived under the Assad regime before the war began. They have no reason to fight against the regime now, unless they have different aims & interests now than they did then. ISIS, by the way, is quite active in the Golan. So either they’re fighting for ISIS or against ISIS. Or for or against the regime. Not to mention this alliance with Israel. Either way, they’re not merely “protecting their mountain villages” as you claim. In fact, I’ll bet the South Lebanese Army explained their alliance with Israel the same way in the 1980s & 90s.

      1. According to Wikiwand’s well documented entry, the Knights of the Golan are currently affiliated with the Syrian government and have been attacked by Israel as recently as March 2017. Something’s not right here.

        1. @ Pea: Except there’s a wee small problem. The “Knights of the Golan” are not the same as Fursan al Joulan. In fact, your own source calls them “Fouj al Joulan.” I’m no expert in Arabic, but those aren’t the same name or the same group. Your own source says that Israel has several times attempted to assassinate the leader of Fouj al Joulan. Would a group Israel was paying also have its leaders targeted by Israel for assassination???

          There’s a lot to be said for taking care & using precision in these matters, which you haven’t done.

    2. @ Ilene: You haven’t even read your own source, which clearly states that Knights of the Golan is a sworn enemy of Israel and allied with the Assad regime, not Israel. Not to mention that the Arabic name of Knights of Golan is NOT Fursan al Joulan (somewhat close, but not the same). Pathetic.

  2. “Iran explained that the missile attack was in revenge for a recent terror attack by Iranian Kurds for which ISIS has taken credit. ”

    The terrorists were radicalized Kurds, who belonged to ISIS.
    You erred when you tried to link these terrorists to MeK and Israel.

    1. @ Ilene: Nonsense again, There’s absolutely no reason the Kurds who carried out this attack weren’t assisted by the MeK, & Israeli & Saudi intelligence. In fact, it’s quite likely they were. The Iranians have explicitly blamed the Saudis & I’m sure they have direct evidence. If the Saudis were involved, it makes perfect sense for the Mossad to have been involed as well since both Israel & the Saudis have exactly the same interests regarding Iran. Mossad has also conducted terror attacks inside Iran with the collaboration of MeK before.

      There is no previous evidence of ISIS having the capability of carrying out such an attack till now. There is no evidence they had operational cells or logistical/technical capabilities inside the country till now. So it stands to reason they had outside help.

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