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  1. What did happen to freddom of speech?
    Does it apply only as long as the left approve of the message?
    You guys have a constitution. Please respect it.

    1. @ Yankee: You’re not a “Yankee.” Your handle is fake. You’re Israeli. Or at least your IP is Israeli.

      We do have a constitution, which you happen to be ignorant of. The constitution, as interpreted by Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, says no one has the freedom to shout Fire in a crowded theater. That’s what Spencer did. He shouted Fire to his followers and they, like Pavlov’s dogs, reacted on cue and rioted & killed. So No, no one in America has the right to speech that incited to kill or maim, which is what Spencer did.

      You might actually try to know something about the U.S. constitution before you claim to understand it. Also, you might want to try a constitution of your own sometime in Israel. It would offer you many rights & freedoms you possess now in name only.

      It is nice to see Israelis like you defending terror attacks in the guise of supporting free speech. Tells us reams about who you are.

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      1. Meanwhile, that great defender of the Jewish people – Ben Nitai aka Prime Minister of Greater Israel – is being deafeningly silent on the events at Charlottesville. One would think this great orator for the Jewish people would immediately get on his bully pulpit and roundly denounce the Nazis who murdered innocent people. But alas, it seems good old Ben Nitai has his priorities straight: Why make an enemy of Donald Trump when he so warmly supports us and our settlement enterprise? The Jewish people never had a better friend in the White House!

      2. It is Yankee as Yakov!!!

        Shouting “Fire” in a crowded theater has nothing to do with this case. The comparison between the two is nonsense. “fire” is no opinion and the is no reason to scream it if there is no actual fire. Stating one opinion, as heinous as you might consider it, is protected by the second amendment.

        Anything else is just a way for the left to silence opinion the aren’t within the consensus. You might be interested in the answer the Google engineer had after he was fired. link to wsj.com

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        1. @ Yankev-Yankee Doodle: Yankev, Yankev, where do I begin. You need to do even a modicum of research on constitutional law to understand that you simply may not use words, actions or deeds which are liable to directly provoke violence (that’s what Holmes called shouting Fire in a crowded theater). If you incite to violence using these sorts of tactics your speech is not protected. When a mass riot leads to an act of terrorism & murder, the rioters have lost their First Amendment rights.

          protected by the second amendment.

          You’ve either made a stupid error or just created a new legal theory that bearing arms is protected speech. But you meant the “First Amendment,” not “Second.”

          As for the left “silencing opinion,” hasbar-asses like you have propounded this nutso theory for ages that the Israel left promotes hate, violence and is ant-democratic. It’s like the rapist saying “she asked for it.” You lie and then accuse your enemy of your own bad behavior.

  2. Another watch dog depicted American Vanguard as one focused on white identity, but noted that its members have “increasingly demonstrated a neo-Nazi ideology.”

    American Vanguard, founded in 2016 and based in Southern California, urges white men to “take a stand” against “globalist traitors” who are “destroying your race and heritage through open borders, affirmative action, and Marxist ‘political correctness.’”

    TheRightStuff, a blog founded in 2012 that created the “parentheses meme” in which Jewish people are targeted for online harassment by trolls who identify them as Jews by putting triple parentheses around their names, hopes to spark “dialogue among a disparate and edgy right-wing.”

    [Source: White Nationalists targeting U.S. Colleges | SPL Center |]

  3. The Indoctrinated American Blogger

    On “progressive blogs” one can read the new found link between neo-nazi James Alex Fields – Bashar Assad – Hezbollah – Russia as an Alt-right Triad. What a simplistic and false state of international affairs! Apparently Fields had posted a white supremacist poster of Assad Undefeated .

  4. Far-right rally organiser chased away after Charlottesville speech | The Guardian |

    Jason Kessler, the organiser of Saturday’s far-right rally in Charlottesville, was chased away by protesters in the city on Sunday afternoon after he tried to give a press conference. He tried to hold a joint media appearance with the alt-right leader Richard Spencer in the city centre.

    As soon as Kessler emerged in the forecourt of Charlottesville’s city hall, a crowd of more than 300 who had gathered along with the waiting media began yelling “murderer”, “terrorist” and “nazi”.

    As he approached the cluster of media microphones, the crowd chanted “shame!” in unison. At the microphones, Kessler became increasingly animated, but was completely inaudible.

    After a few minutes, the crowd rushed the improvised podium. Kessler fled and made his escape with the protection of waiting state police in riot gear.

    Joe Montoya, a local resident who had been vociferous in the crowd, said he was glad that the town had prevented Kessler from speaking. “This is what our town is like,” he said. “Charlottesville is a diverse place. We come together at times like this. Love wins.”

  5. @Richard

    “Demand a Justice Department terror investigation and prosecution targeting not just the killer and any accomplices, but Richard Spencer and Jason Kessler, the ringleaders of this terror conspiracy.”

    Can you please explain how the events at Charlottesville satisfy the elements of Criminal Conspiracy, much less ‘terror conspiracy’?

    You may want to begin here. Or not.


    1. @ Anya: My job isn’t to do legal research for you. I’m sure you have plenty of legal assistance yourself to do that. Further, I don’t know what communications happened leading up to this terror attack. I don’t know who Spencer & Kessler communicated with, what they said & to whom. But from the outside one can tell there was a tremendous amount of preparation & planning that went into this event. That would include the widely armed group that came hunting for bear on Saturday.

      No doubt (at least if they’re doing their job) the FBI should have reams of data on all these questions. Did Kessler or Spencer communicate with Fields? Or did individuals acting on their behalf communicate with him? Why did Fields decide to do this? Who did he consult with before he did? Where did his ideas come from? Did he prepare for this in any way?

      THis is a potentially rich field for legal & intelligence research. I would hope that Jefferson Beauregard Sessions & his FBI are working diligently on this right now. One would hope…

    1. @ Anya: Odious? I think Kessler is beyond odious. If I organize an event and incite attendees to murder someone at the event I organized I’ve gone far beyond odious. I’ve become a conspirator to commit murder. So why would an accused accessory to murder have the right to lie about what happened and why it happened? And why should the good residents of the town where this happened have to have their town subjected to such degrading sophistry? SO is there “something wrong?” You bet. But it’s not Charlottesville that needs fixing. It’s the Nazi terrorists roaming free among us that need fixing. Just as Israel needs to fix the Jewish settler terrorists & their accessories roaming free in Israel, even in the halls of the Knesset and its various government ministries.

      But I note your support for Jason Kessler along with your hasbara on Israel’s behalf. Not so strange bedfellows I guess…

      1. I hate Kessler, and all he represents.
        I love the United States, and the Constitution that protects all it’s people.

        You don’t know the meaning of the word, Equality.

        1. @Anya: Then you’re schizophrenic because you just attacked Charlottesville residents for not letting Richard Spencer speak, implicitly placing value on his speech. Nor do you understand that there are limits on free speech even under our constitution. If you murder someone or encourage those who do, you’ve restricted your own free speech rights.

  6. If there’s one guy I’d like to physically harm, it’s Richard Spencer. He got punched in the face during a street interview. I hope the next time around he gets it with a tire iron.

    1. @ Danny: I don’t see how that helps things much. But admittedly a government implicated in Spencer’s ideological hatefest can’t be expected to prosecute him or protect us from his kind. So vigilantism does become more likely.

        1. They lynched a statue. Wow. You get all excited over this when I have never heard you utter any protests about little girls with scissors being murdered by your heavily armed vigilante countrymen. Go joint the neo-Nazi’s in Charlottesville. It is clear where your sympathies lie.

          1. Yossi Levi, this statue was of a confederate soldier, who fought to keep black people enslaved. Such statues were put up years after the civil war, during the Jim Crow era, more than sixty years later, as a sign to black people that they were and would always remain second class people. It would be comparable to statues of Wehrmacht soldiers being erected now, in squares in Germany and other European countries as a sign to Jews that they should not to get too uppity. If you wanted to come across as an intellectual with your quote you failed: Educate yourself, will you? This has nothing to do with banning or burning intellectual property.

  7. Violence deplored, but violence hoped for via a tire iron. Freedom of Speech, but not for those we disagree with. Our Freedom of Speech is sacred, theirs is “Hate Speech”. Our violence is Righteous, theirs is Heinous. For We are the Chosen.

    1. @ DeWayne: You’re comparing an act of outright murder with punching someone in the face after they incited such murder?? Buddy, you’ve got your moral priorities and judgement askew.

      The Charlottesville residents & antifa activists were not armed. The Nazi terror thugs were armed. They murdered someone & maimed 20 others. TERRORISM…not a punch in the face.

        1. @ Yankev Doodle:

          The fact one person committed murder doesn’t justify violence by other.

          Tell that to the mother and father of Heather Heyer who lost their daughter to a thug you defend.

          The violence of the left was nowhere near as lethal as that of the Nazis. The antifa activists were not armed. The Nazis were. And not just a few but scores, if not hundreds of them were armed.

          1. I don’t defend any thugs and I don’t care if he gets to the chair.

            You on the other hand defend the leftist/anarchist thugs who attacked a person who just tried to speak up.

          2. @ Yankev Doodle: After Nazis killed one of their own neighbors yes, I forgive other local residents for being so angry at the inciter of this terrorist act that they ran him out of town. I forgive them. You on the other hand, refuse to acknowledge his role as accessory to murder. You’re almost as bad as he is.

            BTW, since when do you feel sympathy for Nazis? Did Hitler’s stormtroopers & SS deserve free speech too?

    2. You are right: How ridiculous to connect the Nazi flag with hate speech. The Nazi ideology and practice wete one big love fest as Anne Frank and many others can testify.

  8. @Richard

    I’ve done no such thing.
    Kessler had a right to make a speech, and the good people of Charlottesville had every right to shout Kessler down.

    The people did not have the right to commit assault and battery on Kessler, which is criminal.

    I perfectly understand the limits of free speech, but no one could hear what Kessler had said at City Hall, so there’s no telling if he committed any crime that morning.

    Here is a VICE reporter embedded with the Nazi leaders at Charlottesville.
    At what point in this video do these Nazis criminally incite to violence?


    1. All these right-wing Israeli Jews coming out of the woodwork to support freedom of speech of neo-Nazis: Very touching. Except that you never hear them when Israel criminalises commemorating the Nakba, or promoting non-violent strategies like boycott of settlement products.
      What would happen to Palestinians in Israel, if they started shouting: “Jews will not replace us” at demonstrations? And what would we hear from you on such an occasion, dear Anya? Well?

        1. @Anya is steeped in the ways of hasbara. The Nakba law strictly speaking does not “criminalize” speech. But in the looser definition of “criminalize” it does indeed do so. You may be heavily fined for breaking this law. Presumably if you are poor & can’t pay the fine further legal action could be taken.

          To make a distinction between going to prison for speaking of Nakba & “merely” paying a significant fine for doing so is a ridiculous one to make. But typical of the hasbara mentality.

          Nice to see Hasbara Central has taught Anya to quote PaIestinian NGOs to make her point. I think Anya is of slightly higher “quality” than the average hasbaranik dispatched here.

          1. ‘She’ is just trying to deflect. Of course this is curbing the freedom of speech of non-violent groups, but what really baffles me is the fervor with which ‘Anya’ and Yankev take the side of these Nazi’s. I do see that there a lots of similarities between these violent thugs and similar groups who hunt and beat up Palestinian youth in Israel for instance. (Like those Lehava inspired types who want to protect their ‘ownership’ of Jewish women.) But to see such instinctive agreement with groups who fly the swastika for Godssake, is still shocking, and almost unbelievable for people who we might presume are Jews. (But then, they probably agree that Kushner should have never gotten together with a non-Jewish woman like Ivanka, as one of the thugs in the video states.)

          2. For the last time, the Nakba Law ONLY stops the government from funding Nakba events. To wit; when university students are prevented from using government funds for Nakba commemoration, they go off campus and pay for their own space and security. No one gets fined, so no one is imprisoned.


            Elisabeth. I don’t want you putting your words in my mouth. Please stop. Just leave me alone. Stop means ‘no’.

          3. @ Anya: You don’t get to tell another commenter when to speak or not speak. If you speak she may as well.

            Your understanding of the Nakba law is wrong. Any organization receiving any government funding will have it revoked if they violate the law. And the law isn’t even in effect yet but organizations are already implementing it themselves for fear that they’ll have their funding cancelled. Cultural events have been cancelled.

            Nor is there any reason students attending a university should have to pay to host a university event as if it was a private event. A university in a free society has a right to speech that is controversial & to fund that speech if it comes from members of the campus community. If it does not then Israel is no democracy.

            Why is there no parallel law forbidding government funded organizations from denying the existence of Palestine; or promoting events that incite hatred against Palestinians or Muslims? When was the last time the government cut off funding for hate-fomenting yeshivot? Or fired their rabbis denying them their state subsidy? Never, that’s when. Making the Nakba law a heaping pile of hypocritical horse manure.

          4. The Nakba Law may well be hypocritical manure, but it doesn’t criminalize any person or institution, which is what Elisabeth had said.

            If someone wants to use a looser definition of the word ‘criminalize’, than they should use italics, or otherwise run the risk of printing truth distorting ‘fake news’.

            Elisabeth said that I “..take the side of these Nazis”, which is a bald faced lie.
            Richard. You know that remark it’s a bald faced lie, yet you allow it.


          5. @ Anya: But you have taken the side of the Nazis in defending their right to speak after Heather Heyer was killed. You do realize that when you attack antifa in this context you are, in effect, rationalizing or defending the Nazis?

            Everyone else understands how we meant the word “criminalize.” We’re not going to establish special standards just for you, I’m afraid.

          6. Barbar, the ‘shame! *ring* stuff confirms it is you again. Why do you so often insist on playing the role of a woman? Going as far as using language that suggests you are being sexually assaulted (“leave me alone, stop means no”). Why am I not allowed to point out the fact that you do not give a peep when Israel curbs freedom of speech, but are full of passion concerning the freedom of speech of these neo-Nazis?

          7. @ Elisabeth: How interesting! You picked up on the “Shame *ring*” “tell.” I went back and did a search & found about 8 different identities used that phrase in exactly that format (Shame *ring*). Unfortunately, no Babar, though he/she may’ve used a similar formulation, but not exactly the same. Here are the culprits who used it:

            Trapper John
            Bernie X
            Mitchell Blood

            So now, let’s add Anya to the list. So many handles, so little time. Anya, I warn you: using more than one handle is a SEVERE comment rule violation. I have this rule for precisely this reason–to stop fraud and fraudsters. Unless you have a very good explanation for this I will likely ban you. I also find it suspicious that the name ‘Anya Neese,’ which you’ve assumed, is the name of a fairly well-known drag queen.

          8. Richard, it is hard to jeep them apart as they are all pretty uneducated. And having been labelled a shiksa and an anti-Semite by them, and knowing that these guys promptly reappear under a different name as soon as you ban them, please excuse me for adopting a tone with them that I would not use to normal, respectable people. It seems to be about two or three guys, and they are responsible for the bulk of the nonsense here. I guess this is good news, as I would otherwise have to question the intellect and morality of the general Israeli commenter here.

          9. Without us, people time and again get kicked out, this blog would have only the far left groupies of RS.

            I had probably 30 nicks by now. Richard’s unfair treatment of different commentators is a mirror of what the left is doing with everyone who dare speak out their mind

          10. @Yankev Doodle: If you’ve employed 30 handles here I guess you’ll have to make it 31. You are now banned. And since you are all using proxy servers to comment I may if it’s technically possible ban all comments from proxy servers. And because you’re an idiot who wants to spoil things for everyone, I may install a plugin to completely ban anyone using a proxy server from accessing the entire site. But I guess that makes you happy since it will restrict some who need to conceal their visits here for legit reasons.

            I hope we can stay one step ahead of assholes like you. We’ll do our best…

          11. Yankee, you like a blog without moderation? Be a tough guy then, and try your luck at Mondoweiss: One peep from you, and you will be howled down by 90 posts, calling you a Zio-bot or whatever. That would never be allowed here. You are resurrecting yourself here, as a kind of reborn Christian, again and again, because you cannot keep some simple rules of decency on your own side, and you WHINE?!! You whimp.

    2. Thus your interpretation of freedom of speech and not fascist shouts inciting hatred?

      “Jews will not replace us”

      “Blood and soil!”

      “Whose streets? Our streets!”

      Bamberg Conference of 1926: Hitler rallied his supporters around ‘Blut und Boden’ while Otto Strasser left to form his own party based outside of Germany. Gregor Strasser was murdered on the Night of the Long Knives.

      From White Hoods To Popped Collars: The Normalization Of The Neo-Nazi

      Bigoted political movements have always demonstrated an understanding of this principle and we’ve seen a resurgence of their most famous symbols since President Donald Trump gave the white supremacist movement a new reason to have hope. We’ve seen swastikas plastered onto the sides of buildings, nooses strategically placed in front of memorials to the black struggle — but what has been conspicuously absent from this procession of white supremacist imagery is the white hood that is so intimately associated with members of the KKK.

      The white hood was historically meant to disguise the identity of the wearer but, judging from the photographs that came out of Charlottesville this past weekend, anonymity is no longer considered necessary nor desirable. Instead, the brand these men presented emphasizes normalcy.

      In a piece for Pret-a-Reporter, journalist Booth Moore wrote of the scene, “It was jarring to see their young faces, twisted with hate, and their outfits, more Verizon customer service agent than redneck. Unlike previous generations of racists, they didn’t cover up in hoods, they were front and center for the cameras, wearing a onetime emblem of preppydom, the polo shirt, also known as the tennis or golf shirt, that has in recent years become the uniform of the everyman of any color, worn by everyone from Def Jam Recordings co-founder Russell Simmons to president Barack Obama.”

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