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  1. I see no contradiction, no paradox. Trump is doing his best to strengthen an international fascist movement. Fascism appeals to and incites nationalist/ racist/ xenophobic/ misogynist feelings and ideologies, but usually to the benefit of corporate wealth. In exchange, most of the multibillionaires support the fascist parties and leade. So long as they can prevent real social reconstruction to benefit the resentful left-behind pools of nationalist sentiment, they can win more power for themselves over a society divided by racism. If all this seems simplistic, it’s because the reality is simple.

  2. The UKIP party in the UK vanished in the June election as the Brexit referendum had passed. PM May did not succeed to gain all of the right wing votes as she had hoped. The Brexit vote and the Trump election was a wake-up call for Europeans and the electorate. The fast track admission to the EU of countries of the former Soviet bloc was a political decision forged by the US and NATO to push forward to Russia’s border. East-Germany was troublesome due to large support for neo-Nazi groups. The corrupt states of Eastern Europe are homo- and xenophobic. The American alt-right has tapped into the European nations and has a universal code to promote self-interest, the fatherland and the white culture [?]. It’s quite scary and dangerous how liberal parties in Europe move its policy statements to the right to stay in power. The migrants and war refugees have added fuel to the fire.

    After 9/11, the advocates of the War on Terror introduced Islamophobia: all Muslims are terrorists. The likes of Geert Wilders were funded by the wel known U.S. groups and were pro-Israel. So the alt-right groups are not homogeneous but have serious differences.

    Multiple “Atlantic” think tanks give support to right wing political advocacy groups in support of a strong military alliance and NATO.

    On Trump, the White House, U.S. Congress and MSM [RussiaGate] …

    GOP operative Peter Smith (81 yr old committed suicide after WSJ interview) is linked to the alt-right – Peter Smith Tapped Alt-Right to Access Dark Net.

    Charles C. Johnson said he also suggested that Peter Smith get in touch with Andrew Auernheimer, a hacker who goes by the alias ‘Weev’ and has collaborated with Johnson in the past. Auernheimer—who was released from federal prison in 2014 after having a conviction for fraud and hacking offenses vacated [on appeal – May 2014] and subsequently moved to Ukraine.

    This group is alt-right, anti-Putin and pro-Ukraine.

    IMO fits handily in the collusion with Steve Bannon, the renegade inside the White House. It’s a dangerous political gambit the Republican party has chosen in Washington with president Trump.

    Btw … Anton Shekhovtsov is also a Fellow of the Legatum Institute, so is Anne Applebaum.

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