11 thoughts on “Trump’s Saudi Soliloquy – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. A nice little jihad will keep Islam divided for our Christian/Zioni$t reconquista.
    Besides….its good for the portfolio.
    Onwards to Moscow and Beijing with Natzo uber a££€$.

      1. What’s the link to the article ? ‘They’ ‘our children’, if we needed any confirmations that Barbar is all into the clash-of-civilization BS, or maybe his teenage kids were present at the concert in Manchester.
        Palestinians could say the same about the IDF: “they are targeting our children and they’ve done so for a very long time”.

        1. While the death of any child is a tragedy, most people would agree that there is a difference between shooting a youth involved in a violent protest or trying to stab a soldier, and, with cold premeditation, ripping apart the lives of innocent young people simply out enjoying themselves.

          You do see the difference?

          1. @ Ilene: You mean the death of any Jewish, white or western child is a tragedy. Arab children–not so much.

            Israeli soldiers murder children in many ways beyond the two you offered. They shoot them in cold blood. They blow their brains out while walking home from school carrying their book bags. They tie them to the hoods of jeeps as human shields. And no there’s no difference between Israeli murder of Palestinian children & ISIS murder of children through bombings in the west except that Israel does it through grenades, bullets & missiles, while ISIS does it through bombs. The fact that you don’t see this illustrates your own racism & Islamophobia.

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  2. Foreign policy for sale, plain and simple. At least he is more honest, with less sugar coating compared to his predecessors. Human rights? Are you kidding? Remember Madeline Albright? It is worth it, no matter who in charge.
    The amount of anger and disgust at these “rulers” among ordinary people, me included, is unprecedented. Acting on it is another story. Dont hold your breath.

  3. I had a different take on Trump’s speech, as nauseating as it was. Basically, he has affirmed that US policy towards Saudi Arabia will be unchanged. This was a policy began by FDR and modified by Nixon with the establishment of the petro-dollar. Trump will continue what both Bushes, Clinton and Obama did. Shrub Bush and Obama completely ignored the fact that Saudi Arabia was the major backer of Al qaida (that split into ISIS under Obama). Yes Trump’s ignoring this reality is scandalous but it is not new.

  4. I doubt a word of it was actually written by Trump. His handlers must have been well pleased they were able to persuade him not to say what he really thinks – or whatever he thought at that particular moment.

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