38 thoughts on “Trump Selfie with Israeli MK Features Two Moral Degenerate Birds of a Feather – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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    1. @Elisabeth

      Your claim that Kushner is investing in blood diamonds is a libel of the lowest order.

      The extent of Kushner’s business dealings with Leviev amounts to a commercial real estate purchase in Manhattan.

      “He [Kushner] acquired the troubled retail space in the old New York Times Building from Lev Leviev, a diamond magnate who is reportedly friendly with Vladimir Putin.”


      Thanks, Elisabeth, for showing us where the gutter is. We occasionally need to be reminded.

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      1. @ Ilene: Come now. Get duwn off yr moral high horse. Whether or not Kushner traffics in blood diamonds is immaterial. But the fact is that Kushner’s financial ties to some of the world’s sleaziest oligarchs are well documented. He’s as venal & amoral as his father in law.

        1. Richard – I understand you aren’t a big fan of traditional Zionism or orthodoxy but when a reader writes a sentence such as “wall of Herod’s stables or whatever”, as a Jew I think you should respond and correct.
          Otherwise, even progressive Zionism has no justification and we should all pack and go to wherever our parents came from.

          1. That wall was never part of the Temple. If acknowledging that, means you feel you have to leave Israel, then that is your choice. And frankly, what has progressive Zionism to do with the Temple? Weren’t there other pressing reasons to want a Jewish state? Such as having a safe place? Does every true Israeli have to believe in fairytales now?

          2. @ Ariel Shalom: Ah, so you think my role is to police the anti-Semites here??? Even when I don’t think they or what they’ve written are anti-Semitic? Unlike you, I appreciate irony, which was Elisabeth’s intent.

            I have no special fondness for the Temple, the Temple rites nor the Temple Mount. They are not “holy” to me. Today, their artifacts are something like pagan idols which have caused nothing but grief. And lest you to try to label me a heretic, there are numerous Orthodox Jews who believe the same.

          3. I didn’t use the name anti-Semitic so please don’t put words in my mouth.

            The Western Wall has importance for Jews bc for generations it was the closest place to the temple the Muslims allowed Jews to visit. But you guys don’t really care about the history! You have decided already who’s right and who’s wrong and you won’t let facts get in your way.

          4. @ Ariel Eyn Shalom: yes, it has importance. That doesn’t mean it’s more important than hundreds of other mitzvot that affect Jews in their everyday lives (unlike the Temple Mount).

            Certainly I care about history. In fact, I’ll bet I’ve studied more hours in courses on the subject than you. But that doesn’t mean i determine my present course of action based on history of 1,000 yrs ago to the detriment of my people.

          5. It is the only remaining structure from the same period as the temple, so the choice is natural. I don’t know why you are trying to insinuate that Muslim oppression had anything to do with the choice of this location to mourn the destruction of the temple. There is a small other exposed section of this wall that is apparently closer to the site of the destroyed temple. Do you mean that Jews were barred from that section? Well, it is accessible now, but everyone still seems to prefer the more famous section of the wall, despite the greater distance.
            I quit now; too many comments in a row.

          6. To write to me Ariel Eyn Shalom is arrogant and stupid.

            You have no respect to other ppl opinion.

            Busha v’cherpa

          7. @ Ariel Eyn Shalom: Give it a break. You’re not in favor of peace (not a just peace anyway). So why bicker over a screenname that shows your true attitude?

            I have respect for peoples’ opinions when they deserve respect, including those with whom I disagree. Yours don’t.

            As for busha v’cherpah: that would be the type of hasbara you try to dish up here.

  1. Irene, just to make sure: You are right. Kushner, in his business dealings proves to be real scum, but he did not invest in Leviev diamonds. I hope you watched that documentary though, also part one.

      1. You are right, we do not know, but Kushner and Trump both deal with scum and are scum. Irene, meanwhile, keeps going on about Leviev, who is not the main point here, as even without investments in his company both father and son in law have enough dirty deals going on to give Ivanka a real reason to cry.
        For some reason Irene is very fond of Leviev, the ‘philanthropist’.

    1. @Elisabeth

      I did watch the documentary and the documentary offers no proof whatsoever that Trump ever had a ‘business partnership’, of any kind, with Leviev.

      As for Leviev, I suggest you carefully read this article from the New York Times. Even if you ignore his philanthropy, you can see that the claim that he has ‘blood diamonds’ on his hands, is tentative, at best. He bet the right horse in the Angolan civil war, and profited. Many thousands of Angolans now have jobs thanks to Leviev. Many, many more people, worldwide, have jobs thanks to Leviev. That includes workers in the 7-11s Leviev owns in Texas.


      1. @ Ilene: That’s an outright lie. Leviev’s blood diamond engagement is more than well-documented. The idea that someone like Leviev “Bet the right horse” while millions who didn’t bet the right horse died is repulsive. Many thousands have jobs? Are you daft? Many millions are dead because of him (& the other tin pot dictators & wannabe dictators who battled for control). Your defense of Leviev is repulsive, but to be expected considering your hasbara bona fides.

        Not to mention Africa-Israel’s involvement in settlement building. Leviev is a Russian oligarch through & through.

        If you wish to pimp for crooked Russian oligarchs you’re gonna do it elsewhere. Consider this a warning about your future status as a commenter…

        Your comment reminds me of the old Yiddish saying: “You can’t piss on my back and make me think it’s rain.”

        1. Richard said:

          ” Many millions are dead because of him ”

          An outright lie.

          Back in the day, Leviev’s business rival was DeBeers diamond monopoly.

          DeBeers, not Leviev, was accused of helping, indirectly, to fund UNITA, the rebel army in Angola, which sold huge quantities og smuggled “blood diamonds. .
          DeBeers held the monopoly on Angolan diamonds during the ‘conflict’, and Leviev,et al, helped break the DeBeers monopoly when Leviev bought into the Catoca diamond mine, Angola’s largest, in a joint venture with the Russian state diamond company, Alrosa; a Brazilian partner; and the Angola state diamond company.

          Subsequently, that business venture generated great sums for the Dos Santos government (and, it is rumored, the Dos Santos family). It also created thousands of jobs for Angolans in newly established factories and mines. And yes, Leviev made a vast fortune.

          But Leviev created thousands of jobs in Naimbia and Botswana and pays his Naimbian diamond polishers tens times the wages of polishers in the Indian diamond trade.


          The only blood on Leviev’s diamonds is the result of an Angolan security firm’s meting out rough justice to illegal ‘diamond pirates’.

          Considering Leviev’s vast business holdings and philanthropy, saying that there is a ‘blood diamond engagement’, is a smear, and nothing more.

          1. Are you a member of chabad or something? The only philanthropy he is involved in is chabad and settlement building (some charity, huh?) so what are you talking about?

          2. CHABAD helps Jews all over the world. Leviev’s philanthropic Ohr Avner Foundation, helps reconstitute the Jewish population in the former Soviet Union, that had been decimated by 70 years of Communism. Leviev is the major benefactor to the Jewish-Uzbek communities now scattered in Israel, the United States and the former Soviet Union.

            It’s well known, Elisabeth, that charity begins at home. Right?

          3. @ Ilene: So you ARE a Chabadnik. Chabadnik rabbis are some of the worst of the settler rabbis. Chabad is nothing but a missionary group seeking to convert Jews to revanchist ultra-Orthodoxy.

            Russia’s current leaders are no less brutal than the Soviet commisars of old you so detest. And they’re chosen to permit Chabad to have a monopoly over leadership of the Russian Jewish community through a shameful, corrupt deal. The type of deal for which Putin & Leviev are so well known.

            charity begins at home.

            What a stupid, even anti-Jewish quote. No one in Jewish tradition ever said that. In fact, the best Jewish charities help individuals not based on religion, but based on whatever their program specialty is. Naturally, I don’t include Chabad or Leviev charities among them.

            I’d guess that Ilene is a plant with hidden connections to either Chabad or Leviev or both. Either she was hired by them in some capacity or she has some personal axe to grind.

            You are done in this thread. And I will keep a very tight leash on your participation in future.

          4. @ Ilene:

            DeBeers, not Leviev, was accused of helping, indirectly, to fund UNITA

            You don’t know what the f(&k you’re talking about. Anyone digging diamonds out of the ground then needed to pay off one of the militias to do so. Leviev did so. DeBeers did so. Your attempt to create an artificial distintion between the two is foolhardy. They are both as dirty as sin. One paid off one side and the other paid off the winning side. The winning side got to write the rules & reap the rewards.

            You call paying someone 10 cents a day when a competitor pays his workers one cent a day–progress? While you reap billions? I don’t. It’s shameful.

            Here are some testimonies which rebut your ridiculous promotion of Lev Leviev’s bloody hands and deeds: https://business-humanrights.org/en/ascorp-angola-selling-corporation-joint-venture-endiama-lev-leviev-group-omega-diamonds

            You will not comment further in this thread.

        2. Haha, friends from st Petersburg told me about that. All of a sudden they get some rabbi with 10 kids from Israel (living in absolute chaos and squalor, with a wife who is overwhelmed with the kids, the most chaotic and filthy household they had ever seen), lecturing them and telling them that everything they have been doing so far has been wrong. That did not work out well

        3. Charity begins at home is not a phrase I am familiar with, but from hearing it, I would assume it to mean that you get your own act together, make sure you behave charitably in your private life before you lecture others. Something Ivanka should take to heart then?

          1. @ Elisabeth: It’s actually worse than that. It means that you only care for “your own.” You let others care for those who are not “your own.” It’s selfish, narrow-minded and perfectly emblematic of Lev Leviev and Chabad.

            Maybe Ilene can explain how this $70-million London palace (the most expensive residential property sold in England up to that time) contributes to Leviev’s charitable undertaking or rebuilding the Soviet Jewish community.

          2. @ Richard – It’s actually worse than that. It means that you only care for “your own.” You let others care for those who are not “your own.”

            Maybe you should learn before you write a long false statement such as this one. The phrase is עניי עירך קודמים or the poor people of your town have priority. It doesn’t say you shouldn’t care of other poor people or that they must be Jewish.

          3. @ – Ariel Eyn Shalom: if you didn’t want me to discipline Elisabeth claiming anti Semitism on what grounds did you expect me to do so? Because she insulted the dignity of the Temple? Frankly given how problematic the Temple has been in Jewish history I’m not sure its relics deserve such veneration. I’m not one for venerating idols, which is what yr settler pals hv turned it into.

            Only an Israeli would have the chutzpah to presume that an old English language saying comes directly from Hebrew. And then have even worse chutzpah to deride an English speaker for correctly defining the English term.

            Nor do i know that “Ilene” is a Hebrew speaker and referred to the Hebrew term, when she actually referenced the English one. Unless you are Ilene.

            You are one strange fellow.

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            Power user

          4. @ Ariel Shalom: It is not the same as the English phrase and has a different meaning. Comparing them is like comparing a hamburger and a hot dog. They’re both made of meat. The comparison stops there. Acting as if the two phrases are the same is stupid, as you are.

            As for Leviev being selfish, anyone worth billions who earned them off the backs of poor African blacks and pillaged African natural resources as he has, is selfish. And evil. As for Chabad being selfish, it favors Jewish supremacism. That’s narrow-minded, but selfish in a different way.

            Taking care of one’s own to the exclusion of others is not “moral.” It’s selfish.

            Oh & btw in your little city in which you take care of your own, there are many non-Jews. So you must take care of them as well. Unless you wish to expel them. Then you get your cherished dream of caring only for non-Jews.

            Furthermore, if you’d bother to read the Hebrew source you quoted, you’ll note some rabbis themselves disagreed with the saying & said that you shouldn’t restrict your giving to your own city but should care for others outside your city. You missed that apparently…

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          5. The quote was given about chabbad so it is absolutely coming from the Jewish source rather than the English one.

            In addition, you ‘correcting’ me about the quote shows your level of Hebrew. The Talmudic sentence doesn’t say you shouldn’t give at all to other poor ppl and restrict yourself to your own.
            קודמים means have priority but NOT being exclusive access.

  2. “That doesn’t mean it’s more important than hundreds of other mitzvot that affect Jews in their everyday lives (unlike the Temple Mount).”
    Yes there are about 210 plus/minus mitzvot which can be done today but there other approx 400 that cannot be practiced without the Temple being functional.
    What ever the building etc. of the 3rd may mean, personally I do not think animal sacrifice will take a major part in the ritual due to a change of mentalities over 2000 yrs but still it has always been mentioned in almost if not all the prayers the Jews say on a daily basis.
    I did send you a post with the sources albeit in Aramaic and Hebrew to demonstrate all uninformed claims being posted on this link and gave a concise summary in Eng of what was said.
    Was it too ‘truthful’ for you to publish?

    1. Animal sacrifice is exactly what the people who claim descent from the former priest caste are interested in. They will only succeed in making Judaism look outdated and, frankly, rather silly. Just look at the ceremonies the temple institute posts on youtube. You think that THAT will invigorate Judaism?

      1. @ Elisabeth: I don’t think they’re interested in “reinvigorating Judaism.” I think they’re happy with their small remnant who they believe will somehow bring the Messiah through their precise, fervent practice of Biblical Judaism–or what they perceive that to be.

    2. @ shaul: I know about the ins & outs of mitzvot & they don’t interest me except in a historical context. Nor do they interest the vast majority of Jews & even Israeli Jews.

      I hope to God there will be no 3rd Temple. And if there is–there will be a major split between the Diaspora & Israel & you will be entirely on your own. I guarantee it. And if you think you’re ostracized or unsupported now by the world & by Diaspora Jews, you ain’t seen nuthin’ yet!

      If in fact there is a 3rd Temple, you will have no say in the rituals. The settler messianists already have a High Priest & the entire animal sacrifice procedures mapped out. No one will be able to stop them.

  3. This is just example to the “non violent” extreme violence the left has been using for years.

    On the f*#k index of twitter your feed will be in the top 1 percentage and you have been using it here as well.

    ‘Fighting’ for a ‘good cause’ doesn’t make a violent man such as yourself a good, peaceful person.


    1. ‘Violent’ is obviously nonsense. At most you could speak of ‘aggressive’, but there is the saying that wise people use their aggressive nature for good causes. (Some people tend to get more angry about suffering and injustice than others.)

    2. @ Ariel Eyn Shalom;: I’d suggest you review the definition of “violence.” Actually putting a bullet between someone’s eyes or bashing their skull in with a rock as your IDF & settlers do regularly is violence. Real violence. Using a word you don’t like is not. I have a very important comment rule. If you lie about something you are gone. Call me “violent” again & you will be.

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