6 thoughts on “Rouhani Victory Crimps Trump-Israel-Sunni Axis – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. “The kings, emirs, tin-pot dictators, and bemedalled generals who would sooner mow down thousands of protesters in the streets than grant them an iota of freedom.”

    The same good be said of Syria’s Assad, and Hezbollah’s Nasrullah, both of whom are Iranian stooges.

    1. @ Ilene: That’s funny, coz I was just about to call you Bibi’s stooge. Or would you prefer “poodle?”

      Assad is a butcher. No question about it. But much of his butchering came as a result of billions sent by the very same tinpot Sunni kings & dictators I mentioned above to fight an anti-Shiite jihad against him. As for Nasrallah, wrong. Totally wrong. LEbanon is a democracy. And Hezbollah plays a role in that democracy. It’s certainly not a western democracy. But it’s as much a democracy as Turkey, Israel or Iran, the only other states which are functioning democracies in the region.

      Further, if you want to call Hezbollah butchers you have to examine what drove them to it? In the beginning, it was Israeli occupation of their land and a U.S. military presence there. Later, they were defending Assad against the waves of ISIS & al Qaeda fighters sent by the Saudis & Gulf States to kill Shiites.

      Brush up your Shakespeare & Middle East history…

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