8 thoughts on “Mossad’s Yossi Cohen Gets Away with Murder…Again – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. There is zero proof that Zayed was murdered.
    Israel was successfully trying to extradite Zayed so that he could serve out his prison sentence in Israel. The Palestinians refused Zayed sanctuary, so he killed himself.

    “Omar Nayef Zayed, who had murdered an Israeli settler in 1986 ”
    No. Omar and his two friends stabbed a young yeshiva student to death on the street. How many times did Zayed stab the student? A dozen?

    And how did those Mossadniks manage to enter the Palestinian Embassy in the first place? They must have used a kabbala spell to shape-ship into cockroaches and infiltrate the building. Than they retook human form, killed Zayed, and exfiltrated as cockroaches.

    Zero. Point. Zero,

    1. Are you paid to produce damage control comments ? Even the JPost said Israel is the prime suspect. How the Mossad managed to enter the embassy ? Read Victor Ostrovsky’s book on their methods: entering the Palestinian embassy which had no surveillance cameras nor any protection would be an easy thing. Omar Zayed’s family had raised great concern about the security aspect even before he was ‘died’ (cf article on Electronic Intifada, Samidoun etc published before his death), he had called his brother in Jordan (also on the night or the night before he was killed), he heard noices in the embassy during the night (maybe they were drilling somewhere, cf. Ostrovsky).
      According to Bulgarian law, non-Bulgarian doctors aren’t allowed to participate in authopsies but according to witnesses Zayed’s body had bruises that didn’t correspond to a fall (I also remember reading that his body was found in a place that didn’t correspond to a fall from the balcony or that it has been moved).
      So you think Omar Zayed who had a good life in Bulgaria, a wife and three kids, just killed himself ….

      1. @Deir Yassin

        Let me see if I got this straight. Omar was drugged and beaten before he was thrown off a balcony, but his body wasn’t found under a balcony. And, he heard voices at night. And maybe he was alive after his staged suicide. And Palestinian diplomats and Bulgarians colluded with Israel to kill Omar, and now aide in the cover up his murder. And Yossi Cohen was the European Bureau Chief when Omar escaped from the Middle East. And Mossad didn’t kill Omar while he was quietly living in Eastern Europe, but instead, waited to kill Omar only after he became an international cause celebre with media exposure.

        My cockroach scenario suddenly seems more plausible.

        PS I love you, Deir

        1. It seems Hasbara 101 teaches students to begin comments: “let me see if I’ve got this straight.” They invariably don’t, as I’ve wriiten here before.

          Your comment violates the comment rules. Snark is not wit. Nor is it substantive. If you have a comment containing substance or a real argument, publish it. If you have nothing to say except snark, don’t. Your next comment violation will result in moderation.

          As for “cockroaches,” look in the mirror.

    2. @Hasba-neil: Hmm. Let’s see: I wrote several thousand words offering reams of circumstantial evidence that Mossad murdered Zayed. Ronen Bergman acknowledged that the claim is credible. So who are we to believe? Bergman & I or your lyin’ hasbar-eyes??

      Yeshiva students in Occupied Jerusalem, again read the linked story I wrote which offers the background of incitement & violent provocation of these Juseo-madrasas, is most definitely a “settler.”

      As for entering the embassy: No Mossadnik has ever broken into an embassy before, right? Nor do they the skills to do so, right?

      Before you comment on another post of mine, you will read every link in every post on which you comment. If you don’t & waste my time again pointing out weaknesses in yr claims which you would’ve known had you read the linked post, I will have to offer you a moderation warning.

    1. John F: First, you mean “Israelis.” Not “Jews.”

      Why do you use the word “murder” when Israelis are killed but “killed” when Palestinians are killed? And why do you call Palestinians “terrorists” and not “Palestinians?” And why are you a Palestine-phobic?

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