17 thoughts on “Ukraine Exchanged Abusisi in Return for Israeli Trade Pact and U.S. Lobbying Aid – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. “former high ranking Israeli minister” in the absence of a name THIS IS A LIE

    need A NAME to VERIFY

    until that time these are lies and your self hate jew imagination

    1. Sorry, but not the way journalism works. When you have a source who provides important information & identifying him or her will cause damage physical or otherwise to your source, you don’t identify them. I’ve given you more than enough information to confirm the quality and stature of my source. If that’s not enough, tough.

      As for the last inanity, it’s a major comment rule violation. Your future comments here if any will be moderated. Any further violation will cause you to lose yr privileges (read the comment rules if you plan to return).

      1. “former high ranking minister” and “A former high ranking army officer” are known to spread “stories” for promoting themselves and also to serve as smoke sceens for the real things. BTW, this is going all over the world, not just in Israel.
        I’m not saying that this is the case here, for I know nothing about it, but you have to be very careful when dealing with such story and to read it with more than a grain of salt.

      2. in other words you expect people to take seriously some words of an unknown “ex official” and believe these are
        true because you say so??
        it doesnt work like that
        as you note israeli press is very open and such info
        would have been published had it been tru
        ukraine and israel have more important joint ventures
        then palestinians business
        you may go back and check the circumstances of UAV s precise attack on targets in Sudan – the rest you can figure out

        1. People do indeed take the words of my sources seriously. Otherwise, a Justice Ministry employee wouldn’t have just subscribed to the blog. Now, if you ask me whether the fact that Georgey F. doesn’t take my sources seriously really does any damage to my credibility, I’d have to say honestly nada. In fact, it helps my credibility that someone like you says the things you do. So keep on doin’ as they say.

          as you note israeli press is very open

          Now, that’s a laugh. Have you even bothered to read a word of what I’ve written on this subject?? Of course you haven’t. Which is why it shows in this lame-brained portrayal of my views. Actually, I believe pretty much the opposite of what you claimed I wrote. The Israeli press isn’t very open. It’s much too much a fawning, acquiescent practice of journalism. Which is precisely why Yediot, Walla, Ha-Ir, Channel 10 & others have recognized the role I play. They can’t report many of the things I do report & some journalists there value this. I actually respect them for that, as opposed to how I feel about you.

  2. Wow, it’s unbelievable that Israel was ready to go into so much trouble in exchange for Dirar Abusis. Does the source say anything about why they wanted Abusisi?

  3. Strange that Ukraine would bend over backwards like this for Israel.

    I suspect though that it’s less to do with the economic interests of Ukraine [for what does Israel have to offer in that regard – ‘Start Up Nation’ or not?] and more to do with some handshakes by thieving oligarchs of which both the Former Soviet Union and Israel have more than enough.

  4. actually jut tried to find out more, apparently he might know something about Gilad Shalit the kidnapped soldier…. as always who really knows what goes on in the middle east!

      1. With all due respect Mr Silverstein why or how would a ‘former’ High ranking official know all about this?
        Firstly is it possible that this is actually a media release to suggest to Hamas that we, ‘Israel’ , can get you anywhere anyhow.
        Secondly,there is quite possibly no agreement at all ( or was originally) and this part was concocted/ added afterwards to save Ukranian face and stop potential international outrage after Israel kidnapped someone in a foreign sovereign state. Not suggesting this is the case but It has happened before

        1. how would a ‘former’ High ranking official know all about this?

          That’s what high ranking officials do. They have government assignments & as part of their work they know what happens in the realm that is theirs.

          1. Formerly.
            Not saying he has not been told but Israel liek to play triple and quadruple bluffs,through misinformation leaks through legitmate sources

  5. I’m sorry but I remain unconvinced by the words of a “former high ranking Israeli minister.” What evidence do we have that said former minister still has access to current highly confidential diplomatic negotiations? Especially since the possibility exists that said individual may have belonged to a different party than the ones in power. You don’t even quote him directly! Surely you could have easily done that without compromising your source? I’d need some kind of independently verifiable fact – especially since in a previous comment I demonstrated clearly that Ukraine and Israel have been forging closer ties way before the rendition of Abusisi.

    1. What evidence do we have that said former minister still has access to current highly confidential diplomatic negotiations?

      He doesn’t have to have access to anything. I wrote that he has ‘direct knowledge’ of the matter. I’ll leave that to you and perhaps more intelligent people than you to interpret.

      You don’t even quote him directly!

      In fact I did quote him directly & used quotation marks. You do know what quotation marks imply, don’t you?

      As for what you’d need, I could care less. I don’t write this blog for you nor do I feel the need to satisfy yr standards.

    1. I would say: give us the evidence. As Richard point out to me some time ago, this case like many other “security” cases in Israel would be settled with some kind of plea bargain. Abu Sisi would have to plead guilty in the hope to have his sentence reduced.

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