17 thoughts on “Mossad Assassinates Hamas Drone Engineer in Tunisia – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Reminds me of the case of Gerald Bull. He too was told to ‘step off’, but he refused, and paid with his life.
    I don’t have much sympathy for mercenaries who choose to put themselves in Harm’s Way.

  2. I’ve read about the assassination in the Tunisian press and on blogs, most don’t think Mossad has anything to do with it, and I’m very astonished that you simply affirm a Mossad squadron was behind.
    This article is based on pure speculation, as some of the articles in the Tunisian press: some said he worked for Daesh, others that he was working for the Syrian regime (he lived in Syria for many years and his wife is Syrian), others that he was smuggling arms to Turkey, some says he was a university professor, others just a plain ingenieur etc etc. What seems confirmed: he left Tunisia in the beginning of the 1990 (he was member of an Islamist student union) and was allowed back after the amnesty in 2011. Some say he actually lived in Turkey etc.
    According to one Tunisian commenter I read; it might be that Mossad would like people to doubt about their implication, it kind of nourids the myth of their power.

    1. @ Deir Yassin: In fact, the reason this story is as big as it is as quickly as it’s happened is because a Tunisian journalist announced his certainty that the Mossad was involved & revealed other important facts about the killing most people hadn’t known. Add to that, Ronen Bergman, who’s never been wrong on any story he’s reported as far as I’m aware, says the Mossad did it. I believe him.

      It may be that al-Zoari was involved with more activities than we know about. Otherwise, I have no idea why Mossad would go after him. Unless of course Yossi Cohen made it a priority to show Mossad still had the balls to kill people as successfully it did in the old days. There’s this notion among people like him that Arabs need to be reminded every so often of who’s the boss & the price they will pay for their stubbornness. A vain occupation I’m afraid. But that’s the way these people think.

  3. I posted a comment that’s lost somewhere, so just again: although some Tunisian media and conspiracy blogs have stated that this is or might be a Mossad-job, none of the major media say so, and according to the latest updating (2 hours ago) the state prosecutor Turki has declared nothing hints at a foreign agency being involved.

    1. Deir Yassin I dont think Tunisian authorities and sources would want to allow the possibility that Mossad was behind this

  4. This cowardly assassination of an unarmed civilian serves nothing. I sure hope that Arabs start paying in kind by assassinating Israelis involved in Israel’s arms industry, who are now a legitimate target. As long as Arabs are coy and seem to take the beating without retaliation, Israel is emboldened and will continue its reign of terror.

  5. Do you read the Tunisian press ? I do. It’s probably the freest in the Arab world, and it’s full of all theories about this killing. It seems Zouari was implicated in arms smuggling to Syria through Turkey, and this might be another eventual reason.
    And why wouldn’t the Tunisian authorities allow the thesis that Mossad was implicated ? On the contrary, it would whitewash internal Tunisian responsabilities (two major left-wing Tunisian politicians have been killed since the Revolution, and there have been other targeted killings by Islamist factions close to Daesh). And last but not least, blaming Mossad is rather usual (one well-known Tunisian politician immediately claimed he’s convinced Mossad did it), and after all Mossad has already killed Palestinians (and a Dutch diplomat) in Tunisia, not to forget the raid on the PLO headquarter in 1985.

  6. According to Ynet, al-Zoari was involved in developing an unmanned submarine. http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-4894550,00.html. In the Hebrew paper http://www.ynet.co.il/articles/0,7340,L-4894911,00.html they expand more and explain why a sub would be more beneficial to Hamas strategy as it is much harder to track than aircraft.

    There is also a story in there about 4 Gazans who were kidnapped in Sinai over a year ago and thought to belong to the sea commando of Hamas. Do you have any further information about that story? It is the first time I read about it.

    1. @ Pissoff [part of this jackass’ fake e mail address] Nimer: What’s his source, jackass? There is none. A tweet without a source is worth a bucket of warm piss. Which is also what you’re worth.

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