34 thoughts on “Israeli Rapper, The Shadow, and Fans Celebrate Jewish Dead – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. More even than by its viciousness one is struck by its stupidity.

    (Incidentally, in Indonesian too the word for victim is “korban”. Words derived from Arabic are quite common in Indonesian but I never heard of a Hebrew one.)

    1. ‘Qurban’ is ‘sacrifice’, ‘offering’ in Arabic. That’s how it gets into Indonesian. it is particularly common in traditional Persian, as far as I remember, qorban-e shoma (your sacrifice or victim) is used in the same way as in 19th century English, you used to sign off as ‘your faithful servant’, without meaning it for a moment.

  2. Hey Richiard,this is your worst tea party nightmare creation because this is a small petri dish the frankensteins mature faster. over there they are diluted by 350 millions, here they become a role model much much faster when they are fostered by the bibis
    i so hope that this self implode in a short time so that reality can come back.
    unfortunately another Rabin is about to happen and until then the lupus mushroom must keep on bulging.

  3. “Ten days ago, a Palestinian youth was walking down the street in Hebron. He was accosted by a settler who began screaming at him. He then pulled out a gun and shot the boy dead.3
    That was Fadel al-Qawasmeh who was killed by a settler walking down Shuhada Street, the settler (or rather the IDF pretended he had a knife and tried to attack the settler …or was it soldiers, the ‘explanation’ varies), but the fact is that Fadel just passed through a check-point with a metal detector.
    Witnesses on a balcony said that al-Qawasmeh didn’t attack anyone, and they filmed the afterscene, where one can see a soldier dropping something (a knife ?) next to the body of the killed young man; Youth Against Settlement posted this video on youtube right after, and within a short time various houses in the neighbourhood were invaded by soldiers, cameras and computers were confiscated, and people were arrested too. Don’t try to film our extra-judicial or just-for-fun killings !

  4. The future looks bleak for Israel if this continues. Instead of a modern state, complaint with secular humanitarian values, Israel seems to be reverting to ancient tribalism and religious war. Look at the emerging young extreme leadership around Netanyahu. They will be running the country. The others will be running.

    And I wonder myself if I should stop wasting my time caring because it seems this is a fait accompli hopeless and headed in one direction. Pardon my despair about Israel.

  5. @Richard Silverstein

    “He’s (Yossi Eliassi) known for his racist-populist views. In the post I just linked, he called for burning Palestinians alive.”

    Uh… Richard. The post you linked is about another Israeli rap star named ‘Subliminal’ (aka Yaakov Shimoni).
    I think you need to make a correction ASAP.

      1. I’m wasn’t concerned so much with receiving your approbation, as I was with removing the charge of incitement that you’d made against, ‘The Shadow’.

  6. Richard you wrote: “Human beings live for a reason.  They live for values.  They live because life means something transcendent.  Is life that is shorn of all humanity worth living? “

    I think that one of the prominent early Zionists,  Herzl’s friend Max Nordau, would have very much agreed. We are told that when he learned that “Palestine was not a land without people for a people without land” but had in fact a settled population he got upset, hurried to Herzl and said that he hadn’t known that and that if that was true they were committing an injustice.

    Amos Elon seems to have retold this story in his biography of Herzl which I haven’t read yet. So I don’t know whether or how he reacted to this.

    But, subsequent events must have made it painfully clear to all and sundry that Israel’s Zangwill’s slogan (that he acknowledged he had borrowed from Lord Shaftesbury) about that land without a people was based on wishful thinking. In fact Zangwill himself came to realise this. He discovered, as he said, that Palestine was in fact more densely populated than the United States.

    How has Israel dealt with this fact and the horrors of the Nakba. I think that what we now see is what Tony Karon once called “the pathologies of Israel’s guilty conscience”. To ape Jabotinsky and to talk about the necessity of “living by the sword” is merely silencing that conscience by the adoption of a martial pose.

  7. Btw, my impression of Nordau is mainly based on the biographical piece about him in the Jewish Virtual Library. However, this entry is rather coy about his later convictions and, significantly, does not say anything about his discovery that Palestine was in fact not a land without people.

    1. This Haaretz article claims Nordau had no problem with the genocide of non-Europeans by Europeans among whom he included European Jews — or to be more precise the various European ethnic groups to which descendants of European Jews belonged. I object to any use of “Jew” except for purely religious identity even if Nordau and his ilk used the term “Jew” rather as German Nazis used the term “Aryan”.


  8. It should be very clear by now that the zionist experiment has been nothing but a quasi-religious cover for a nationalistic, racist agenda. What else could it be and how many more have to die before the bloodlust of the occupation and its zombie warriors is sated?
    Amos 5:21-23
    21 I hate, I despise your feast days, and I will not smell in your solemn assemblies.
    22 Though ye offer me burnt offerings and your meat offerings, I will not accept them: neither will I regard the peace offerings of your fat beasts.
    23 Take thou away from me the noise of thy songs; for I will not hear the melody of thy viols.

    1. @marnie
      you are really cherry pick you references.
      how about this one from Ezeqiel “the flesh of goyim is the flesh of jackasses”
      you want more, i will bring you hundreds.
      you seem to have a ‘sepharadi’ chip on your shoulder however i can give you an example which will contradict all your claims from both sides.
      i have 7 sons and 1 daughter and i am ashkenazi. my only daughter married a sepharadi.
      some families esp chassidim would sit ‘shiva’, mourn, if this happened to them.
      his father is from a Jerusalem family for over a hundred years and his mother is Algerian and from Aden. but the most absurd part of this is they told their son not to marry a Moroccan.
      now go figure that one out.
      everybody {at least most} who write on this blog don’t live in Israel and have no idea what is really going on.
      as far as the journalism it seems to me one of the lowest professions on earth perverting and interpreting to their own fancy.

      1. @eldad:

        everybody {at least most} who write on this blog don’t live in Israel and have no idea what is really going on.

        No, that’s not true. Many Israelis comment on this blog. Not to mention the other Israelis who help me identify & report the stories about which I post here. Further, in some instances I may know more about certain stories happening in Israel than even you do. So the idea that someone must physically live in a place to “know” it is false & outdated.

        Not to mention that this blog is ranked 20,000 out of all blogs in Israel, indicating there are many Israeli readers. It is often 15-30% of all my readers on any given day.

      2. I have absolutely no idea wtf you are trying to say, but honestly am not interested in an explanation from yourself. There’s a language barrier for starters – my Hebrew is worse than your English. To assume that an English website has posters that live outside of the ME is pretty ignorant on your part. For some reason you, incorrectly and ignorantly, assume I have a problem with Sephardic or Mizrakhi Jews but “Eldad”, when in fact its the Ashkenazi’s, particularly olim from the US, who are horrible. As far as cherry picking, well, I don’t read the “talmud” as there’s enough hatred and violence to go around in the bible.

  9. Well, it turns out Israa Abed didn’t try to stab anyone in Afula:
    “NAZERETH (Ma’an) — Israeli Channel 2 News reported on Wednesday that Israel’s Justice Ministry said investigations into the shooting of Israa Abed showed she did not intend to carry out a stabbing attack before she was shot and injured. (….)
    Channel 2 also reported that no action will be taken against the Israeli police officers who shot the young woman.
    Palestinian MK Yusif al-Jabareen said the decision not to take action against the Israeli officers allows police to shoot Palestinians indiscriminately.”

    1. “Channel 2 also reported that no action will be taken against the Israeli police officers who shot the young woman.”

      Does no one notice the horrifying injustices outside the bubble of the zionist state? Will the US or EU ever find their spines and isolate, quarantine and destroy the deadly virus (zionism)?

  10. Nobody wants to adress the fact that the nastyness of Israeli’s towards non-Jews and non-rightwing Jews is much more agressive “this time around”.

    After Palestinian uprisings where suicide bombings were claiming many more lives,it seems like Israeli’s are going ballistic over random knife attacks that are only lethal in some cases.

    Where does this state of mind come from,why the desperation,why now?

    Wasn’t this situation predictable even over a hundred years ago?

    If 1897 Zionist Jews would take Palestine by force,isn’t it only logical the original inhabitants will resist and ultimately fight the occupier?

    Wasn’t this woven into the fabric of 1897 Zionism from the beginnig by the enablers and the creators of the State of Israel?

    And wasn’t it predictable a century ago that 1897 Zionism would have to find a “Final Solution” for this problem at some stage in the future?

    Are Israeli’s going ape because of a few Palestinians with knives,or are we dealing with social engineering?

    It coincides with a very clear change of strategy from the US/GB and EU.

    BDS is being adopted by many countries in the West,the “anti-Israel equals anti-Semitism” smear has lost it’s force,Bibi has to rewrite Holocaust history because too many people are waking up to the lies surrounding WW2 and too much is being allowed to be written and said about the Holocaust for 1897 Zionism to be comfortable with.

    In other words,this current situation is by design,not some natural development that happens to explode right now by coincidence.

    What’s gonna stop it?

    Better ask: Is there anything that wants to stop it?

    On another note:For people interested in how Israel treats non-Israeli Jews living in Israel,and Israeli’s of low resources in general,there’s a blog by Marianne Azizi where you can read about how Israel is treating some Jewish families who are stupid enough to go there,or non-Israeli Jewish man that have children with Israeli wives
    Also links to Israeli sites in Hebrew on children being taken away from parents(around 12.000 a year),and the hundreds of thousands of Jews who can’t leave Israel even if they want to and why not.

    Many testimonies of real horror stories explaining what Israel has become ,and probably always was.

    1. @ Hopper: You have the chutzpah to offer an article that exposes the culpability of Rav Kook, S.Y. Agnon and other Yishuv leaders in riots that killed Jews & Arabs alike, as proof that such killing has always gone on & will always go on? Your cynicism knows no bounds.

      If they had made different decisions then we might not be in the mess we’re in now.

      1. ” proof that such killing has always gone on & will always go on? Your cynicism knows no bounds”

        Kook and Agnon were derelict, but the British Mandatory government was even more derelict for having left Jerusalem without adequate security force during the crisis. Troops had to be motored in from Amman.
        Kook and Agnon didn’t try to restrain their respective flocks, but some Arab leaders did try to use moral persuasion to restrain their flocks, and failed. The Arab mobs that subsequently carried out the most murderous attacks were spurred on by local demagogues who, among other things, doctored photographs too make it appear that the Jews were destroying Al-Aqsa.

        1. @ Hopper: There was no reason to be forced to rely on the British to control their own population. As the virtual chief rabbi of Palestinian Jews Rav Kook could have exercised enourmous sway in moderating the situation. The fact that he absconded indicates not just his own culpability, but perhaps his own wish for, or willingness to entertain escalation.

          I would rather they had tried and failed, as the Palestinian leadership did, than have refused to try at all. This is far worse.

  11. What’s fascinating here is as Israel progresses in the new millennium, they seem to get more primitive with age! Worse than Heart of Darkness, and more like the film – Altered States. How many of these loonies want to see the third temple rebuilt so they can slaughter animals and restore the Sanhedrin? Ah, the good ole’ days could be here sooner than you think.

  12. Given your concluding paragraphs Richard, would now be a good time to ask if you still consider yourself a Zionist? Or what your ideal vision is for the future of Israel / Palestine? Can even the most enlightened version of Zionism apply to a one state solution?

      1. Don’t be silly Richard. You don’t give me nightmares at all. In your Zionist vision of a one state solution, I assume Palestinian refugees will be granted a right of return and compensation for their losses. Will Jews be allowed to live anywhere in the one state? Will Jews in the diaspora be allowed to immigrate to the one state? Will the green line lose all its relevance?

        1. @ pea: You completely misunderstood me. I didn’t say I support either a one-state or two-state solution. I don’t see any reason why I should support either one. What business is it of mine to tell Palestinians what they need or deserve? I think the pro Israel crowd does far too much of that and doesn’t know what they’re talking about.

          Personally, Bibi has a lot more control over whether there will be a one state or two state solution than I. He is doing everything in his power to ensure there will be a one state solution. If that’s what he wants, who am I to stand in his way? At one time, perhaps two states might have worked–not well, but they might have worked. But it’s a pipe dream to talk of two states when every day Israel makes a cruel joke of the prospect.

          I’m quite comfortable with the 3 demands of BDS. None of them says anything about what the final outcome should be and for good reason.

          What I DID say was that Zionism can incorporate a one state solution.

          As for how that might be implemented if it was implemented: of course refugees would return. As for where Jews and Palestinians would live, since it would be one country I assume Palestinians could live in Tel Aviv and Jews could live in Ramallah. But settlers would have to live under quite different circumstances than they have now.

          As for the Right of Return vs the Law of Return: Jews have enjoyed the Law of Return since 1948 while Palestinians have never had the Right of Return (implemented). These are issues this state would have to work out for itself. Whether the Law of Return would be changed or limited. Whether the Right of Return would be open-ended or time-limited (as to who can exercise it & for how long). Again, this isn’t my job or responsibility.

          1. Richard.
            The Middle East is the ‘crossroads of bad ideas’. Islamism and sectarianism are on the rise.
            Arab civilization is collapsing, which is why massive numbers of Syrians are risking their lives migrating to Europe, as opposed to seeking sanctuary in an immediate Arab State.
            Global warming and economic inequality will only the Middle East a worse place in the future.

            Whether or not a One-State solution, or Two-State solution is found, the problems surrounding Israel/Palestine are not going away with a peace treaty.
            No pie-in-the-sky, no kumbaya for Jew or Palestinian.
            Not here, anyway.

          2. @ The Middle East isn’t the only region producing “bad ideas.” There are bad ideas in Europe, Africa, Asia, which include genocide.

            Not to mention there are some horrible, violent, hateful ideas floating around Israel, which you’ve conveniently neglected.

  13. “My final word on this: I’ve written a number of times here when faced with such Israeli abomination that I’m really not sure a nation of such people deserves to survive. ”
    In as much as you are willfully or unwillfully of the Jewish nation and all Jews ערבים זה בזה ודא עקא-כל הפוסל במומו פוסל

    1. @ momo: The pathology of current Israeli Orthodox nationalist thought is evident in this comment. First, I’ve never renounced my connection to my religion or people. So the first half of your final sentence is irrelevant. The Hebrew goes more or less like this: “[Jews] are bound one to the other. Therefore one who rejects his own is himself rejected.” Which is all well and good. But there is no injunction in Judaism directing that the deeds of Jews must be supported even when immmoral. I think our Prophets have a thing or two to say on that score. It might (though probably won’t) trouble you to know that many of them would find the current deeds of the State presuming to speak on behalf of world Jewry to be disgusting and flame-worthy.

      There are many instances in Jewish history of Jewish kingdoms destroyed because of the immorality of their leaders. It appears latter-day Israel may become yet another one.

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